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Saturday, December 22, 2012

United States Small Business Administration Money Making Tips

Thinking of Starting a Blog? Tips to Help You Start, Maintain & Grow a Small Business Blog!

The online social media revolution that has bought us Facebook and Twitter actually started back in the late 90's when the term "blog", short for "weblog", entered the lexicon. Since then the activity of blogging has exploded and it was in May 2005 that BusinessWeek proclaimed that *Blogs Will Change Your Business. They certainly have.

Why are blogs important for your business?

Blogs provide business owners with unprecedented ways of reaching and engaging with large audiences in a way that the traditional one-way information push of a company Web site could never do. Not only this, but blogs can help put a human face to your business while showcasing your knowledge and passion for your chosen field. For example, restaurant owners can share recipe secrets. Just about anyone from a landscaping business to an IT security company can share tips of the trade that connect them with their customer base. And unlike the static content of a business Web site, blogs are collaborative and invite comment - a great way to engage with and solicit feedback from your customers!

8 Tips for Keeping your Business Blog Current, Relevant and Fresh

If you really want to make an impact you have to keep your blog updated regularly to keep visitors interested.
READ MORE  from the United States SBA

Email Marketing to Expand your Business
Oke, you're online using the World Wide Web (the Internet) to promote and grow your business.  You are learning to use Email Marketing to market your products and services.  Email marketing is a core asset in any lead generation activity or campaign, even a good old email newsletter usually has one or more calls to action. But if you’re finding that your click-through rates are falling short, what can you do?  Here are:
8 Ways to Strengthen Your Email Marketing Offers and Calls to Action  READ MORE
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