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Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Your Cup Runs Over A to Z Real Estate Investing

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Monday, March 02, 2020

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Beginners Guide to E-Mail Marketing

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Made a contact, Now the real work begins

Learn Building Your Business Using Safelists
Every online marketer has heard for years, "It's in the List".  
The e-mail list of clients, prospects and yes suspects.
In an earlier posting a discussion on making a contact
and the work to cultivate contacts into respected relationships 
for future business.
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There is NO less expensive avenue for new sales, up sales, 
cross sales than having access to the e-mail list of contacts.
Contacts who you have built acquaintanceship over the work
put in building that bridge of trust.
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Time and money are spent making contacts, the marketing
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People are spending so much time online building a solid 
relationship has become unique and demanding task.  Yet
just as important in days gone past for merchants to be 
in a location with lots of foot traffic so today traffic is of 
major importance.
The cry has gone from location, location, location to
traffic, traffic, traffic.  It really is the same cry.  Placing
your business before the public for attention and hopefully
It boils down to just as good customer service, quality
merchandise brought repeat business and a good reputation
so is the trusted relationship built with resourceful use of
e-mail follow up.
Cheap, readily available and best of all 24/7/365 even 
when you are away enjoying the fruits of all your labor.
Taking orders, answering follow up questions, E-Mail holds
an almost magic position in the success of any online
commercial endeavor.

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AWeber E-Mailing TIPS

How to Get Higher Email Opens By Split Testing Subject Lines
Sign Up Forms Are Now Mobile Responsive (And What This Means For You)
Social Media Contests & Promotions: June 2014 Apps Roundup
How Split Testing Sign Up Forms Gets You More Subscribers
A Beginner's Guide To Content Audits [Infographic]
 #AWeberHour Twitter Chat Preview - How To Create Raving Fans


Tuesday, February 18, 2020


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Friday, February 07, 2020

FACT: Best Business Advertising-Word of Mouth!

Word of mouth advertising. 
Getting others to put in a "good word".
It's a known fact. Local Business can live and thrive on word of mouth advertising. Friends, relatives and current customers beat out all forms of paid or free (social media) advertising.

Foremost in seeking ways to expand and build your business look close to home for leads. That of course means family, friends, acquaintances, yes, even suppliers and other business associates.

These folks are interested in your success and are your "Bird-Dogs", helping you hunt for increased business. Most people prefer to do business with people they know, so why are you so worried about asking those closest to you for their business and referrals? It's a natural, enlist them in actively promoting your business.

Don't be reluctant to ask those closest to you about contacts they know that would be interested in your business or service. Remember, most people you personally know want to see you succeed so they will be glad to help you.

Successful business people join local service clubs and organizations to network, spread the word about their business or service and find new customers. No matter what you have to sell, let's face it no matter what business you are engaged in, you're selling. You can be a dentist, accountant or hardware store owner you need traffic through your door to make money.

Attending business networking groups, setting up a table at meetings, or renting a booth at festivals, swap meets or any place you can meet with potential clients offers the opportunity to expand your business.

Networking and referrals will lead to sales and profits.

Make certain you reward your "Bird Dogs" and thank everyone who recommends you and your business to others.

"Bird Dogs" or "Word of Mouth" advertising and promotion is the least expensive, fastest and is proven for results.

But wait, my business is on the internet it is e-commerce. My door is my computer and the internet. In order for your e-commerce business to be successful you need to build a pipeline of contacts. First off, take advantage of every opportunity to ask for the business and build a solid connection.

*****Remember to ask your customer for referrals at the same time you e-mailed a thank you for their business. This way when you follow up with a cross sale or up sale item you can again remind them of your appreciation of their business and need for their referral to friends and family.*****
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Sunday, February 02, 2020

Insure Your Business Gets a Share of Internet Traffic

There are all kinds of Traffic, I don't want you waste your time about non productive
Traffic...The Money is with the Traffic that is in the same category as your CASH making
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The web page and the Internet has the unique ability to handle prospects not only 24 hours a day, seven days a week but can effectively sell and take orders from a mass number of customers at the same time. On the Internet prospects are all around the world. The United States, Canada, France, Great Britain and Australia all have ready access to the business as those who could drive up to a physical location and purchase from the store site.

Over the years the cry for a business was, "location, location, location". Now with the growth of the Internet the needs have changed. Joining location is the needs for "traffic, traffic, traffic". Without viewers, people finding and getting the exposure to the web sites delivers no sales on its own.

"No matter what your business is, without traffic to your web site you might as well not exist on the Internet."

A smart site on main street where the traffic was heavy and prospective customers had easy access to a merchant was demanded. The more people passing and convenient access was in high demand and commanded high property value. Over time as the towns grew every business couldn't afford the cost of a prime main street location and the development of strip malls provided for a lower location cost.

Major shopping malls became in demand where they were anchored by large chain stores that could attract large numbers of buyers from expensive advertising. In the major shopping malls visibility became a large concern. The best locations where the most prospects passing by could command compensating rents and determined the choice of location placement for business managers.

Today, with the advent of massive online shopping, location is now being replaced by the need for traffic clicking on merchant's web sites. Today location in search engines to drive traffic to web sites is important and better placements is to the web page's advantage for traffic. Now the need is for traffic and "clicks" to expose the products and services.
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Sunday, January 26, 2020

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