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Friday, November 29, 2013

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Affiliates and Webmasters Keys to Making Money


Posted for webmasters, affiliate and joint venture online promotions.

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Not only can it save you hours of precious time, but it’s jam-packed full of real value that you can apply to your own business to save time and effort to maximize the results of your advertising.

Here’s the site:

Gone will be the need to surf from one site to another copying and pasting your ad campaigns, logging in and out of sites that you have saved to your favorites or even waiting while software submits your web site for you.

Max Viral Marketing was created specifically for the busy Marketer who wants to spend more time on other activities, while still promoting regularly.

Imagine having a broad range of up-to-date marketing methods and resources right at your fingertips, all integrated into the one, convenient web site whenever you need it?

Just take a look at the marketing tools you will have access to when you join. (There are just too many to detail here).


You can join as a Free member or as a Pro member, the Choice is yours. But Max Viral Marketing is very affordable and worthwhile joining as a Pro member. Especially when you consider how popular and in-demand services like these are -- and the residual commissions you can make in the future!

But we don’t just pay 40% commissions to our affiliates... We also reward our affiliates with advertising that they can use towards their promotions ON TOP of the cash.

If you market any product at all online, you really should join today and try out the amazing tools for yourself.

Join here now: http://www.maxviralmarketing.com/?hakeson

To your success,

Harvey Akeson

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As soon as a business web site is published the inclusion of the URL right along side the phone number is mandatory. A business should not list a phone number without listing a web site address right along side on all printed material.
Reprint right by permission: harvey@harveyakeson.com

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

MISSED-Get Off the Sidelines-Into the Profits

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Don't be stranded on the sidelines, or looking back crying that you missed again!
The next big real estate boom is rushing forward. 
You need to be preparing now for the real estate market recovery.  The time is ripe, don't look back and say I missed again, I could have been riding the wave of asset building.

Here is what economists and government authorities are saying:
"the housing recovery is broadening and durable"
"ten consecutive months of increasing prices"
"home prices to rise again this year and move even higher next year"
"housing underpinned the broader economy in 2012"
Looking forward your opportunity to join the real estate investment community has never been better.  A series of learning programs and first-hand case histories to follow step by step guides.
Questions you need to ask, to prepare for your venture into your personal real estate investment business.

  • Why most real estate investing "strategies" will keep you in the rat race forever!
  • Why most "investors" are doomed to failure and will never achieve real freedom
  • How to get out of the rat race and stop chasing "transactional" deals
  • How creating strategic "joint ventures" can let you build huge wealth with real estate
  • How to start acquiring rentals not only without banks, but without your own cash
  • The best ways to find deals in today's market
  • How to pick the best deals to go after
  • How to find all the money for deals you need

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    Monday, January 07, 2013

    Start a Business-Earn Income-Stay at Home

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    Are you thinking of starting your own business? The idea of starting your own business is an exciting proposition, but it can also pose many challenges. Entrepreneurship requires hard work, planning, organization and dedication. You have to be creative, independent, and willing to take risks. It also helps to have a strong support system or a business mentor. A business mentor is someone experienced in running a business and can provide insight and guidance. There are many aspects to starting a business and being well informed will insure that you are prepared to venture into entrepreneurship. The more prepared and organized you are while starting your business the more likely you are to be successful. Here are some steps to take while starting up your business.
    Make a business plan--
    Choose your business structure--
    Choosing the structure of your business will determine your legal and tax responsibilities and implications. There are many different types of business structures and it is important that you decide which structure will work best for your business plan. Types of business structures include sole proprietorships, limited liability company (LLC), partnership, corporations, and S Corporations. The most common form of business structure is sole proprietorship. Each structure has unique advantages and disadvantages.

    Filing and paying taxes--
    The first thing to establish when figuring out the proper method for paying taxes on your business is to determine whether it is a business or a hobby. There are unique requirements and advantages to being a business or a hobby. If it is decided that you have a business then you need to obtain a federal business tax id. Then you need to find out what your federal and state tax obligations are and when your tax year starts.

    You will go no where without visitors to your web sites.
    Traffic Means Visitors-Visitors are Customers-Customers Mean Profits TrafficAtTheRaces