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Friday, May 27, 2016

Getting Traffic to your New Web Sites

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E-Commerce and Bird-Dogs
When seeking ways to expand and build your Internet business look close to home for leads. Family, friends, acquaintances and business associates are excellent leads.

These folks, interested in your success are your "Bird-Dogs", helping you hunt for increased business.

Most people prefer to do business with people they 
know, so why are you so worried about asking those 
closest to you for their business and referrals?

Just as important, don't be reluctant to ask them about
contacts they know that should be interested in your
business or service.  Remember most people you 
personally know want to see you succeed so the will
be glad to help you.

In order for your e-commerce business to grow
and be successful you will need to build a list
of contacts.  By attending business networking
groups and setting up a table at various meetings.
Another source would be renting a booth at
festivals or swap meets.  Your goal will be to
meet potential new clients and build that
pipeline of contacts.

Networking and referrals from people you know will
lead to strategic sales and profits.  Make certain that
you reward and thank everyone who recommends
you to others.

Social Networking
Start by finding friends with the same interests and
exchange ideas.

Online business abounds. Networking online with other small and homebased businesses is the plus you need to build. Again exchanging business cards online is easy and will bring excellent results.

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Homebased business setting up web sites for local business just starts the avenues of making money on the Internet. Bank deposits will grow as expanded services are provided.

Substantial publicity and free web site traffic can be driven to a merchant's new web site with location connection and piggyback advertising.

New and low cost traffic needs to be cultivated.
Here is an outline of several ways to drive traffic to a web site with a short discussion and examples of some of the most active sites. Each merchants web site built will need use of as many options as time and experience can build.

A large number of "hits" can be obtained free by listing "key words" in Search Engines. Fortune 500 Companies list their web site links in Search Engines to drive traffic to their web sites for new business and acquiring new customers based on the specific items of interest they have listed.

A camera manufacture or retail outlet will list in search engines words that describe the products for sale on a web page by listing words that describe the web page that offers their products. When a prospective customer is looking online to find sources of supply the keywords will link right into their web site and lead the prospect to the sale page.

Search engines will charge for use of this shopping method, however, with work free space can be obtained and depending on the effort large numbers of new customers can be sent to any web site.

An example of two major opportunities to list in search engines are listed here. Following the instructions a start at populating links to the web sites can be started. Free listings take time to drive traffic and most of the time renewing the listings every 30 days will pay the best dividends.

Submitting for results!
Major search engines produce 89% of your Internet traffic. With this in mind our database is updated weekly to ensure you are promoted to the most popular and productive search engines available.

Over and above updating our database, we also stay current with linkage popularity trends as well as engine algorithms and adjust our submission infrastructure accordingly. Additionally Google, Yahoo, Dmoz, MSN, AOL, Netscape, Altavista and Alltheweb are submitted manually through our direct channels and monitored to insure proper and permanent indexing!

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