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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

For EVER and EVER..."It's the list you build"...show me how!

Every successful E-Commerce marketeer tells you that it's the list. Yes, your sales depend on prospects, right, customers you can call your own! References that know you and can count on your contacting them when you have a new service or product to offer. Building up the list and taking care of your own is important.

I found a special free offer for you. I wanted to get the total scoop on the free package so I traveled from the desert of Tucson, Arizona to the lush green Glasgow, Scotland the weekend of May 11-13-2007. {Yes, I have been working and earning online for several years.}  I was surprised to find a package that you need for your E-Commerce success.

Robert, I want to say about your "Brit Pack" conferences, well done! I received valuable content, useful ideas, and a better understanding of Internet marketing. You put so much together for me personally, it was truly worth the trip from Arizona to Glasgow, Scotland for your "on-the-road" session.

Just from the talk around the lunch period I know that I am not alone in saying, more than expected and it was packed not only money making but money saving material. Making the right money saving choices is just as important as the path you fixed for income production. You painted a great picture of residual income for old folks like me to supplement our retirement income. Thanks, Harvey Akeson... Tucson, Arizona

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Monday, May 28, 2018

Joint Ventures the other reason to attend a seminar.

Joining in with others to help yourself is still the way to go.  This was written shortly after I traveled from my home in Tucson, Arizona to Glasgow, Scotland to attend an event put on by Robert Puddy of Instant Banner Creator.  Check it out   At the very least get out there and interchange ideas and work with other folks online.  It will return not just income avenues but friendships working together.

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Attending a marketing event will pay BIG dividends when you are prepared and know why you are participating. Just to rub shoulders with a group of internet millionaires is not enough, you need to take away knowledge and connections that you can put to immediate income advantage.

"It is not just you attending a conference, it is everyone you know and everyone the other participants know. A local event attracting 100 people expands out to thousands. Be prepared to take full advantage of that great opportunity. This what you paid to attend!"

Joint Venture Marketing, Alliances in Co-Marketing and collaboration on the Internet to make money faster and easier are given new emphasis to what is called e-commerce. Big name and big money are following online marketers across the globe. Conferences, seminars and marketing shows are the meeting place and connection point for top income players to position themselves for additional online business domination.

The value of the contacts made at these events are the spawning of strategic alliances for income production that is almost unbelievable. Experienced marketing managers are teaming up with each other and "newbies" to quickly broaden their sales and income potentials with Joint Ventures.

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One of the greatest ways for new marketers to learn successful techniques and speed up their online marketing skills is joining into Joint Ventures. This enables them to start pocketing real income and gain new talents for their future e-commerce undertakings. In these joint efforts the participants can take any new or existing program, e-books, affiliate web sites and share in the marketing and profits.

The opportunity to partner with a major established marketing whiz depends not on their goodwill but the new persons ability to deliver to the venture additional sales power. It is the purchasers or prospects that the new partner can deliver. This gives added meaning to the axiom, 'it's in the list', nowhere does your contacts and relationships mean more than when you look to start a Joint Venture.

It is that list of contacts, established relationships that you can bring to the table for your alliances. "It's the list you have built!"

 An individual contribution to a Joint Venture is the personal endorsement of the product or service you can provide to your carefully built and maintained e-mail list.  When you send out the information for a product or service and ask for the order, you are making a recommendation.  Take Care!

A Joint Venture can be undertaken by two or more people that have non-competing and perhaps complimentary products and/or services. A very profitable arrangement can be worked out using the talents and resources of the parties. Each can provide endorsements or recommendations to the customers in their personal promotional efforts. It is this collaboration that gives entry from prospect to a proven online customer that is quicker and provides better results.

The reason this works so well is that the partners have already established relationships with everyone on their list. Proper customer care has built a solid connection where the list owner's opinion is valued as well as the trust for delivering value. "Once the sale is made the real work begins."

Attending live events allows individual personal contacts to be made. It is well worth the cost every time. In addition to the program and training provided the exposure to the connections afforded is another portion of why the attendance is so valuable.

The rewards of a Joint Venture are multiple:
Increases your credibility and standing in the marketplace.
Opens up endorsements and marketing assistance.
Provides low cost new leads for your product or service.
Allows saving time and money on advertising and marketing.
It increases the opportunity for more sales and profits.
The expansion and growth of the business is accomplished quicker.

Easily more can be added to this list as thinking through the profitable combining of efforts with Joint Ventures that have been proven. The Joint Venture shortens the learning period and builds practical knowledge. Not only does it enhance acceptance, build stature, credibility
within the world of e-commerce it provides solid partner and business relationships for future endeavors.

Through out the process of the Joint Venture communication, trust and understanding must be cultivated. A positive outcome is foremost at all times so that the partners will be positioned for additional Joint Ventures. This type of marketing is powerful, easy to originate and very cost effective.

Don't plan on going to the next event until you have worked on the basics.  Build your list. Make up a freebie, give a gift, in return get the name and e-mail address of the recipient.

E-Commerce is a Contact Sport, the more you Contact, the more you SCORE......

All material herein © 2007-2018` "Harvey Akeson Tucson Calling"Reprint right by permission: harvey@harveyakeson.com
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Friday, May 25, 2018

US SBA Why Do Businesses Close?

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SMALL BUSINESS FACTS Reprinted Directly from US Small Business Administration


 May 2018. By Brian Headd, Economist

About 1 in 12 businesses closes every year. Over the last 25 years, about 7–9 percent of employer firms close every year and a slightly higher share open. These figures have been trending down, illustrating a decline in business turnover (Chart 1). Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Business Dynamics Statistics

Many businesses close because of personal reasons. Of the businesses with employees that closed in 2015, the top reasons for closing were low sales, the owner(s) retiring, and the owner(s) selling the business.  With the next top reasons being opening another firm and illness/injury, it shows that many owners close for personal or health reasons not just business reasons.

(“Other reasons” was also relatively high.) Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs Reasons foreclosing businesses are changing as the economy improves and owner’s age. Compared to 2007 which had the Great Recession begin in its December month, closing because of low sales and credit are down and retiring is up.

This is not surprising with a strong economy and aging population in recent years. Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs and Survey of Business Owners Serial entrepreneurs are not a myth. A small, but not insignificant number of closures were from owners closing to start another business, accounting for about 6 percent of closures. Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs

Even though credit is still tight, it is having less of an impact on pushing businesses to close. While business credit was a relatively large reason for business closures at the onset of the Great Recession, more recently, it has been a relatively small reason. In 2015 about 5 percent of businesses closed because of credit access versus about 14 percent in 2007.

Note, however, that tight credit could have a large impact on blocking start-ups.  Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs and Survey of Business Owners Small Business Facts are produced in the Office of Economic Research of the SBA Office of Advocacy.

 Questions? Email advocacy@sba.gov.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018


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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Don't Waste $$ Build Solid Relationships

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The Number ONE lesson the money making internet professionals have learned, don't waste a prospect. The best advice any of the so called experts need to share with you is this one essential fact, to succeed you need to master the art of follow up.
If you earned a click to your web site or affiliate program, you PAID for it. Lack of follow up will destroy any chance of your being a successful marketer. If it is just an inquiry for information or a completed sale that prospect or customer is yours to convert to a regular online client.

Nothing so earthshaking about that, easy to understand and even agree. The hard part is the how. First and foremost make sure you give the prospect the opportunity to record their name and contact information for your future relationship building.

Relationship building is communicating with new prospects and customers. This can take on a number of methods. Call it publishing or broadcasting because that is the fastest and most common way of attracting people to your web site or sales offers. Publishing relates to how most of the world has communicated in recent years. News and advertising has been relayed by newspapers, radio, television and now the internet.

Today with the large percentage of people using their computers to communicate, the internet has presented yet another unique opportunity to merchandise goods and services. A totally and completely new industry of advertising and loyalty building programs has been created.

Publishing can come in many forms in each case it takes putting words together and reaching out for prospects. Internet networking is no different than ground based meetings, you bring together people individually or in groups with common interests and goals by written or published words. You inform them, create a desire or need then make it convenient for them to follow through with an order or at the very least register for more information and a follow-up message from you.

Making connections, building relationships by electronic means delivers some very unique opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge, expertise as well as "show off" your products and services. Building credibility and increasing awareness of your business is key to converting the prospects to customers and then maintaining that client base with follow-up before and after any sale.

Networking sites that deliver a number of features and encourages links and association of "friendships" are social networks, GeoString, Facebook and
Nine Levels. They are free to join and offer advanced memberships and benefits.

Networking and broadcasting your products and services are not the only benefit of these networking sites. Important to your overall success is the contact and exchange with others in your industry. Whether it is additional cost saving measures in production, a new or improved product, perhaps a new advertising media just starting out, your exchange with your fellow e-commerce partners will enhance and build your business.

Hundreds if not thousand of different groups of people are members and trade information and opportunities around the world. Geo String is social networking with a Twist, it pays members! Facebook, well you don't have be told, it has become wildly accepted as a social site for communication. Nine Levels has an online chat room to which hundreds are joining at different times of the day and night to trade business ideas and network building new relationships around the world. Nine Levels offers low cost top notch internet business services for the small operations.

Networking programs offer sales opportunities as you become acquainted with interested people and trade ideas and thoughts. It is just like a few years ago and a little today... going door to door displaying your wares....only now it's faster by electronic internet connections. Broadcasting your business, displaying your wares still means going to your prospects where they are...at home or in their places of business.

Just a few years ago the cry for business success was "location". It was important to ground operations or your "brick and mortar" store. Then it was location, location, location be it main street with lots of traffic or a convenient "strip mall" with quick in and out parking or the massive shopping mall with anchor stores bringing foot traffic and shoppers for your opportunity to sell them. Without foot traffic, or shoppers, your store couldn't make money.

Today it is "surfers", we don't make sales and we don't make money until we have attracted prospects.  Just as the sincere approach and purposeful demonstration of your merchandise was the method for the door to door salesman attempting to make sales so is the same need today. Only trust and confidence is a little harder to build in this day and age, but it can and does exist over the internet. The need to build popularity (your product or service over another) and credibility for your brand. The need to build trust that you will deliver as advertised. Your internet promotion will work if your relationship with your customers is solid.

Demonstrating your knowledge, sharing your information and generally just building relationships is still in vogue. It is something when worked little by little that will build a customer base for your business and insure your financial security. Only by increasing your reach and maintaining your hard earned contacts will you expand and profit from the cost you spent to make those contacts.

In many cases just building a solid connection and personal friendship will deliver big dividends over the long term. A successful salesperson has "bird-dogs" or people to refer them business. Your connections can be a great source of support and testimony of your honest and worthy intentions. Trust and support will build you a working data base with "friends" of "friends" to boost your business relationships meaning more sales and expanded income!

Even if you never buy one thing, your value as a friend and your possible referral will pay big dividends in financial rewards in the future. Customers can be asked to allow you to keep in contact for updates and news about the product or service they purchased by subscribing to your newsletters.

New prospects can be rewarded something for free to disclose their addresses and joining your newsletter or mailing list. A free offer giving you their e-mail address and permission to contact them further is an important part of your marketing program. Retaining and Relationship Marketing--building an online family will reward in many ways.

Learn to hold your best leads...
                      you paid for them.
To build a successful relationship program, you have to invest in your Bird-Dogs, Prospects, Customers and Clients. They’re your best brand advocates and often your best customers.

You should thank them for that. You will reinforce their sentiments about you and inspire them to continue sharing your brand and content with others.  You will create a sphere of influence, build your brand with word of mouth advertising, increase your income with repeat business.

Give them early access to a product or service.
Sneak peeks are guaranteed ways to warm even the grinchest of hearts. Your influencers will enjoy the gift and hopefully create and share content around it.
Invite them to an exclusive event.
Make your sphere of influence feel special by inviting them to an invitation-only event. Pair the event with a notable keynote or musical performance and encourage influencers to share their experiences online.
Send a personalized, printed holiday greeting.
In the digital age, “snail mail” stands out. Your influencers will cherish the extra time and effort it took for you to write and send the cards.

Managing an influencer relations program is based on a basic PR tenet: PR is about people and relationships. Treat your built sphere of influence as people and nurture your relationships with them, and you’ll see your program bloom and grow.

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sell Web Site Building to Local Merchants

Making Money from your own home based business.  Home bound and desperately need income to help with the monthly expenses.  Long promoted views your services are exactly worth money on your terms and your time schedule.

More and more business is being transacted online, large corporations are reaching out and stealing business from local merchants closing shopping malls and ***local officials, THINK!!***destroying local sales tax revenue.

You working from home are a new force for bringing back the days when local merchants and professionals were the backbone of the community.  Local service clubs, community groups and school enhancement projects all thrived from a vibrant professional and spirited business community.

For many small business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs, managing the daily operations of a brand is a full-time, borderline 24/7 JOB.  While they may try playing the Jack of all Trades, they have probably encountered many times where it's down to never enough time at all.  Let alone have the expertise to manage today's new business competition tactics and electronic media strategies.

Juggling all of their responsibilities means allowing many things to fall to the wayside. Marketing and building their customer and client base, extending their service to the community still keeping up their local payroll has become quite an awesome task.

Adding another essential task to their to-do list, almost out of the question.  Along comes a neighbor, customer, client and available home bound worker to save the day with an offer to put the local business or professional back on the competitive track with ONLINE WEB SITE presence.

Sell your services building, maintaining, promoting web sites for quick, immediate, competitive marketing and EARN money from home on a convenient schedule for yourself and your clients.

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A real home business with complete quick start plans and total operating instructions.
Electronic Commerce to Expand the Smallest Business

The Internet Economy is a perfect match for even the smallest Mom and Pop Operation.Mom's "housing cleaning business" would have benefits from a web site presence. Every single or small business can afford a 24 hour 7 day a week open sign on their web site.

Customers can place orders, pay invoices, make appointments or communicate special needs or requests. Just think customers are able leave messages and leads for additional new business for you to follow up on during your next business day.

*****You did remember to ask your customer for referrals at the same time you e-mailed a thank you for their business. This way when you follow up with a cross sale or up sale item you can again remind them of your appreciation of their business and need for their referral to friends and family.*****

A very important feature of the Internet for business is the removal of an endless number of limits. No more limited hours, no more geographic or area limits, quick time response most up to date and fresh pricing to remain competitive.

Another definite fact of life, growing businesses are growing and expanding faster using the Internet. An Internet connected business can respond to opportunities quicker and do enjoy increased business agility. A customer online from another city is doing business with you and they really don't know if you are a in a ten story building or your basement office.

The obvious benefits of Internet business such as improved customer access, enhanced response time coupled with the golden opportunity for building a solid customer relationship are more than enough reason for every business to have a web site. Providing quick and low cost customer information should help build that customer retention that is so necessary for businesses to survive today.

By leveraging lower overhead, time-to-market and almost instant communication provides the Internet business to be easy to do business. The Internet connected business becomes extra competitive and more profitable.

The business with a web site offers prestige and standing in the eyes of the customers. A good impression of modern business practices builds esteem. A location on the Internet provides worldwide circulation of a businesses products and services. This expanded geographical presence extends the prospect base without any additional cost.

Lay open this thought, the next generation of a home based business almost untouched is for people to offer small and busy business owners instant Internet presence. A functional web site can be published in a day. In addition to improvements and updates a solid income stream could be easily build. A business of servicing a number of business clients on a monthly contract should eventually lead to some serious income without a great deal of expense.

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All material herein © '2006-2018 "Harvey Akeson Tucson Calling"
Reprint right by permission: harvey@harveyakeson.com

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

What are "autoresponders" and their uses.

Click Here More Important on Autoresponders
**READ Information on Autoresponders--Return and click on above link.**
Autoresponder the term for a number of automated pre-written emails that get sent to your subscribers usually in a sequential order. This is different than a broadcast, which is a one-time message that gets sent to all of your subscribers (or a particular segment of your subscribers that you set) at the same time.

What’s nice about setting up an autoresponder is that you can take people through a sequence of emails (which begin on the first day a new person subscribes) without ever having to do any work, once you’ve written the emails beforehand. Many people use an autoresponder to take people through an series of prepared e-mails.  

Build your e-mails and as soon as someone is "listed" they will begin to receive the prepared e-mails.  Some people will be on series number six while others will be starting on number one and continue the whole set until finished or additional e-mails are prepared.

Uses for an autoresponder include:
  • Keeping in contact with subscribers, new clients  and existing customers.
  • Promoting your own products, up sales and cross sales.
  • Promoting products as an affiliate.
  • Providing more content to your subscribers.
  • Re-introducing old content to your new subscribers.
  • Getting input from your subscribers by asking them for feedback or help. You may have experienced something like this already if you’ve purchased anything from Amazon.com and received an email a few days after receiving your package asking for a review.
  • Most important building a solid relationship and using that trust to seek out new business and referrals.

  •      "Just received a note from your friend John saying you would probably be interested in this new service/product."
The newsletter is used as another medium to connect with readers and is broadcast to your entire e-mail list.  One big difference of course is the autoresponder is geared to the addressee in a personal fashion. 

Money is made off of the newsletter from people where you promote your own products and services directly.  You can also promote as an affiliate, and will eventually convert all those people to your autoresponder list.

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Saturday, May 12, 2018


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