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Monday, May 28, 2018

Joint Ventures the other reason to attend a seminar.

Joining in with others to help yourself is still the way to go.  This was written shortly after I traveled from my home in Tucson, Arizona to Glasgow, Scotland to attend an event put on by Robert Puddy of Instant Banner Creator.  Check it out   At the very least get out there and interchange ideas and work with other folks online.  It will return not just income avenues but friendships working together.

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Attending a marketing event will pay BIG dividends when you are prepared and know why you are participating. Just to rub shoulders with a group of internet millionaires is not enough, you need to take away knowledge and connections that you can put to immediate income advantage.

"It is not just you attending a conference, it is everyone you know and everyone the other participants know. A local event attracting 100 people expands out to thousands. Be prepared to take full advantage of that great opportunity. This what you paid to attend!"

Joint Venture Marketing, Alliances in Co-Marketing and collaboration on the Internet to make money faster and easier are given new emphasis to what is called e-commerce. Big name and big money are following online marketers across the globe. Conferences, seminars and marketing shows are the meeting place and connection point for top income players to position themselves for additional online business domination.

The value of the contacts made at these events are the spawning of strategic alliances for income production that is almost unbelievable. Experienced marketing managers are teaming up with each other and "newbies" to quickly broaden their sales and income potentials with Joint Ventures.

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One of the greatest ways for new marketers to learn successful techniques and speed up their online marketing skills is joining into Joint Ventures. This enables them to start pocketing real income and gain new talents for their future e-commerce undertakings. In these joint efforts the participants can take any new or existing program, e-books, affiliate web sites and share in the marketing and profits.

The opportunity to partner with a major established marketing whiz depends not on their goodwill but the new persons ability to deliver to the venture additional sales power. It is the purchasers or prospects that the new partner can deliver. This gives added meaning to the axiom, 'it's in the list', nowhere does your contacts and relationships mean more than when you look to start a Joint Venture.

It is that list of contacts, established relationships that you can bring to the table for your alliances. "It's the list you have built!"

 An individual contribution to a Joint Venture is the personal endorsement of the product or service you can provide to your carefully built and maintained e-mail list.  When you send out the information for a product or service and ask for the order, you are making a recommendation.  Take Care!

A Joint Venture can be undertaken by two or more people that have non-competing and perhaps complimentary products and/or services. A very profitable arrangement can be worked out using the talents and resources of the parties. Each can provide endorsements or recommendations to the customers in their personal promotional efforts. It is this collaboration that gives entry from prospect to a proven online customer that is quicker and provides better results.

The reason this works so well is that the partners have already established relationships with everyone on their list. Proper customer care has built a solid connection where the list owner's opinion is valued as well as the trust for delivering value. "Once the sale is made the real work begins."

Attending live events allows individual personal contacts to be made. It is well worth the cost every time. In addition to the program and training provided the exposure to the connections afforded is another portion of why the attendance is so valuable.

The rewards of a Joint Venture are multiple:
Increases your credibility and standing in the marketplace.
Opens up endorsements and marketing assistance.
Provides low cost new leads for your product or service.
Allows saving time and money on advertising and marketing.
It increases the opportunity for more sales and profits.
The expansion and growth of the business is accomplished quicker.

Easily more can be added to this list as thinking through the profitable combining of efforts with Joint Ventures that have been proven. The Joint Venture shortens the learning period and builds practical knowledge. Not only does it enhance acceptance, build stature, credibility
within the world of e-commerce it provides solid partner and business relationships for future endeavors.

Through out the process of the Joint Venture communication, trust and understanding must be cultivated. A positive outcome is foremost at all times so that the partners will be positioned for additional Joint Ventures. This type of marketing is powerful, easy to originate and very cost effective.

Don't plan on going to the next event until you have worked on the basics.  Build your list. Make up a freebie, give a gift, in return get the name and e-mail address of the recipient.

E-Commerce is a Contact Sport, the more you Contact, the more you SCORE......

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