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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Beginner Free Real Estate Investors Software


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Harvey Akeson, Tucson. Az

P.S.  This free software works great if you are a wholesaler, rehabber,
buy/hold investor or even an agent!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Only if I could get traffic.

You will need the right tools to succeed.

Visibility is Vital to your 
Web Site and E-Commerce success.
Visibility-Boosting Tips
It is no secret!  
More Traffic-More Customers-More Profits

Use words relating to your product or service with
information and pictures on your web site.
Don't clutter your message make it clear and readable.
Link other sites to you, use Networking to feed you
traffic.  Use Titles and Hi-Lites....Color and illustrations
Avoid "sales talk" stress facts and benefits.

Don't expect visitors to find you, seek visitors and
take advantage of free options to bring traffic to
your web site.

Location, Location, Location has been replaced
by Traffic, Traffic, Traffic as the cry for the new

Main street with big show windows and huge neon
signs have given away to hits and visits by search
engines, banners, links, e-mails and just plain online
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E-Commerce and Bird-Dogs

Word of mouth advertising.
Getting others to put in a "good word". 

When seeking ways to expand and build your
Internet Business look close to home for leads.
Family, friends, acquaintances and business

These folks interested in your success are
your "Bird-Dogs", helping you hunt for increased
business.  Most people prefer to do business
with people they know, so why are you so
worried about asking those closest to you
for their business and referrals?

Just as important, don't be reluctant to ask
those closest to you about contacts they
know that would be interested in your business
or service.

Remember most people you personally 
know want to see you succeed so they 
will be glad to help you.

In order for your e-commerce business to be
successful you will need to build a pipeline of

Attending business networking groups, setting
up a table at meetings, or renting a booth a
festivals or swap meets or any place you can
meet with potential clients.

Networking and referrals from people you
know will lead to strategic sales and profits.
Make certain that you reward and thank
everyone who recommends you to others.

"Bird Dogs" or "Word of Mouth" advertising 
and promotion is the least expensive, fastest 
and is proven for results.

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All material herein © '2007-2019 
"Harvey Akeson Tucson Calling" 
Reprint right by permission: harveyakeson@yahoo.com

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Thursday, May 09, 2019

Don't run up into the hills, money is right here!

Traffic Problems Solved

Now you can!

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Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Real Estate Home Workers Team Up

Improving Their Financial Positions
Spare Time Fixing Up Houses

Today much is being made of "real estate flipping" and the big money to be made using real estate as the magic to becoming rich or at least earning great sums of money making interest  in the subject running high.

Television shows featuring real estate "rehabs" have made the particular form of real estate investing a common subject in today's world.  Home and property investment involving finding, financing, and buying of neglected, abandon, and otherwise real estate in need of what used to be called TLC, "tender love and care" and in today's speak, "house flipping".

The art of real estate rehabilitation from simple tasks of partial or cosmetic improvements to completing various "fixes" and minor improvements to major renovations to maximize the "after repair value", ARV.   The investors goal is to increase the property value, obtain a new sales price and earn a fat profit on the transaction.

Television has glamorized the process to the point that the general public recognizes many of the "stars" of the fix and flip television programs to even the best known movie stars of today.  It seems like everyone wants to get into the act from rank amateurs to professionals and the better know such as the "property brothers",  husband and wife teams to a mother a daughter fixer upper team.

Which comes to a new stay at home opportunity and income potential offered to folks never leaving their homes or local areas.  The real estate investors need to find that "investment grade property".  Almost everywhere you look, street corner, newspaper ads and television commercials you see, "we buy houses, pay cash any condition"   Referral or finders fees are available to the "helper" that locates properties that can show a "return on investment", ROI, for the rehab real estate investor.

The key to making money investing real estate is allowing the property to obtain its "highest and best use".  The importance, is it large enough to convert to a duplex, or would it better be  used as a small office on a busy street.  Could the vacant adjacent lot or subject property have an greatly increased value with a zone or use change?  These are all considerations to access when looking at property for investing.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Making a Roaring Come Back..Banner Ads

Banner Advertising can deliver for your internet 
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It is however a matter of pick and choice, not all 

Banner Advertising sites and exchanges are equal.   
Today, let's investigate and discover more about building 
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using banners.
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Real Estate Investment Opportunities

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Real Estate Investing
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Profits with solid income for You,
Harvey Akeson, Tucson, Arizona

Monday, April 15, 2019

Earning Online with HELP to Succeed

Sometimes attempting to earn money online appears to
be a brutal and ferocious task.  List building and attracting
traffic leaves many wondering if they can ever make it.
The task is awesome!
We Provide You With The Promotions You Need To Succeed!Just having a website and the products are not enough. If you want to improve 
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All the best,

Harvey Akeson,  Tucson, Arizona


Saturday, April 06, 2019

Making a business information and order page is a MUST!

No Web Site for a business is like having no phone, a three legged stool with two legs missing.
Electronic Commerce to Expand the Smallest Business -- a business web site is the lowest most cost productive form of business promotion ever available.
Setting up the web site for a business is really the easy task. The real work begins to make use of the web presence and deliver profitable business from the site. Getting prospects to the web site and making use of the Internet for extending business success is the next order of the day.
The web page and the Internet has the unique ability to handle prospects not only 24 hours a day, seven days a week but can effectively sell and take orders from a mass number of customers at the same time. On the Internet prospects are all around the world. The United States, Canada, France, Great Britain and Australia all have ready access to the business as those who could drive up to a physical location and purchase from the store site.
Over the years the cry for a business was, "location, location, location". Now with the growth of the Internet the needs have changed. Joining location is the needs for "traffic, traffic, traffic". Without viewers, people finding and getting the exposure to the web sites delivers no sales on its own.
No matter what your business is, without traffic to your web site you might as well not exist on the Internet. Web site traffic is an important goal in order to achieve success with your business web pages.
A smart site on main street where the traffic was heavy and prospective customers had easy access to a merchant was demanded. The more people passing and convenient access was in high demand and commanded high property value. Over time as the towns grew every business could not afford the cost of a prime main street location this lead to the development of strip malls providing for lower location cost.
Major shopping malls became in demand where they were anchored by large chain stores that could attract large numbers of buyers from expensive advertising. In the major shopping malls visibility became a large concern. The best locations where the most prospects passing by could command compensating rents and determined the choice of location placement for business managers.
Today, with the advent of massive online shopping, location is now being replaced by the need for traffic. A location in search engines to drive traffic to web sites is important. Now the need is for traffic and "clicks" to expose the products and services.
Web site visits by prospective customers is the need today and it has opened up a whole new series of business opportunities. It takes time and talent to successfully promote web site traffic.
Whether paid inclusion in search engines and directories or simply pay for click links to web sites the delivery of visitors takes huge effort. The promotional work has so many avenues to attract customers it is a whole additional topic. The next blog entry will cover some way an individual can make additional income taking on the task of driving traffic the web sites.
The business with a web site offers prestige and standing in the eyes of the customers. A good impression of modern business practices builds esteem. A location on the Internet provides worldwide circulation of a businesses products and services. This expanded geographical presence extends the prospect base without any additional cost.
The most important advertising or promotion of a business web site costs NOTHING and is possibly the very best to bring people to the web page.
As soon as a business web site is published the inclusion of the URL right along side the phone number is mandatory. A business should not list a phone number without listing a web site address right along side. Every directory listing the business should include your web site address.
Newspaper ads, telephone books, business cards, physical location signage, mailings, invoices, receipts every piece of paper listing the business name and phone number need the web site address prominently included. In fact special promotional efforts should be directed just to announcing the business web site and extra service available online as a new and unique feature of the business.
Reviewing expectations for the new Internet presence we know that our purpose is to build brand recognition, announce special sales, present new offerings, acquire new costumers, retain existing customers and with the additional opportunity of reaching beyond just the local area build profits and make more money for a business.
It is exciting, interesting and enjoyable work of turning the web site into additional income and profits for local merchants. A web site puts a business on top and opens a new profitable career for a home based worker.
Outline how to set up a home business building web sites for local merchants. His blog explains the ways to build, market and create a solid monthly income. http://a1profitmaker.blogspot.com Think of a business web site just as if you are selling door to door and get invited into the home or office to promote your goods. Building web sites from home is a business worthy of reviewing. https://a1profitmaker.blogspot.com/2006/09/home-profits-with-web-site-building.html