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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tips to Make E-Commerce Web Sites Better

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E-Commerce – 8 Tips You Can Make It Better

By: Kabir Bedi

E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular as more and more companies decide to take their businesses online. Not only can it act as a efficient revenue channel for businesses, it can also boost their existent sales figures by increasingly accessibility to the audiences.

Here are 8 tips that will help you make your e-commerce website better and more effective.

  1. Make your website Interactive!

Your e-commerce website may have a great visual appeal but what customers really look forward to is the usability. Include tools and features that would help your customers interact with your website and understand your products better. Remember, the more they know about your products and their benefits, more are the chances that they'll buy them. So, include product reviews, interactive images, demo videos and even chat app where visitors can talk to an online customer care person.

  1. Track Shopping Cart Abandoner

An abandoned shopping cart is not always a lost sale. Rather, you can use it as an opportunity to turn freebie hunting customers into actual revenue generating ones. If your customers are looking for some free stuff, tempt them with the same. Use the 'Get it for Free' model and make them buy products in order to receive free goodies.

  1. Target your Email Campaigns

Different people have different interests and shopping patterns. This is why you need to segment your customers and divide them into groups based on their behavior or demographics and then send targeted email campaigns. The more targeted your audiences are, the more effective will the message of your newsletters be.

  1. Use Google Alerts

Google Alerts will let you stay up to date with what is happening in your industry. Just include keywords pertaining to your line of business and industry along with your company name. You will get regular alerts about all the relevant news items and happenings.

  1. Establish good Inbound Links

Inbound links determine the online popularity of your website. They not only attract traffic but also play a crucial role in determining the search engine ranking of your website. In fact, effective link building is one of the most important processes of SEO.

  1. Think about Interactive Presentation

One factor that contributes to the uncertainty of online shopping from physical shopping is that customers cannot touch or feel a product as they can do in real life. You need to bridge this gap by providing big and neat interactive images so that they can experience the product just like they do in a retail store. Make sure all your products are presented in a organized manner accompanied with vibrant images and accurate descriptions.

  1. Include Client6 Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials by clients go a long way in making new customers feel more confident about their purchase from your website. They increase the credibility of your business leading to lower shopping cart abandonment and higher overall revenue.

  1. Do some Intensive SEO

Search engine optimization is important for all the website, especially so e-commerce website. This is what enhances the visibility of the website on the web and attracts more traffic. With intensive SEO procedures, you can be sure that you get relevant shoppers on your website and not just window shoppers. Hire professional SEO services to make this happen.

Author Resource:-> Kabir Bedi works as a senior web consultant with LeXolution IT Services, a professional web designing company that offers a range of web services including website maintenance and website design & development services. He helps the company deliver all these services efficiently and effectively.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

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