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Thursday, February 03, 2011

FLYING with your new Internet Home Business

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Financial Leverage--Your Road to Wealth

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Use the smallest investment to control the maximum amount of property.

In this article I am using real estate to demonstrate the way to financial success and wealth using financial leverage. Many wealthy people have used other people's money to become very rich. In just the simplest terms here is the path that has been followed to attain money.

Using "other people's money" boils down to three simple concepts in accumulating real estate wealth. (This advise was given many years ago by the great humorist, Will Rogers.}

1. Find out where people are going.....people make price.
2. Get there first
3. Buy up parcels of land

In real estate the principle has always been:
Where people will find services, transportation, necessary amenities for life, not in a swamp or environmental hazard area. These factors will provide the safest investment.

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Financial Leverage...The Keys to Financial Freedom

Take the smallest amount of money to control the largest value in a real estate investment. Take a duplex valued at $100,000. {This low figure is for demostration purposes, of course property values tend higher.} if it is purchased with 10% down, that 10% is the financial leverage used to control not the $10,000, but 10 times as much, the whole $100,000.

The use of another person's money is the borrowing of the balance, either through a contract of sale or mortgage on the property. In this example 90% of the value is on loan or using another person's money.

Rental Income could well pay for the property, possibly furnish some cash flow at the same time. So What! Having renters buy a property is just the smallest benefit. Building up equity is not the end of the story.

INFLATION, and the APPRECIATION in property value provides the real wealth. Owning the property for only 10 years at the average inflation rate of 5% per year is not unrealistic. Purchasing in a good growth location will produce much more and at the end of a 10 year period check how much the property will be worth.

***Be fully aware in the recent break down of the major banking structures through wild investment schemes and other factors, real estate has and can depreciate, go down in value. However over the long periods of time this is a rare, very rare incident.***

Financial Leverage, the secret to wealth, using borrowed money to control the resource, in this case real estate, while the value soars. At 5% appreciation at the end of ten years your $10,000 original investment has grown five times. The investment is now worth $150,000 plus from the value of $100,000 controlled at the time of purchase.

The big secret to financial leverage is the small original investment used to control the largest amount of value. Other benefits accrue at the same time such as cash flow and equity build up, just more frosting on the cake.

No puzzle, no mystery...just using money plus time...and the correct pick of investments of course. Once again we can't expect much growth in the value if the real estate is a swamp or hazard waste dump.

You could turn this example to the stock market, buying stock on loans or margins and picking companies that are fixed to grow and increase in value.

The lesson is to take the smallest effort to multiply and expand your resource. In another article we can see how to use this principle on Internet applications to profit quickly and with less outlay. How to capitalize on other factors to multiple efforts and make more income.

•Notes & Warning....real estate as well as the stock market have been know to take dips but over time they have always come back and increased in value. This is not giving you financial or tax advice, but a simplified explanation. Each Individual must seek professional advice for their own situation.
•You don't have to be a tax attorney or an accountant to realize the government is subsidizing your real estate ownership by allowing certain business expenses such as taxes, insurance, mortgage interest deductions and depreciation during property ownership..
•Warning to understand the full federal and state government tax benefits a good tax attorney or accountant is necessary. Better be safe and well informed now, than sorry later.

This is a rewritten article that was originally published March 2009. At that time the US Government was offering "First-time home buyers tax credits". This article is revised. How to use Financial Leverage to Build Wealth | Original click here

Fact: Real Estate has turned more regular people into millionaires than Any Other Industry! Fact: Anybody can create freedom and wealth through real estate.
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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Start a web site management business. Selling your service.

Get Linked from over 16,000 sites with one click.

Making the case for a small business owner's need for a web site.
It is a lot of work building a reasonable web page and the time involved is it worth it?
The answer is simple, it is a fact, the businesses with a Internet presence are growing faster and turning profits. The reason for going into business is to turn talents to building an income and future financial benefits. Business ownership provides opportunity and exercising the many options for conducting business will be the key to success.

Laying out the benefits of a web site for any business owner should be fairly easy. Just to briefly point out a few positive aspects of an Internet presence. A web page sells 24/7 and rarely closes, it is a constant and effective promoter for any type, style or size business.

A web page enables a business to enhance the breath of business connections and area. The reach of the business is extended and the Internet can automate tasks and put quick response back into customer service. There is NO lower cost method of introducing new products or additional services. The customer is immediately informed and appraised of every change.

Client building and customer loyalty is built on information of new offerings, specials, closeouts and up to date attention. Attention to the customer is always a primary need for retention and repeat business. Referrals and additional business is the result of satisfied customers. ***The Internet makes doing business easier for the customer and the cost of doing business is definitely reduced.

The strategy for any business needs to be lined out prior to building a web site. The purposes and accomplishments the web site is expected to provide in conduct of the business. First, of course, the Internet presence is to attract new business. Built and constructed correctly more than just new orders are possible. Selling products and services are the important first needs but are just a small part of what a web site and Internet connection will deliver.

Briefly mentioned, retaining current customers, building customer loyalty with added customer service are a natural added benefit. Factor in the additional benefits of allowing dialog and company information exchanged with immediate notifications mandates an Internet for any business. Just being first to introduce new products to a data base of customers before competing business owners points out the necessity of a Internet connection.

In addition to being a living daily resource for constant communication the content of the web site needs to be drawn. No need to say it must be kept simple. Content is why customers visit your web page so it needs to be refreshed frequently and it needs to be salted with items of interest beyond just what we have a clearance sale on this weekend.

Through the web site you are talking to the business customer and therefore tips, latest methods or techniques and sparkling up to date information will always attract longer interest and attention. "Cross selling and up selling" are presented in a more positive manner with verbal picture painted at the same time special offerings are advertised. Words are good and can be designed to not only present offers but encourage action and present order forms to finalize the sale.

MAKE your web site viewable....where advertising doesn't cost, but Really Pays!

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