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Friday, June 15, 2018

Don't be stuck at home without income.

U. S. Small Business Administration Money Making Tips

Thinking of Starting a Blog? 
Tips to Help You Start, Maintain & Grow a Small Business Blog!
The online social media revolution that has bought us Facebook and Twitter actually started back in the late 90's when the term "blog", short for "weblog", entered the lexicon. Since then the activity of blogging has exploded and it was in May 2005 that BusinessWeek proclaimed that *Blogs Will Change Your Business. They certainly have.

Why are blogs important for your business?
Blogs provide business owners with unprecedented ways of reaching and engaging with large audiences in a way that the traditional one-way information push of a company Web site could never do. Not only this, but blogs can help put a human face to your business while showcasing your knowledge and passion for your chosen field. For example, restaurant owners can share recipe secrets. Just about anyone from a landscaping business to an IT security company can share tips of the trade that connect them with their customer base. And unlike the static content of a business Web site, blogs are collaborative and invite comment - a great way to engage with and solicit feedback from your customers!

8 Tips for Keeping your Business Blog Current, Relevant and Fresh

If you really want to make an impact you have to keep your blog updated regularly to keep visitors interested.

READ MORE  from the United States Small Business Administration
Email Marketing to Expand your Business
Oke, you're online using the World Wide Web (the Internet) to promote and grow your business.  You are learning to use Email Marketing to market your products and services.  Email marketing is a core asset in any lead generation activity or campaign, even a good old email newsletter usually has one or more calls to action. But if you’re finding that your click-through rates are falling short, what can you do?  Here are:
8 Ways to Strengthen Your Email Marketing Offers and Calls to Action  READ MORE   U S SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

E-Commerce is a Contact Sport

Build Your Brand   Maximum Results w-free Banner Displays
"E-Commerce - is a CONTACT Sport, the more 
you CONTACT, the more you SCORE!"
This is important, in order for us to succeed, we must find "buyers" people willing to share the benefits of our extremely profitable online homebased business. AND...provide us with income for our efforts of bringing them to our products or services.

Our course of action is to go out and use the very best methods, invest in the greatest "rate of return" advertising and attempt to receive massive response for our promotional campaign by attracting an expanding audience of interested people willing to join to build their own stream of income or use our products.

APSense - 
Get paid while promoting your business for Free. 
The original business social network that pays you to promote your business.  
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First mistake... NOT having a system of follow up marketing pointers for sales effort. Do not waste advertising money with a "one shot does it all" and move on without making several attempts to sell Contacts. [Here is the need for some reason for the respondent to give a follow up contact number...e-mail address.  A free e-book or the like to capture the new prospect's e-mail address.]

A good auto response system set to make followup contact and deliver additional informational material is needed. Closing the sale and signing up the Contact is the name of the "game". Scoring is the result of relationship building efforts and keeping score is the number of Contacts that are willing to join your team or buy your products.

Second mistake... NOT making every effort to understand and enlist personal contact and build a personal relationship with each new contact.

Not just, "here is the sales pitch", but a first hand account of what a contact is looking for and what and how they can build together and receive all the benefits. It is the FOLLOW UP and relationship trust and business building with contacts that make the money.

Don't always expect everyone to find what is being promoted so spectacular they are willing to spend their money at first glance. If what is being offered is truly worth the marketing efforts and the followup information to enlist the purchase will need to be advanced for each prospect many times.

That means listing the benefits of your product or service and advancing bonus offers for the prospect acting immediately.  First make the Contact, develop them into a Prospect and direct them into becoming a Customer.

E-Mailing for Success  Constant Contact for Income TEST this for Results

Now more of the BATTLE begins!
Third mistake... NOT having marketing and follow up program, a winning sales agenda must be designed to build a series winning strategies to SCORE. That's the bottomline...making money, and building the income stream. In this case NEVER waste a precious newly found prospect! Time, money and effort has been spent, don't lose the sale. Equally important follow up and continued contact is just as important and necessary as the original "sales pitch".

This means asking for the order AGAIN and expand the need for the prospect to have the product or service being offered. Timing, opportunity, closing the contact is a talent....practice and follow up assures the best sales potentials are not lost.

Here is a PERFECT opportunity to make CONTACTS, build up some POINTS and expand. You will be able to SHARE some pointers on how to market and best sell online products and services. Follow up your experience with a great opportunity to make some new contacts and share important marketing and sales ideas.

All material herein © 2007-2018 "Harvey Akeson Tucson Calling"
Reprint right by permission: harvey@harveyakeson.com

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

You know the story, the Hare and the Tortoise

DISCLOSURE:  This series of articles are a reprint from Net LEARNING ACADEMY 
rebrandable E-Book Credit to ROBERT PUDDY  {Master E-Marketer, my story meeting 
Puddy in Glasgow, Scotland several years ago.   Joint Ventures Click here

Another PUDDY Online Money Maker

Salesmanship is the Hare, Content is the Tortoise –
And We Know Who Wins in the End
There’s an old story about the tortoise and the hare who challenged each other to a foot race.
At the starting line, the hare took off quick like a bullet. He looked back to see the tortoise moving 

along slow and steady, but way behind the hare. So the hare napped. Meanwhile, the tortoise 
slowly and steadily made his way to the finish line to win the race.
You can take away a great business lesson from this fable:  Slow and steady wins the race.
And since salesmanship is the hare and content is the tortoise, you know where to focus your efforts.
I've seen a lot of slick marketers come and go in this business in my ten years as a full-timer, 

but those who were in this business then and still are here now all share one thing in common:
Great content.    Think about it…
Example #1: You can sell anything with good marketing – once. A great sales letter can sell a 

mediocre ebook, a misleading report or even a downright ghastly video. But as soon as the 
customers discover the quality of the content, they’re out the door for good.
Some will refund, some won’t, but none of them will ever buy from the marketer again.
Example #2: You’ve probably also seen people use poor content – even “scraper content”  

to pull in traffic from the search engines.  Problem is, this content is written solely for the search 
engines, without any regard whatsoever for the end user.  So while the site might pull in traffic,
it’s NOT going to garner any repeat visitors.
Both of the above points are examples of short-term thinking.  But this sort of business model 
always leaves the marketer scrambling for new customers, trying to repair his reputation and 
chasing rather than attracting customers.
It’s exhausting – no wonder people who do this tend to eventually give up!  Listen, making 

money doesn’t have to be that hard.  Instead of relying solely on great salesmanship to make 
money, why not focus on a combination of great salesmanship AND great content? That way
your marketing and sales copy bring the customer into the door – and your great content keeps
them coming back again and again. 

The Easiest Way to Grow Your Business is to Keep Customers Happy
I can’t put it any more plain than this:  If you didn’t have any customers, your business would
cease to exist.  And that means one of the keys to building and growing a successful business
is to grow your list of satisfied customers.  Indeed, when you have satisfied customers, your
business grows because of the three R’s. Let me explain…
Repeats: Satisfied customers become repeat customers – and they usually make repeat 
purchases with escalating frequency and price points.  Example: The customer who’s satisfied 
with his $10 purchase will go on to buy your $50, $100, $500 items… and so on. As long as
he’s satisfied – and as long as your products keep meeting his needs – he’ll keep buying.
Referrals: Unhappy customers tell their friends to steer clear of you and your business. 
Fortunately, happy customers also tell their friends about your products or services.
Sometimes satisfied customers become active affiliates who promote your products via traditional 

means. These are folks who are marketers as well as customers.  At other times, your satisfied
customers simply become raving fans on forums, blogs, social networks and elsewhere.
Example: Other members of a forum might ask who has the best product in your niche, and
your raving fans will always answer those threads by naming you, naming your products and
even linking to your sales pages.

ROBERT PUDDY and JOSH ABBOTT Instant Banner Creators

Residuals: Finally, happy customers don’t just buy your products – they 
trust you enough to
join your membership sites and other continuity programs. They’ll join your highest priced
programs – maybe even personal coaching – and become “followers” who’re part of your inner circle.
It all seems pretty simple, right? But here’s the thing…Satisfying your customers isn’t just about
putting out quality products and overdelivering on expectations.  They’re important, yes. But they’re
NOT the only factors.  You also need to give your customers a good buying experience. In other
words, you need to provide great customer service.
You see, you can have the best products in the world, but you may only have a handful of happy 
customers if your customer service stinks.

Example #1: Maybe a customer purchases one of your items but is unable to download it. 
And when he emails you about it, you don’t get back to him for a week or two. Probably by this time
he’s so frustrated that he’s requested a refund.
Example #2: Or maybe you offer software but no support. Maybe you don’t even provide adequate 

installation and customization instructions. Even if your software is better than the competitors’ 
software, your customers are going to drift away and find someone who’s willing and able to show 
them how to make their purchase work.

Bottom line: Provide great products and a great buying experience, and your
customers will repay you tenfold through repeats, referrals and residuals.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Only if I could get traffic.

You will need the right tools to succeed.

Visibility is Vital to your 
Web Site and E-Commerce success.
Visibility-Boosting Tips
It is no secret!  
More Traffic-More Customers-More Profits

Use words relating to your product or service with
information and pictures on your web site.
Don't clutter your message make it clear and readable.
Link other sites to you, use Networking to feed you
traffic.  Use Titles and Hi-Lites....Color and illustrations
Avoid "sales talk" stress facts and benefits.

Don't expect visitors to find you, seek visitors and
take advantage of free options to bring traffic to
your web site.

Location, Location, Location has been replaced
by Traffic, Traffic, Traffic as the cry for the new

Main street with big show windows and huge neon
signs have given away to hits and visits by search
engines, banners, links, e-mails and just plain online
Check Click Here

Awesome Banner Exchange with New Traffic "Gathering" pulling visitors straight to your web sites.  Don't pass up this unique Banner Advertising. Totally need to look this over.  No Cost - No Obligation

E-Commerce and Bird-Dogs

Word of mouth advertising.
Getting others to put in a "good word". 

When seeking ways to expand and build your
Internet Business look close to home for leads.
Family, friends, acquaintances and business

These folks interested in your success are
your "Bird-Dogs", helping you hunt for increased
business.  Most people prefer to do business
with people they know, so why are you so
worried about asking those closest to you
for their business and referrals?

Just as important, don't be reluctant to ask
those closest to you about contacts they
know that would be interested in your business
or service.

Remember most people you personally 
know want to see you succeed so they 
will be glad to help you.

In order for your e-commerce business to be
successful you will need to build a pipeline of

Attending business networking groups, setting
up a table at meetings, or renting a booth a
festivals or swap meets or any place you can
meet with potential clients.

Networking and referrals from people you
know will lead to strategic sales and profits.
Make certain that you reward and thank
everyone who recommends you to others.

"Bird Dogs" or "Word of Mouth" advertising 
and promotion is the least expensive, fastest 
and is proven for results.

One of the most solid and productive networking
system you can use is AdlandPro. Best with
most active membership. Check it out,   click here.

All material herein © '2007-2018 
"Harvey Akeson Tucson Calling" 
Reprint right by permission: harvey@harveyakeson.com

Write articles to drive traffic to your sales 
sites.  All your time and effort spent getting 
your articles published will be rewarded 
as you spread your work through 
directories and blogs across the internet. 
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Friday, June 08, 2018

Finding Properties FOR SALE

There is an old saying in Real Estate,                              
"If you don't list, you don't last!"
Real Estate Investors...Real Estate Agents
You can't make MONEY from an EMPTY WAGON.

In this presentation the discussion is going to be finding properties that owners want to sell.  Sources of owners in various stages of wanting to "unload" their current property. Depending on the owners personal situation will determine
the terms and price of the property.

STOP!  First and foremost the door to success is labeled, 
open your "Sphere of Influence".  Do not start any new 
venture without calling on everyone you know to start 
pulling for you.  READ: Build your business.. click here

In this writing Agents and Investors are "LUMPED" together
simply because they both want to find the same thing, sellers
wishing to find buyers, either directly themselves or through
hiring an agent.  They maybe looking for different things, but
it boils down to where to find sellers with properties for sale.

Investors should have a good working relationship with several
agents who will contact them when they find an investment
grade property.  Investors also need to appreciate the agent's
"job" and what goes into earning their commissions.

Many agents and investors are looking for "desperate" sellers
willing to make the price and terms so advantageous to the
prospective buyer they can't refuse to buy.

When reading advertising on properties for sale, you often
will see, "Motivated Sellers".  That is to plant the notion the
seller is willing to sacrifice the price for a quick sale.

Reasons for accepting a discount in the sales price.

The reason behind the owner wanting to sell their property
is important in giving the prospective buyer leverage in
negotiating the price and terms.  The property doesn't
always have to be in distress, but an owner in crisis
makes for softer negotiations.

Such things as Divorce forcing the split of equity, job transfers,
out of town owners, death and a sale to settle an estate with
heirs anxious for their share of the probate proceeds.  Financial
problems, loss of a job, falling behind on the mortgage payments
all leading to a "forced" sale and conditions ripe for a huge
reduction in price.

Real estate agents realize such sellers will be flexible and
willing to be realistic when offering their properties for sale.
Investors need such seller's motivations to basically offer the
investor financial margins to allow for them to make a profit.

The Investor really has an upper hand when talking to the
seller.  Time...go to immediate close no marketing time.
Reduced costs of selling, no commission and very limited
sales costs should work in the Investor's favor.

Investors of course are looking for those sellers in "crisis" to make
their offers low enough to eventually pocket a profit for themselves.
Understand this basic fact, owners can change price and terms,
however two additional factors will determine the value of any

"Location and Condition"

No one would consider buying a property in a poor location without
figuring that into the value, nor would anyone buy a property in
need of fixing up without estimating the costs involved in
rehabilitation.  Investors need to be watchful of zoning and
building codes as well in calculating the value, and purchase price.

Investors are interesting in purchase agreements and the terms
and conditions of the "buy".  Real Estate Agents are interested
in putting properties under contact, "listing agreement".

The Listing Agreement protects the agent when they produce a
buyer for the property.  There are different types of listing agreements
each having a place in the real estate transaction.
{You can search out definitions of types of listing agreements.  I
am only offering three and going into detail on one.  "EXCLUSIVE"
because that is the common agreement form most agents are

1) Open Listing; Agent brings a satisfactory purchase contract and
gets paid. owner reserves the right to sell without paying a commission
and may grant several agents the right to sell and earn a commission.

2) Exclusive Agency Listing; The owner reserves the right to sell
the property without paying a commission.  It allows the agent
protection on a sales commission and authority to work with other
agents as the sole agency acting in the sellers behalf.

3) Exclusive Right-to-Sell Listing.
An exclusive right-to-sell listing is the most commonly utilized instrument.
It gives the broker the exclusive right to earn a commission by representing
the owner and bringing a buyer, either through another brokerage or directly.
The owner pays both the listing and selling broker fees. The owner cannot
sell the property without paying a commission, unless an exception is noted
in the contract.  This protects the real estate agent and allows the real
estate brokerage to spend money marketing the home and usually provides
for the property to be listed and sold through Multiple Listing Service. {MLS}

Many Sources of Properties For Sale

As you review this article, the one constant on your mind, where will I find
properties for sale?  You are going to make contacts with some real estate
agents for leads, advice and assistance.  You will find additional sources and
important investor tips and information at a number of other sources.

Check them out not just for investment opportunities but for training and
use agents to learn your local real estate markets.

Whether you're looking to purchase your first rental property or you're 
an experienced investor, a Fannie Mae-owned home can be a good 
investment opportunity. They have all types of homes available… from 
those needing light or moderate renovations to fixer-uppers. And they
include different ways to purchase.

It is free to sign up, search out for property leads and study for learning
your local real estate market. The web site is: 
HOMEPATH-Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) 

Real Estate Agents, one of the greatest sources of prospective listings
and finding owners that want to sell their properties are online advertising
classified sites.  This is where owners list their properties for sale or rent.
Owners have many reasons for wanting to sell their homes
and not all of them have the idea they can save paying a commission.
Agents need to follow up on these ads, owners soon come to realize
finding a buyer and putting their property under purchase contract is
not as simple as sometimes first thought.

Investors also need to follow up on these ads, contact the owners, see if
they are begging for someone like you to come in and solve their "problem".

**THIS IS IMPORTANT-Use the classified ads to advertise for listings.

Agents use Open Houses to try to find buyers and not all open house
visitors are tire kickers.  Over a period of time holding open houses on a
regular basis you are going to meet the same shoppers still looking, tire kickers.
At the same time you are finding sincere anxious folks looking for their
next home.
THIS IS GOLD and the reason holding open houses on a regular basis will add
many dollars to your bank account.  Finding buyers, people who will eventually
buy a house from you visiting your open house.  Do not to be pushy, but as you
allow them to take a tour of your open house determine their status.

Are they local and perhaps already have home..will they need to sell it before
they can buy?  Possible Listing  Maybe it's already listed, have a sale pending
or afraid they won't be able to find their dream home and be tied down with
a rental until they can move into their next home.  Here is an opportunity for
a listing by explaining how you can solve their problem.

On the other hand, you may have a new comer to town, a transfer from out
of town, or retiree fresh on the local market.  MORE GOLD!  Qualify them
and let them know as a BUYER'S Representative you will search high and low
for what they are seeking in their next home.  Assure them that you have the
total resources of the market to assist them and that you will ADVERTISE 
in the classifieds for what they are looking for in a property to purchase.

INVESTORS you will be advertising for homes to buy, check this out. In
addition to your bandit signs, "cash buyer for houses any condition",
"bird dogs", friends and family, use classified ads.

**Sample Classified Ad:  

Desperately {eagerly} searching for 3 bedroom, 2 bath 
home for recently transferred Denver couple with one high school and 
one grade school child.  Prefer Ritz School area up to $250,000 all 
cash to seller.  Call me, Charlie Homeseller, Best Realty  213-212-1212.


Local Investor just finished and sold property on Rehab Avenue now 
prepared to pay All Cash for Quick Sale on investment grade houses, land 
or fix up properties.  Deal direct, no commissions call Mary Investor, 

Agents spend thousands of dollars advertising houses for sale, but very little to
find listings.  When advertising you are going to turn up some homes already
listed with another agent, take the information and let the seller know you will
contact their agent for more information...DO IT!  Remember one of the
sources of listings will be expired MLS listings and other expired listings.

Show their home if possible and send them a "thank you" note, remember not
to mail them a listing pitch, just compliment them on their home and assure them
you will keep it on the top of your list of homes to show your prospective buyers.

Another better known and much used classified advertising option is
CRAIGSLIST.  Private parties are turning to this online publication to drum
up buyers and sellers for almost every item and service available in the open
market.  CRAIGSLIST consists of a  classified advertisement website with 
sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, for sale, items wanted, services, communitygigsrésumés, and discussion forums.

**Agents and Investors watch these classified advertising sites check all
related subjects.  While looking for properties for sale do not overlook rentals
and other real estate especially vacant land offerings.  Follow up on the ads
and contact the owners for possible appointments and fact finding.

Vacant land offers many great opportunities for agents and investors do not
overlook them in the classified land ads.  Recreational land, commercial and
industrial land as well as building sites and acreage.  A great place to follow
prime land offerings.   LANDWATCH

More links, reading and research options for agents and investors wishing
to make money, demands all the background and knowledge available.
Listed here are web sites with affiliate links, where compensation maybe
paid for directing potential customers.  Check them out, the information
is free, you'll know if you are signing up for any cost sources.

Real Estate 1     Real Estate Finance-Leverage      Real Estate 3

Real Estate Investing 1     Real Estate Investing 2

NO REAL ESTATE AGENT OR INVESTOR intending to succeed can
proceed without the knowledge and services offered by ZILLOW!

Zillow is the leading real estate and rental marketplace dedicated to
empowering consumers with data, inspiration and knowledge around
the place they call home, and connecting them with the best local
professionals who can help.
Zillow serves the full lifecycle of owning and living in a home: buying,
selling, renting, financing, remodeling and more. It starts with Zillow's
living database of more than 110 million U.S. homes - including homes
for sale, homes for rent and homes not currently on the market, as well
as Zestimate home values, Rent Zestimates and other home-related
information. Zillow operates the most popular suite of mobile real
estate apps, with more than two dozen apps across all major platforms.
TEST and LEARN -- ZILLOW offers SO MUCH!  Click here

Trulia, is a mobile and online real estate resource that makes finding a home easy 
and enjoyable by providing home buyers, renters, and sellers the insights they 
need to make informed decisions about where to live.

Trulia offers updates on new homes and rentals that hit the market, data on 
affordability and home price history, and insights on what it’s really like to live 
in a neighborhood.

Trulia connects users with agents, property managers, and mortgage lenders to offer solutions and professional guidance throughout every step of the home search.
Trulia is a fully owned subsidiary of the Zillow Group.   Connect Click Here
FHA insures mortgages on single family and multifamily homes including manufactured homes.  Properties reclaimed and placed on the market
with local real estate agents many times offer properties of interest 
to investors.  More information
Agents and Investors sharing the information often find they are on the
same side of the coin in earning money from Real Estate, if nothing else one
important lesson to be learned and considered are the four factors in making
up real estate values.

Four important considerations to be learned of where, when and how
to succeed in making money in real estate.  Learn what makes up real estate
values and will determine the final successful transaction.

PRICE          Prices can be adjusted.
TERMS         Terms can be negotiated.
CONDITION   Conditions can be repaired or upgraded.
LOCATION   The property location is permanent, make certain the 
                   location corresponds to the value set on the property.


Agents and Investors need to establish direct mail campaigns.

One of the best ways to directly contact prospects for initial
interviews and introduce interest in properties for sale would be
to start a program of direct mail.

Absentee Owners can be identified by Court House tax records,
are the tax bills sent to out of town addresses or other than the
address of the subject property?

Probate listings or pre-foreclosures, notices of foreclosures,
bankruptcy or divorces are potential sellers of property.  Birth notices,
congratulations are in order and by the way will the new parents,
now going to be in the market for a larger home with the need
to sell their current residence?

Real Estate Agents quite often draw out an area they wish to
concentrate their efforts.  Such "FARMS" are cultivated and
adopted for special long term attention.

An additional project which would put you ahead of other
real estate agents is to create a FACEBOOK or the like page.
Put items of interest to that area, publish the Facebook URL
on your business card and post it in your mailings. Take pictures
of homes you have for sale or sold in the area.

You Tube has the power of video..."a picture is worth a thousand
words".   Build a You Tube presence for your FARM
Check this out, secrets of video.

Agents can use "Bulk Rate" postage and save money.  Mailings
to introduce themselves, notify of new listings in the area with
special "open houses" for the neighbors.  Special viewing of my
new listing in your area, visit and relay the information to family,
friends, fellow employees and "pick your new neighbor".

Many times a purchaser of a new listing is often a friend of someone 
in the community. Simply ask, do you know of anyone looking to buy 
or sell real estate in the near future?  Invite the neighbors to your open
houses, they will be good "watch dogs" if someone happens to be
looking at the house later.  Make sure they have your cards.

Use direct mail to announce sales, and solicit information on
other properties in the area that might be available for sale.
{Not necessarily your home but others you may have heard

In using direct mail narrow the area down to one postal
carrier's route and save even more postage money.
The Post Office has introduced "every door direct mail"
where there is no need for address labels or purchasing mailing
lists.  You just deliver your mailing piece to the local post
office designating a particular postal carrier's route saving
around 10 cents per piece and it will be delivered to every mail
box on the route. {.10 x 500=$50 probably pay for the printing.}

Investors can do solicitations by direct mail, maybe concentrating
on areas where there seem to be a large turn over of homes.


The Agent or Investor will find plenty of tasks for enlisting an
assistant.  **Careful most real estate licensing laws limit actual
transacting real estate business by state licensed professionals.
However, the use of assistants will preserve the Agent or even
the Investor's time to those important personal contacts of buying,
selling, listing, working with contractors or negotiating with
buyers or sellers.

Outsourcing to an assistant every other time consuming task
will allow spreading the necessary work load.  Tasks such as
checking records, putting up signs, mailings, confirming
appointments, various office type duties can be undertaken
by a trained assistant.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

E-MAIL   Subject:  Blog on Finding Properties For Sale

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Master homebased earnings...set up web sites for local businesses.

Electronic Commerce to Expand the Smallest Business

Home Profits with Web Site Building for Local Merchants
Set your home business building web sites local merchants and professionals in your area. A business without a web site is like a stool without legs.

Most merchants and professionals don't have the time or the expertise to build and promote their own web sites. You can build a cash business working from your home building and promoting web sites for businesses in your community.

The Internet Economy is a perfect match for even the smallest Mom and Pop Operation. Mom's "housing cleaning business" will enjoy the benefits from a web site presence. Every small business can afford a 24 hour 7 day a week open sign for their business using a personal web site.

Selling your service as a web site manager is easy. Show you prospective client how their customers can place orders, pay invoices, make appointments or communicate special needs or requests with a web site you can build for them. Explain how customers can leave leads for additional new business and how they can follow up and respond during the next business day.

*****Remind them to always ask their customers for referrals at the same time they e-mailed a thank you to their customer. Wow, just point out to your client how they can follow up on this business or contact later at little or NO EXTRA COST! This way when they follow up they can promote a cross sale or up sale item. Point out it is an excellent time not only to show their appreciation of the business but a great opportunity to seek a referral from the customer of friends and family that can use their merchandise or service.*****

A very important feature of the Internet for business is the removal of an endless number of limits.

No more limited hours,their web site is available 24/7, no more geographic or area limits, their web site is now on the world wide web. The web site is a low cost direct communication allowing quick time response. Within minutes they can post the most up to date and fresh pricing remaining competitive at all times.

It is a definite fact of life, growing businesses are growing and expanding faster using the Internet to promote their products and services. An Internet connected business can respond to opportunities quicker and enjoy increased business agility. A customer online from another city is doing business with you and they really don't know if you are a in a ten story building or your basement office. No need to pay for an expensive location using a well managed Internet connection.

The obvious benefits of Internet business such as improved customer access, enhanced response time coupled with the golden opportunity for building a solid customer relationship are more than enough reason for every business to have a web site. Providing quick and low cost customer information will help build customer retention that is so necessary for businesses to survive today.

Any merchant will be leveraging lower overhead, time-to-market and almost instant communication that is provided the Internet. Just point out how easy it will be to do business with a web site. The fact is an Internet connected business becomes extra competitive and more profitable.

Additionally the business with a web site offers prestige and standing in the eyes of the customers. A good impression of modern business practices builds esteem. A location on the Internet provides worldwide circulation of products and services. More think of the expanded geographical presence extending the prospect base without any additional cost.

Lay open this thought, the next generation of a home based business almost untouched is for people to offer small and busy business owners instant Internet presence. A functional web site can be published in a day. Necessary web site improvements and updates will provide you with a solid income stream. Your home business servicing a number of business clients on a monthly contract will eventually lead you to some serious income without a great deal of expense.

You will be able to stay home and make money. Enjoy life, spend more time with your family and friends while you become financially secure. You are the master of your own market. You have found a way to build with your own unique talent a real solid family sized income from your computer at home.

The most important advertising or promotion of a business web site costs NOTHING.
Yet is possibly the very best way to bring people to a business web page is EVERYWHERE the business phone number is listed right next to it include the web page URL. Make it a mandatory part of every printed receipt or order form. No business should list a phone number without listing the web site address right along side.

Newspaper ads, telephone books, business cards, physical location signage, mailings, invoices, receipts every piece of paper listing the business name and phone number need the web site address prominently included. In fact special promotional efforts should be directed just to announcing the business web site and extra service available online as a new and unique feature of the business.

Reviewing expectations for the new Internet presence we know the purpose is to build brand recognition, announce special sales, present new offerings, acquire new costumers, retain existing customers and with the additional opportunity of reaching beyond just the local area build profits and make more money for a business.

Building "web sites" is an exciting, interesting and enjoyable work right from home. You will find additional income and profits for a local business giving you a cash reward for you efforts. You have also hit on an additional source of income. Once you get the web site up and running, set up the merchant or professional with a advertising campaign. Learn the best cost effective online advertising to share with your client. Build your business client a customer retention program with e-mails and newsletters.

Read Earlier Posting  "Web Site Building for Local Merchants"
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All material herein © '2006-2018  Harvey Akeson
Reprint right by permission: harvey@harveyakeson.com

Monday, June 04, 2018

You paid for them, hold your leads.

Hold your best leads...you paid for them.

Just as families have "relations", relatives, so do successful e-commerce businesses. It is those marketing relationships that will explode your business and guide you to increasing your income online. 

It does not matter what business or online activity you are engaged, your best marketing and most attentive audience will be with the people you have build solid relationships and satisfactory business dealings.

Just as every profitable business require customer and client referrals to build, and just as every sales person needs "birddogs" or people pointing to their wares, so do you need, if you are to succeed with your e-commerce business the connections of lots of effective bridges to others. 

Enlisting business partners or buyers is a crucial part of running your business. In business and professions it is often called "networking", online I prefer to think of it as relationship marketing. You can only increase the effectiveness of your programs and projects by having a "built in" market for your efforts. Networking gives you connections, relationship marketing builds you ready customers and affiliates to continue your marketing enterprise. 

Joint ventures for solid, detailed business operations and projects are more of a contractual relationship. Marketing relationships are built on trust with past confidence and success. Succeeding with building your data base with contacts and filling your portfolio or storage folder with solid marketing relations will translate into higher profits.
Take care of those marketing relationships, continue to build networking connections and keep your birddogs full of thanks and rewards...this will keep your bank account bursting with deposits.

Network marketing REALLY is - relationships, mentoring, target marketing. It's not just the recruiting and selling that so many people teach. 

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Saturday, June 02, 2018

FACT: Best Business Advertising-Word of Mouth!

Word of mouth advertising. 
Getting others to put in a "good word".
It's a known fact. Local Business can live and thrive on word of mouth advertising. Friends, relatives and current customers beat out all forms of paid or free (social media) advertising.

Foremost in seeking ways to expand and build your business look close to home for leads. That of course means family, friends, acquaintances, yes, even suppliers and other business associates.

These folks are interested in your success and are your "Bird-Dogs", helping you hunt for increased business. Most people prefer to do business with people they know, so why are you so worried about asking those closest to you for their business and referrals? It's a natural, enlist them in actively promoting your business.

Don't be reluctant to ask those closest to you about contacts they know that would be interested in your business or service. Remember, most people you personally know want to see you succeed so they will be glad to help you.

Successful business people join local service clubs and organizations to network, spread the word about their business or service and find new customers. No matter what you have to sell, let's face it no matter what business you are engaged in, you're selling. You can be a dentist, accountant or hardware store owner you need traffic through your door to make money.

Attending business networking groups, setting up a table at meetings, or renting a booth at festivals, swap meets or any place you can meet with potential clients offers the opportunity to expand your business.

Networking and referrals will lead to sales and profits.

Make certain you reward your "Bird Dogs" and thank everyone who recommends you and your business to others.

"Bird Dogs" or "Word of Mouth" advertising and promotion is the least expensive, fastest and is proven for results.

But wait, my business is on the internet it is e-commerce. My door is my computer and the internet. In order for your e-commerce business to be successful you need to build a pipeline of contacts. First off, take advantage of every opportunity to ask for the business and build a solid connection.

*****Remember to ask your customer for referrals at the same time you e-mailed a thank you for their business. This way when you follow up with a cross sale or up sale item you can again remind them of your appreciation of their business and need for their referral to friends and family.*****
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Friday, June 01, 2018

Important Overlooked Traffic Source - Search Engines

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The extra step so many new web site marketers overlook that puts their offerings on the back burner are not listing in "SEARCH ENGINES".

Today when someone wants to find a resource, history, information the first thing they do is type in the information or connection they are looking for and "search".

If your website, blog, product or service are not listed you automatically lose the possibility of being found.  That business goes goodbye for good!

Getting listed by search engines can be free, higher priority with a lot less effort meaning WORK.. you can buy placement assistance. The cost varies depending on the services requested probably well worth it considering experience and time necessary.
Free Search Engine Submission
Today searching for a Hotel, Job, Travel, nearest specialty restaurant  people are developing
knack for searching...NOT THE YELLOW PAGES but a much wider and much broader 
source of information.  {Revisit my thoughts on Yellow Pages. {Click here}

Google, Yahoo, Bing to name a couple of the giants are where people turn to for hurry up information.  Not being listed in search engines limits your audience of customers.

Just as we have outlined creating a home business offering your skills in setting up web sites for local business and professionals, {Click here to review} so are the opportunities to help advance their income potentials by being listed in search engines. 

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Writing about turning your spare time into money making time take note of this.
One of the most popular and most read A1 Profit Maker blog posts explored the promotion, advertising of your income ventures.  From the corner merchant, local dentist or internet capitalist, you need to know the basics of keeping your income on a roll.

The article that is way far above all else in attracting "hits" readers was about free advertising and promotion.   See what you think, click here. 

Reminder:  We are always looking to the future..and that's not bad.
Here is the exception.  Over a period of time we post a large number of links and move on to our next chapter.  My very best tip...go BACK and test them make sure they are updated and WORKING.  Stop wasting good points and hard work not double checking our past work.

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