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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Real Estate is Roaring Back-Kick Up-Make Money

DISCLOSURE! This is not written by an attorney or certified public accountant. {Check your State and Federal Taxes}  Always seek professional advice if you have questions.

This information is to draw your attention to the advertisements, links to software and various educational materials for sale. Any items, materials, books, training courses purchased through the links in this article are pay for performance and therefore subject to compensation.  Investigate the offers at no cost or obligation, click and view.

The First lesson of Real Estate Investing  Click Here

Real Estate Investing 1 Click Here
Real Estate Investing 2 Click Here
Real Estate Experience  Click Here

Real estate as an investment is not a gamble, however there are financial risks involved. Using the correct tools you can evaluate/calculate the risks in order to maximize your return.  RE 3  Click Here

Rehabilitation "Partial or Cosmetic" - Make the property immediately usable and attractive.

Full rehab requires buying "dirt cheap" making various improvements, renovations and actions to increase the value.

The secret to increasing the value also could entail a "zone change" to allow for a higher use for the property. Changing from a single family home to a duplex.

Tearing out walls, making additions, modernizing with up dating features and functions all adding to the value are part of the rehab process bringing the value up.

Even the most experienced rehab investor can use the systems available to double check and enable them to take some of the risk factors out of the process  FREE. Software available
Click here to view   CHECK WHAT YOU RECEIVE FREE

Wholesaling Real Estate is where a real estate investor, you, finds a motivated seller. Then you negotiate a bargain sale price for their property. Then sign a contract with the seller. Next marketing the contract to another investor that would look to rehab or buy the property as a rental. You then assign the contract the the end investor for a wholesale or assignment fee making a profit from the two transactions. Click Here

Imagine flipping homes with no money down and getting paid in 30 days or less. There are no repairs to make, no nightmare tenants to deal with, and no entanglements with a property. Someone else does the hard work while you profit deal after deal. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not, and thousands of real estate investors complete this process every single day. As a real estate wholesaler, you can do it too! It is the ultimate business that gives you freedom. Click Here

Home Base or Rural resident for a limited time become an affiliate seller of real estate investor soft-ware.

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Real Estate success is locked into understanding and working with MONEY.  

Short-term & Long-term Funds/Loans for real estate investing.  

Another different whole world.  Conforming Loans from Commercial Banks 
and Mortgage Companies are probably not a good source of investment funds. 

These lenders are selling their loans into the national market, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC), known as Freddie Mac and Federal National 
Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), who buy mortgages, pool them and sell them 
to investors.  With the exception of a possible credit line with a commercial bank, not a source of real estate investment funds.  Another exception might be mortgages for 
buy and hold property for rental income.

Video Private Money Structuring     click here
Video Private Money Structuring 2   click here 

Questions on money for Real Estate Investing requires lots of learning and expertise. This subject is being left at this point to the two videos listed above. Real Estate has made wealth for many people. However there are risks, So learn, do, go!

OPEN LETTER To Prospective Real Estate Investors
A full-time real estate investor just recorded a 40+ minute all-content video called:

"Private Money Structuring – How to Get Lenders to Chase You".

In this video,  he shows you:
-          Breakdown of typical financing avenues for real estate deals
-          3 Ways to structure private money deals, with examples
-          A slick way to borrow money from people who don't have money to lend
-          A way to structure private money deals that will have lenders chasing you
Click here to watch the video, many people are selling this information you have right now for free.

Watch the video and leave your comments and questions at the bottom!

Harvey Akeson, Tucson, Arizona

Rehab Valuator is hands down, the most flexible, free software for wholesalers, rehabbers, house flippers, and even agents.  And its EASY!  No technical skill required.  Check it out Click Here
We have a free Members area with case studies, resources, and real estate video training tutorials to guide even a brand new real estate investor every step of the way – so that you can produce RESULTS in SECONDS!
Whether you’re brand new to wholesaling, rehabbing/flipping or rental property investment or are already a seasoned investor, this free software will help you take your investing to a new level quickly.
There is no other real estate investing software on the market that allows you to evaluate deals in the field, calculate offerscalculate wholesale or flip profits, and create persuasive marketing materials for your wholesale deals that you can then instantly send out to your buyers’ list or post on social media.
In addition, this software will allow you to instantly create deal funding proposals to send out to private money lenders, hard money lenders, and even banks.  These proposals will help you look like a seasoned real estate professional, even if you’re a newbie, and most importantly will help you secure funding for your real estate deals!
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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Beginner Free Real Estate Investors Software


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Well for starters:

  • Calculate offers on any deal to make sure you NEVER overpay
  • Quickly figure out if a deal is worth doing
  • Market and Sell your wholesale deals quickly and for more money!
  • Get Funding from Private Money and Hard Money Lenders
  • And much much more

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Harvey Akeson, Tucson. Az

P.S.  This free software works great if you are a wholesaler, rehabber,
buy/hold investor or even an agent!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Are the "Yellow Pages" dead or just over the hill?

IMPORTANT-Today Business Doesn't Start on the Phone.

Home Profits with Web Site Building for Local Merchants
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Move over Yellow Pages my fingers are typing. The walking is outdated by the time you go to print and at the prices you charge watch out for your profits. Commercial enterprises are fighting for recognition and top spots on the major search engines. It's a new day!

Real opportunities exist for small and medium size businesses to compete and grow with the advent of online e-commerce. In fact going online is NOT an option, it is necessary to stay profitable.

Remember the days of "Let your fingers do the walking", yes, oh yes, it was smart to call ahead and see if an item was in stock, or how much it cost. No doubt it was smart to check the store hours and even directions to the location or parking. One phone call could save hours of travel and cut down on the surprises.

E-commerce has leveled the playing field for small businesses. They can expand and broaden their prospect base, lower their cost of operations, cut payroll and tend the counter 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 24/7 is the cry. You can order online and in many cases pickup up your order a few hours later. In other cases next day delivery is usually available for in stock items.

Entertainment, food and home pizza delivery are right at your finger tips. Attracting customers is no longer owned by the media experts with their costly time consuming promotion building and production. Printing , direct mail, delivery and related costs are beaten by offerings available online.

Internet operation allows target marketing, faster with immediate changes possible. The smart business person knows they can follow up with customers, maintain retention programs, foster relationship building, have immediate cross selling, up selling, back-end sales and yes it's not a word to be used easily, conducting your business can be CHEAPER.

The opportunities abound for a person with computer knowledge working from home, low overhead, no office to rent and most important on their time schedule. Like working after the youngsters are in bed or away at school? Find a merchant or a few in your area and offer to help them build their business presence by creating a web page with sales and order options.

Build your own business using affiliate marketing opportunities. Major retailers have found massive benefits broadening their sales force with independent home-based workers. Facts are home based affiliate workers are eagerly sought and compensated by performance based pay plans. You effectively introduce the clients to the merchants and you receive commissions and payments for your efforts.

Opportunities to sell merchandise through e-bay or other online auctions have become very profitable. Building a web page with offerings using drop ship wholesalers providing the products, handling and shipping. Promote the web sales site, line up a payment program such as PayPal or ClickBank and pocket the profits.

E-commerce is a matter of building a method of contacting and presenting to an ever growing audience of buyers looking online through search engines and directories to satisfy their needs. Building a data base of e-mail addresses with contact permission privileges and creating traffic to web sites on a regular schedule is a major component of your new home based business.

TOP of the Electronic Communications Systems offers you freebies!
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Permission e-mailing or optin safelists are the lifeline of e-commerce. Contacts are made, sales messages are communicated and sales jobs are done....harsh but true. Additional benefits...and maybe the MOST IMPORTANT, COST!   Crying out for more business?  Read Safelists for Home and Small Business click here.

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All material herein © '2007-2018
"Harvey Akeson Tucson Calling"
Reprint right by permission: harvey@harveyakeson.com

Monday, May 28, 2018

Joint Ventures the other reason to attend a seminar.

Joining in with others to help yourself is still the way to go.  This was written shortly after I traveled from my home in Tucson, Arizona to Glasgow, Scotland to attend an event put on by Robert Puddy of Instant Banner Creator.  Check it out   At the very least get out there and interchange ideas and work with other folks online.  It will return not just income avenues but friendships working together.

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Attending a marketing event will pay BIG dividends when you are prepared and know why you are participating. Just to rub shoulders with a group of internet millionaires is not enough, you need to take away knowledge and connections that you can put to immediate income advantage.

"It is not just you attending a conference, it is everyone you know and everyone the other participants know. A local event attracting 100 people expands out to thousands. Be prepared to take full advantage of that great opportunity. This what you paid to attend!"

Joint Venture Marketing, Alliances in Co-Marketing and collaboration on the Internet to make money faster and easier are given new emphasis to what is called e-commerce. Big name and big money are following online marketers across the globe. Conferences, seminars and marketing shows are the meeting place and connection point for top income players to position themselves for additional online business domination.

The value of the contacts made at these events are the spawning of strategic alliances for income production that is almost unbelievable. Experienced marketing managers are teaming up with each other and "newbies" to quickly broaden their sales and income potentials with Joint Ventures.

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One of the greatest ways for new marketers to learn successful techniques and speed up their online marketing skills is joining into Joint Ventures. This enables them to start pocketing real income and gain new talents for their future e-commerce undertakings. In these joint efforts the participants can take any new or existing program, e-books, affiliate web sites and share in the marketing and profits.

The opportunity to partner with a major established marketing whiz depends not on their goodwill but the new persons ability to deliver to the venture additional sales power. It is the purchasers or prospects that the new partner can deliver. This gives added meaning to the axiom, 'it's in the list', nowhere does your contacts and relationships mean more than when you look to start a Joint Venture.

It is that list of contacts, established relationships that you can bring to the table for your alliances. "It's the list you have built!"

 An individual contribution to a Joint Venture is the personal endorsement of the product or service you can provide to your carefully built and maintained e-mail list.  When you send out the information for a product or service and ask for the order, you are making a recommendation.  Take Care!

A Joint Venture can be undertaken by two or more people that have non-competing and perhaps complimentary products and/or services. A very profitable arrangement can be worked out using the talents and resources of the parties. Each can provide endorsements or recommendations to the customers in their personal promotional efforts. It is this collaboration that gives entry from prospect to a proven online customer that is quicker and provides better results.

The reason this works so well is that the partners have already established relationships with everyone on their list. Proper customer care has built a solid connection where the list owner's opinion is valued as well as the trust for delivering value. "Once the sale is made the real work begins."

Attending live events allows individual personal contacts to be made. It is well worth the cost every time. In addition to the program and training provided the exposure to the connections afforded is another portion of why the attendance is so valuable.

The rewards of a Joint Venture are multiple:
Increases your credibility and standing in the marketplace.
Opens up endorsements and marketing assistance.
Provides low cost new leads for your product or service.
Allows saving time and money on advertising and marketing.
It increases the opportunity for more sales and profits.
The expansion and growth of the business is accomplished quicker.

Easily more can be added to this list as thinking through the profitable combining of efforts with Joint Ventures that have been proven. The Joint Venture shortens the learning period and builds practical knowledge. Not only does it enhance acceptance, build stature, credibility
within the world of e-commerce it provides solid partner and business relationships for future endeavors.

Through out the process of the Joint Venture communication, trust and understanding must be cultivated. A positive outcome is foremost at all times so that the partners will be positioned for additional Joint Ventures. This type of marketing is powerful, easy to originate and very cost effective.

Don't plan on going to the next event until you have worked on the basics.  Build your list. Make up a freebie, give a gift, in return get the name and e-mail address of the recipient.

E-Commerce is a Contact Sport, the more you Contact, the more you SCORE......

All material herein © 2007-2018` "Harvey Akeson Tucson Calling"Reprint right by permission: harvey@harveyakeson.com
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Sunday, May 27, 2018


DISCLOSURE:  This series of articles are a reprint from Net LEARNING ACADEMY 
rebrandable E-Book Credit to ROBERT PUDDY  {Master E-Marketer, see my story 

meeting Puddy in Glasgow, Scotland several years ago.   Joint Ventures Click here

The Greatest Education You’ll Ever Receive is the One Obtained by Observing Others
You can learn a lot from studying a book or another information product. But you can 
learn a whole lot more by studying what master marketers are doing.

Case in point…

I got started in this business by watching Marlon Sanders and other master marketers. I studied their sales letters, subscribed to their newsletters, analyzed their emails, and 
devoured their affiliate training materials.

See, I wasn’t just learning by reading their products. I'm much more interested in what 
others are doing than what they are saying. I was learning by watching them and learning 
their every move. And then I modeled – NOT copied – my own efforts after theirs.

So here’s what I’d suggest you do: Spend a little less time with your nose in a manual 
and more time just watching what successful marketers around the web are doing.

Example: Instead of reading yet another book about product launches, become an 
affiliate AND a customer for an upcoming launch. That way you can watch the process 
unfold from both sides of the counter.

No matter what you’re observing, you should ask yourself questions like this:
 What works and what doesn't?
 What gets great feedback and what causes others to complain?
 What are other people doing well and what are they doing poorly?
 What creates a viral affect?
 What makes successful sales letters so persuasive?
 Why do people buy this product?
 Why do people respond so eagerly to this approach?
 Why is this product selling like ice cream in July… while a similar product is failing?
 Why is one blog a “must visit” blog, while another blog on the same topic is not 
worth visiting at all?  And so on.

ROBERT PUDDY Income Offering

Just keep observing and asking yourself these questions – and once you’ve
reverse-engineered a successful product and marketing process, model it in your
own niche.

By Contributing to the Success of Others You’ll Find That Your Own Success is

You’ve heard these sayings before:
 You reap what you sow.
 If you help someone get what they want, you’ll get what you want too.
 What you send out comes back to you tenfold.

These aren’t just motivational catch phrases – they’re truths to live by. 
Because whether you’re helping a customer successfully solve his problems 
or you’re helping a joint venture partner make money, your own success is enlarged.

Watch Short Video on Working at Home

Let me give you a few examples…

 Your product helps a customer solve his problems. This goes back to Lesson #2 
– if you create good content that solves problems, you’ll have happy customers. 
And happy customers reward you with repeat business, referrals and residual income.
 You go the extra mile to help a customer personally. Customer service isn’t limited 
to only those tasks that put a direct profit in your pocket. For example, you don’t just 
answer pre-sale inquiries and ignore the rest. Instead, you help your customer… 
no matter what they’re asking.

Example: Maybe you just created an audio interview. And maybe one of your 
customers is hearing-impaired. If you go the extra mile to create a transcript of 
that audio, you can bet your customer will remember it (and order from you again). 

You just created a satisfied, lifelong customer.  But that’s not all. By helping that 
one person, you just created a new format for your product – and that means you 
now have an upsell offer to pitch to your customers.

 You create a product with an expert in your niche. Even if you do most of the 
work and it seems your partner has benefited the most, you still reap great rewards. 
That’s because your name is now linked to that expert. So even if you’re new to 
the niche, you’ve already established yourself as an expert, too – just due to your 
association with the other person.

So not only do you have a product (which puts a profit in your pocket), you now 
have a new reputation that you can directly use to attract new customers and profits.

 You promote someone else’s product. If you promote another marketer’s product 
with an affiliate link, then obviously you benefit too. But what benefits could you 
possibly get from promoting a product without an affiliate link?

For starters, your savvy customers will be impressed that you’re not seeking 
financial compensation – and that means they’re more likely to trust you from now 
on. That trust leads directly to more sales.  Secondly, if you’re recommending a 
good product, then your reputation for honesty grows. And again, this leads to 
more sales.

Finally, the other marketer may just surprise you. He may decide to promote 
YOUR product without an affiliate link. And in the end, your small gesture may 
turn into a massively profitable move that endeared you to both your customers 
and the other marketer.

ROBERT PUDDY and JOSH ABBOTT Instant Banner Creator

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Saturday, May 26, 2018

E-Commerce, Make Contacts and Hold

LOW Cost E-Mailing with  promotional content serves 
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FACT:  It costs a lot of money to collect prospects 
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E-Commerce - is a CONTACT Sport,
the more you CONTACT, the more you SCORE!"
This is important, in order to succeed, find "buyers", people willing to share the benefits a extremely profitable online homebase business, AND...provide a solid income in reward for efforts of bringing them to online products or services.

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A course of action is to go out and use the very best methods, invest in the greatest "rate of return" advertising in an attempt to receive a massive response. A promotional campaign to attract an expanding audience of interested people who are willing to join building a stream of income or use a targeted product or service.

First mistake... NOT having a system of follow up marketing pointers for sales effort.
Do not waste advertising money with a "one shot does it all" and move on without making several attempts to selling Contacts. [Here is the need for some reason for the respondent to give a follow up contact number...e-mail address.]

A good auto response system set to make followup contact and deliver additional informational material is needed. Closing the sale and signing up the Contact is the name of the "game". Scoring is the result of efforts and keeping score is the number of Contacts that are willing to join our team or buy our products.

Second mistake... NOT making every effort to understand enlisting personal contact and building a personal relationship with each contact.

Not just, "here is the sales pitch", but a first hand account of what a contact is looking for and what and how they can build together and receive all the benefits. It is the FOLLOW UP and relationship trust and business building with contacts that make the money.

Don't always expect everyone to find what is being promoted so spectacular they are willing to spend their money at first glance. If what is being offered is truly worth the marketing efforts and the followup information to enlist the purchase will need to be advanced for each prospect many times. Listing the benefits and bonus offers for acting immediately.

First make the Contact, develop them into a Prospect and direct them into becoming a Customer.
Now more of the BATTLE begins!

Stuffed Inbox?  
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Third mistake... NOT having marketing and follow up program.   A winning sales agenda must be designed to build a series winning strategies to SCORE. That's the bottomline...making money, and building the income stream.
In this case NEVER waste a precious newly found prospect!
Time, money and effort has been spent, don't lose the future business.

Equally important follow up and continued contact is just as necessary as the original "sales pitch".

An Autoresponder System can perform the duty of set and continued followup. The Autoresponder System will send out customized, personalized information from you directly to your customers' inboxes at pre-determined times automatically without you having to send it. All you do is create messages to send, tell the Autoresponder when you want it sent and that's it.

Click Here More Important Information on Autoresponders

Not losing the sale means asking for the order AGAIN and expand the need for the prospect to have the product or service being offered. Timing, opportunity, closing the contact is a talent....practice and follow up assures the best sales potentials are not lost.

Follow up by autoresponder is a PERFECT opportunity to hold CONTACTS, build up some POINTS and expand a marketing opportunity. You will be able to SHARE more information about your products and services.

Follow up is great opportunity to build a relationship with new contacts, share important marketing and sales ideas, seek up sales, and most important future additional business.

Free Traffic is Important to your Business!  Results!!

Attract Traffic with Voice Action   

All material herein © '2006-2018 "Harvey Akeson Tucson Calling"
Reprint right by permission: harvey@harveyakeson.com

Friday, May 25, 2018

US SBA Why Do Businesses Close?

New Income Site
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SMALL BUSINESS FACTS Reprinted Directly from US Small Business Administration


 May 2018. By Brian Headd, Economist

About 1 in 12 businesses closes every year. Over the last 25 years, about 7–9 percent of employer firms close every year and a slightly higher share open. These figures have been trending down, illustrating a decline in business turnover (Chart 1). Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Business Dynamics Statistics

Many businesses close because of personal reasons. Of the businesses with employees that closed in 2015, the top reasons for closing were low sales, the owner(s) retiring, and the owner(s) selling the business.  With the next top reasons being opening another firm and illness/injury, it shows that many owners close for personal or health reasons not just business reasons.

(“Other reasons” was also relatively high.) Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs Reasons foreclosing businesses are changing as the economy improves and owner’s age. Compared to 2007 which had the Great Recession begin in its December month, closing because of low sales and credit are down and retiring is up.

This is not surprising with a strong economy and aging population in recent years. Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs and Survey of Business Owners Serial entrepreneurs are not a myth. A small, but not insignificant number of closures were from owners closing to start another business, accounting for about 6 percent of closures. Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs

Even though credit is still tight, it is having less of an impact on pushing businesses to close. While business credit was a relatively large reason for business closures at the onset of the Great Recession, more recently, it has been a relatively small reason. In 2015 about 5 percent of businesses closed because of credit access versus about 14 percent in 2007.

Note, however, that tight credit could have a large impact on blocking start-ups.  Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs and Survey of Business Owners Small Business Facts are produced in the Office of Economic Research of the SBA Office of Advocacy.

 Questions? Email advocacy@sba.gov.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Trend Mails is Effective, Fun and Rewarding!

The Brilliant new Trend Mails
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Wednesday, May 23, 2018


I am told, NO MATTER how much you try 
you can't beat the FUN of CHESS ADS 
and the RESULTS proves you found a WINNER!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Computer Internet Incomes from HOME

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Working with Local Businesses 
Equals Big Profits

Today, more and more people are doing everything 
from researching a great vacation, to paying their 
bills and even to buying their groceries on the 

In this day and age if you have a brick and mortar 
business and do not make use of the internet to 
market yourself, you are at a huge disadvantage. 
Surprisingly though, almost 95% of all off-line 
business owners are not on line, and most of 
those don't have a clue about the internet or how 
to use it to their advantage.

This is great news for Internet Marketers.

If you are in the Internet Marketing business or 
have wanted to break into it, now is the time. If 
you are ready to cash in on enormous profits, you 
need to look no further than the small business 
owners in your local community. 

Quite surprisingly this is an untapped market that 
is just starting to be discovered. There are a variety 
of ways that you can help the local business owner 
to become known on the Internet.

First and foremost you will want to build them a 
website that will be SEO (Search Engine) optimized. 
It will be important for the business owner to have 
a high search ranking for those searching for local 

On the website you should make sure there is an 
opt in page to collect data from potential customers. 
Starting and maintaining a blog on the business's 
website can also be very beneficial, just make sure 
you keep the blog running with useful information.

Blogging is the up and coming way to advertise and 
you will not want the small business owner to miss 
out on any opportunities. Having audio and video 
clips on the website can also attract new customers. 
Besides the website, there are also some other 
key things you can do to help the off line business 
owner. First, you will want to make sure that the 
business owner is listed on the internet yellow page 

Second, you will want to get them registered with 
Google Local. Expose the web site to Search Engines.

Third, you can also work with the business owner 
to come up with coupons to lure in new and returning customers.

There are a variety of coupon sites that you can 
post these on. It is easy to see that the off line 
business owner could see a huge spike in their 
business if they were to tap into the internet market. 

Most brick and mortar business owners have no idea 
where to begin and yet they would love to have the 
edge on their competitors.  If you are an internet 
marketer or looking to become one, now is the time 
to take action. Your fortune could very well be waiting 
for you. 

Electronic Commerce to Expand the Smallest Business

Setting up the web site for a business is really the 
easy task. The real work begins to make use of the 
web presence and deliver profitable business from 
the site. Getting prospects to the web site and making 
use of the Internet for extending business success is 
the next order of the day.

The web page and the Internet has the unique 
ability to handle prospects not only 24 hours a day, 
seven days a week but can effectively sell and take 
orders from a mass number of customers at the same 

On the Internet prospects are all around the world. 
The United States, Canada, France, Great Britain and 
Australia all have ready access to the business as 
those who could drive up to a physical location and 
purchase from the store site.

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Over the years the cry for a business was, "location, 
location, location". Now with the growth of the 
Internet the needs have changed. Joining location is 
the need for "traffic, traffic, traffic".

Without viewers, people finding and getting the 
exposure to the web sites delivers no sales on its own.

"No matter what your business is, without traffic 
to your web site you might as well not exist on the Internet."

A smart site on main street where the traffic was 
heavy and prospective customers had easy access 
to a merchant was demanded. The more people passing 
and convenient access was in high demand and 
commanded high property value. 

Over time as the towns grew every business couldn't 
afford the cost of a prime main street location and the development of strip malls provided for a lower location 

Major shopping malls became in demand where 
they were anchored by large chain stores that could 
attract large numbers of buyers from expensive 

In the major shopping malls visibility became a large 
concern. The best locations where the most prospects 
passing by could command compensating rents and 
determined the choice of location placement for 
business managers.

Today, with the advent of massive online shopping, 
location is now being replaced by the need for traffic 
clicking on merchant's web sites.  Location in search 
engines to drive traffic to web sites is important and 
better placements is to the web page's advantage for 

The need is for traffic and "clicks" to expose the 
products and services. Whether paid inclusion in 
search engines and directories or simply pay for click 
links to web sites the delivery of visitors takes huge 

Visibility is Vital to your web site and E-Commerce success

The business with a web site offers prestige 
and standing in the eyes of the customers. 
A good impression of modern business practices 
builds esteem. 

A location on the Internet provides worldwide 
circulation of a businesses products and services. 
This expanded geographical presence extends the 
prospect base without any additional cost.

The most important advertising or promotion of a 

business web site COSTS NOTHING and is possibly 

the very best to bring people to the web page. 

As soon as a business web site is published 

the inclusion of the URL right along side the phone 

number is mandatory.

A business should not list a phone number 
without listing a web site address right 
along with the phone number. 

Newspaper ads, telephone books, business cards, 

physical location signage, mailings, invoices, receipts 

every piece of paper listing the business name and 

phone number need the web site address prominently 


In fact special promotional efforts should be directed 

just to announcing the business web site and extra 

service available online as a new and unique feature 

of the business.

Reviewing expectations for the new Internet presence 

we know that our purpose is to build brand recognition, announce special sales, present new offerings, acquire 
new costumers, retain existing customers and with the additional opportunity of reaching beyond just the local 
area build profits and make more money for a business.

With all the tough times in today's economy, it can 
be difficult to get by. Debt can add up quickly, and 
expenses don't seem to be getting any smaller. 
But that doesn't have to affect you. There are so 
many opportunities around for you, and many of 
them are in marketing.

In times like this, businesses need an edge just to stay 
afloat; and that's in marketing.

But what if that edge was you?

Did you know that statistically 90% of small businesses 
do not have a website? So anyone in the local market 
that searches for them will not be able to find them. 
Today that is the number one reason businesses lose customers.

Why don't they have websites? 
Mainly because they lack the time or expertise 
to set them up. That is where you come in. 
You offer them that service, at a cost of course.

Permission e-mailing or optin safelists are the lifeline of E-commerce. 
Contacts are made, sales messages are communicated and sales jobs are done....harsh but true. Additional benefits...and maybe the MOST IMPORTANT, COST!  
Are you crying out for more business?  
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