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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Growing Multiple Tasks into Residual Income from each Web Site

Promoting Web Sites for additional income and building a collection of interlocking local businesses and looking forward to building a local business online networking group.

Recapping: Building a home-based business producing web sites for local merchants.

Every business unless, of course, their business is going out of business sales, or "close outs" needs to match up with today's technologies just to remain competitive. The competition may not have a web presence yet, but surely they will soon. The local businesses that get out front and build a web site will see their income soar and costs decrease to connect their business.

To mention just a few of the needs for a web site:

+ Marketing Campaigns

+ Instant Pricing Changes

+ Knocking down area barriers

+ Lower Communication Costs

+ Customer Retention

+ Valuable Extension of Business

+ 24/7 Saves Labor Costs

Once again these are just a few of the reasons to present a case to a local merchant for the need and the value of a Internet web site.

Earlier an article pointed out the many avenues to promote a business web site right along with the normal course of business activity at NO COST. Today having a business without a web site is like starting a business without a phone, it won't succeed. Every tool of communication is mandated and cost must be factored into the mix. The answer of course is building the web site as soon as possible for every business and expanding into this additional avenue of conducting business.

Additionally another article a list of promotions to build traffic to the web site and short discussion of Search Engines was outlined for exposing a web site. The benefits to working a web site's presence across the Internet and at the same time expanding services for additional monthly income for the web site manager was covered. One to two hours a week promoting and building traffic to a web site will increase income and enhance the value of having a web site for the business and repay the cost. A web site needs to be fresh, content rich and easy to maneuver for the customer.

Store promotions will come in many ways and available at different times, seasonal or tie-ins with national campaigns will provide extra work. Importantly they all can be handled in a few extra hours a month and extra income.

Brand building with banner ads placed around the web will be another excercise for earning money and drawing attention to the local business, the web site and creating more business. Experience and growth of local web sites will find options for purchasing and bartering banner displays between merchants.

Buying banner impressions is the easy part, the profitable and savvy cost effective way will be to exchange banner space on other local merchant web sites. Controlling and building several web sites in a local area adds even more potential for income. Exchanging small amounts of space between web sites not only makes sense but allows mutual optimization of the Internet presence for everyone. Just as for any exchange club or networking group keep the linked businesses compatible but not competitive so will the web site managers.

Banners can be designed as part of a home web site managing activity or subcontracted to another professional, either way the various sizes and shapes need to be exploited for different circumstances and placement. The need will be to maintain the theme and color scheme to present the best opportunity for brand building and business name recognition.

All material herein © 2006-2010 "Harvey Akeson Tucson Calling".

Reprint right by permission: harvey@harveyakeson.com

Thursday, January 14, 2010

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