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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Your Cup Runs Over A to Z Real Estate Investing


Your FREE real estate investing software. 

This is unlike anything you have seen and will totally take your investing to a whole new level!

What can this free software help you do? 

Well for starters:
Calculate offers on any deal to make sure you NEVER overpay.
Quickly figure out if a deal is worth doing.
Market and Sell your wholesale deals quickly and for more money!
Get Funding from Private Money and Hard Money Lenders
And much much more
Get started absolutely free here Enjoy!

Harvey Akeson, Tucson, Arizona

P.S. This free software works great if you are a wholesaler, rehabber, buy/hold investor
or even an agent! But it won’t be free for long – so go now!



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Monday, June 18, 2018


YOU have seen it, FREE..FREE..
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Shop, save and earn rewardsTAKE A LOOK

Earn Up To $357 a Day
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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Real Estate Investing Without the RISKS

How to make money on real estate investing without ever leaving home.

!!It is important that you read this page before you proceed forward. 
Click Here    ===    "Home Income Projects"

!!This is not some phony come on scheme to pick your pocket and empty your wallet of already limited funds.  What is suggested is a REAL INCOME PROGRAM that can set you up to earn THOUSANDS of Dollars.

A career offering you huge opportunities.  I will share with you tactics and systems to advance you and guide you along the path to making an outrageous amount of income....beyond belief from your work station right at home.  Your contribution is LEARNING to EARN!

YOU WILL NOT BE ASKED FOR ONE PENNY...Your success depends on spending the time to study what I have shared and will be offering in this "How to get started" chapter you have in front of you.

In the above lesson assignment, Home Income Projects, there were links to additional training, background and basics.  You need to follow each of those links, read and study them because they set the stage for getting started and actually putting a plan into action to making money at home.

You have seen signs and advertising, "We Buy Homes Any Condition for CASH!"
These are the risk takers desperately searching for their next investment.  
Really that is the difficult part, finding those properties, houses that offer the opportunity to turn them for profit.


The various aspects of real estate investment have been outlined for you, some investors are looking for "run-down" houses, others are making big dollars turning vacant land.  Vacant land, investors have no hidden electrical or plumping problems, no under estimating rehab costs.  Just be aware not every investor is looking for heavy labor intensive properties, such as fix up houses.

To begin, think in terms of the investor taking on the investment and ending up with $30,000-$40,000-$50,000 or more from the final closing.  Even a wholesaler expects to quickly turn over a property walking away from the closing table with $6,000-$10,000 or here again MORE.

So when I say don't sell your services short, minimum "finders fee" $1000 cash on contract signing to purchase.  Possibly more, remember you are a "bird dog" hunting, locating, pointing and NOTHING MORE!  Identify, NO NEGOTIATING, no haggling, let the investor find the bargain price.  It is his/her risk, the investor must calculate costs and profits and make the offer to buy.

If you read all the materials suggested you saw another opportunity, selling investors software and programs to estimate their risks.  Sign up to be an affiliate.  So along the way doing your job finding investment grade properties you will need to locate and build relationships with real estate investors and have the opportunity to offer them analysis programs.  Sign up now,   ===  As an "AFFILIATE" you will be on your path to making money soon.

Your job is going to be locating distress/under utilized/"unloved" properties, or distressed sellers, transfers, out of town owners.  During the period of time recently people rented their properties when the prices were down and their mortgages did not allow them enough margin to to sell.  Now their equities have grown, thanks to their tenant's rent payments and they are back on their feet ready to sell for cash without all the heavy costs of selling.

Properties left due to deaths and the need to settle estates, divorces, abandoned and beat-up properties.  Real estate agents already have a list of investors so their motivated sellers won't do you much good.  You will need to establish your own niche.  Selling to your investor actually eliminates the heavy cost of selling for the property owner and gets it over fast without the hassle of marketing.

The first thing you want to do is notify everyone you know, your sphere of influence, family, friends, acquaintances to keep an eye out for vacant properties, people desperate to sell and wanting to move on quickly.  Let them know you are working with real estate investors and that it is your job finding them properties to buy.  Notice I said notify...not just mention it in passing.  Make a real effort to let them know, maybe even have some business cards made up with your name and phone number.  Keep on top of enlisting others to help you.  REMEMBER you are not a real estate agent which requires a license, you are simply an associate of the investors referring what you find to them.
➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤ Additional sources of leads, rentals and 
property for sale, 
ZELLOW- www.zillow.com, CRAIGSLISTwww.craigslist.org 
LAND WATCH www.landwatch.com , vacant land,   
HUD Repos - www.hudhomestore.com

Often overlooked source of leads on properties for sale..."BIRD DOGS"
Wait, forgot one of the most important sources of possible investment property leads. Your "bird dogs", friends and family members interested in your success or at least what you're doing these days.  Let the people around you know you are looking for something reasonable in price and terms to buy to fix up to sell or hold on to for a little rental income. No need to go into a lot of financial details, just let them know about your stepping out into a new venture and let them work for you.  If someone happens to land you that "right property".  "The lady around the corner who lost her husband and wants to move closer to her son."  
Remember a generous thank you reward that they can point to with pride will introduce you to a lot more "bird dogs" and repay you with more leads.  
WAIT--Before taking off looking for that bargain basement property with a desperate seller you will be limiting your success without the important ingredient of all real estate investments, money!  Right now, click here for funds for real estate investing.

Back to bird dogs, trackers, finders, helpers in seeking properties to buy for investment.

These will expose you to properties for sale, what you need to do is find out the seller's motivations for selling.  "How bad do they want to sell."   If the property is for rent find out if the property might be for sale, also ask if the seller is an investor.   Collect your list of investors from those ads, ask if they are looking for more investment properties and let them know if you come across something you will forward it to them for a "finders fee".  

You have leads on where to look for properties and where to look for investors.
Keep your eye out for vacant properties and properties with hidden potentials.  

Several years back I was sitting in my office and a friend of mine another real estate broker stopped by telling me about just listing a piece of property for sale.
It wasn't far from my office, 5 acres with a vacant house.  He felt it was really an excellent price but the house need some fixing up so he was going to have find a buyer who wanted a home with some land and willing to do repairs.

As we talked I became interested and we ran over to take a quick look.  I bought the property, we, really my wife went in and quickly put the house in shape to sell fast and it did.  At the same time I had a surveyor come in to split the house and a lot off from the remaining 5 acres to sell as individual building sites.  

I had the surveyor split up the balance of the acreage into lots for building single family homes.   I had to file the "subdivision" with the county and get approval by the state real estate department but with all that work done I sold the now raw subdivision to a builder for cash and walked away with nice sum for my effort.
Since the house was split off from the rest of the property and was free and clear, my wife walked off with a nice profit for her work also, it went into our joint bank account.    The money came in handy when our taxes came due the following year.   

Story here, another place to look for your investors is older houses on big lots that can be split off.  When the owner goes to sell, buyers are happy to have all the extra land but seldom willing to pay a retail price for it.  Here the owners can pick up a little extra cash and the investor will do all the work.

Another way I can suggest finding investment grade property is in a transition area.  Where apartments, multi-family homes or commercial building is happening.  Lots or run-down cheap houses that can be purchased and the property eligible for a zoning change allowing for much higher use and added value.  Infill lots are good targets for investment.

Credit Unions or community banks could be a source of properties, however they have the advantage of direct dealing with investors who may be customers using them for financing.  

As you go along work on building relationships and over time people will know your access to cash buyers and present you with leads.   

Caution do not give your services away, make certain you are properly paid for your work.  Go back now with this additional knowledge and check out, Home Income Projects and all the links with a new eye toward making money partnering with real estate investors.

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Keys to "Traffic" for your Business

It is the traffic, visitors to your web sites that make you steady and solid income.

Advertising and Promoting your Business
Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with customers. It’s cost effective and, if done properly, can help build brand awareness and loyalty. At a typical cost of only a few cents per message, email marketing is quite a bargain in terms of price and time when compared to direct mail. In addition, response rates on email marketing are strong, ranging from five to 35 percent, depending on the industry and format. Response rates for traditional mail average much lower, barely cracking the three percent mark.
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Upgraded Members will be able to track:

+ Amount of Impressions and Clicks
+ Date of Visit
+ Referring page of Impressions and Clicks
+ Referring Website of Impressions and Clicks
+ Per Referring website Impressions - Clicks count

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Don't be stuck at home without income.

U. S. Small Business Administration Money Making Tips

Thinking of Starting a Blog? 
Tips to Help You Start, Maintain & Grow a Small Business Blog!
The online social media revolution that has bought us Facebook and Twitter actually started back in the late 90's when the term "blog", short for "weblog", entered the lexicon. Since then the activity of blogging has exploded and it was in May 2005 that BusinessWeek proclaimed that *Blogs Will Change Your Business. They certainly have.

Why are blogs important for your business?
Blogs provide business owners with unprecedented ways of reaching and engaging with large audiences in a way that the traditional one-way information push of a company Web site could never do. Not only this, but blogs can help put a human face to your business while showcasing your knowledge and passion for your chosen field. For example, restaurant owners can share recipe secrets. Just about anyone from a landscaping business to an IT security company can share tips of the trade that connect them with their customer base. And unlike the static content of a business Web site, blogs are collaborative and invite comment - a great way to engage with and solicit feedback from your customers!

8 Tips for Keeping your Business Blog Current, Relevant and Fresh

If you really want to make an impact you have to keep your blog updated regularly to keep visitors interested.

READ MORE  from the United States Small Business Administration
Email Marketing to Expand your Business
Oke, you're online using the World Wide Web (the Internet) to promote and grow your business.  You are learning to use Email Marketing to market your products and services.  Email marketing is a core asset in any lead generation activity or campaign, even a good old email newsletter usually has one or more calls to action. But if you’re finding that your click-through rates are falling short, what can you do?  Here are:
8 Ways to Strengthen Your Email Marketing Offers and Calls to Action  READ MORE   U S SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Neglected.. Best Money Maker-Business Builder

Looking for unique Home Base Income Opportunity?
Something Totally Different - Interesting - Fun
This is it!  Work from Home, at your pace!
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E-Commerce and Bird-Dogs   <==Neglect No More!
Word of mouth advertising.
Getting others to put in a "good word".

It's a known fact.  Local Business can live and thrive on word of mouth advertising.  Friends, relatives and current customers beat out all forms of paid or free (social media) advertising.

Foremost in seeking ways to expand and build your business look close to home for leads.  That of course means family, friends, acquaintances, yes, even suppliers and other business associates.

These folks are interested in your success and are your "Bird-Dogs", helping you hunt for increased business.  Most people prefer to do business with people they know, so why are you so worried about asking those closest to you for their business and referrals?  It's a natural,  enlist them in actively promoting your business.

Don't be reluctant to ask those closest to you about contacts they know that would be interested in your business or service.  Remember, most people you personally know want to see you succeed so they will be glad to help you.

Successful business people join local service clubs and organizations to network, spread the word about their business or service and find new customers.  No matter what you have to sell, let's face it no matter what business you are engaged in, you're selling.  You can be a dentist, accountant or hardware store owner you need traffic through your door to make money. 

Attending business networking groups, setting up a table at meetings, or renting a booth at festivals, swap meets or any place you can meet with potential clients offers the opportunity to expand your business.

Networking and referrals will lead to sales and profits.  Make certain you reward your "Bird Dogs" and thank everyone who recommends you and your business to others.

"Bird Dogs" or "Word of Mouth" advertising and promotion is the least expensive, fastest and is proven for results.

But wait, my business is on the internet it is e-commerce.  My door is my computer and the internet.  In order for your e-commerce business to be successful you need to build a pipeline of contacts.  First off, take advantage of every opportunity to ask for the business and build a solid connection. 

*****Remember to ask your customer for referrals at the same time you e-mailed a thank you for their business. This way when you follow up with a cross sale or up sale item you can again remind them of your appreciation of their business and need for their referral to friends and family.*****

Networking Marketing is based on Word of Mouth Advertising, direct contact with customers and at very little cost until the order is filled. Success and income is payment for taking and filling the orders.  Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing business is building personal contacts and putting together a sales team. They become sales agents taking orders and spreading the word about the business.

These folks, sub-agents, are referred to as a "downline" and use the tactics they are taught to bring in sales under the marketing plan they have been trained to use. They are shown how to duplicate proven successful efforts that will earn them and their sponsors an ongoing income.

It is up to their sponsor through consistent contact, to encourage and train their recruits as they build and help others build. The group's income will grow as it expands, however, make certain not to make rosy promises or overstate the potential results or things will fall flat and failure will follow.

Negative "word of mouth" advertising can be devastating.

Network Marketing is just chaining together Word of Mouth advertising. Building links one person at a time.

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The extra step so many new web site marketers overlook that puts their offerings on the back burner are not listing in "SEARCH ENGINES".

Today when someone wants to find a resource, history, information the first thing they do is type in the information or connection they are looking for and "search".

If your website, blog, product or service are not listed you automatically lose the possibility of being found.  That business goes goodbye for good!

Getting listed by search engines can be free, higher priority with a lot less effort..WORK..cost various amounts depending on the services requested.

Free Search Engine Submission
A place to start...Test the search engines for FREE.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

E-Commerce is a Contact Sport

Build Your Brand   Maximum Results w-free Banner Displays
"E-Commerce - is a CONTACT Sport, the more 
you CONTACT, the more you SCORE!"
This is important, in order for us to succeed, we must find "buyers" people willing to share the benefits of our extremely profitable online homebased business. AND...provide us with income for our efforts of bringing them to our products or services.

Our course of action is to go out and use the very best methods, invest in the greatest "rate of return" advertising and attempt to receive massive response for our promotional campaign by attracting an expanding audience of interested people willing to join to build their own stream of income or use our products.

APSense - 
Get paid while promoting your business for Free. 
The original business social network that pays you to promote your business.  
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First mistake... NOT having a system of follow up marketing pointers for sales effort. Do not waste advertising money with a "one shot does it all" and move on without making several attempts to sell Contacts. [Here is the need for some reason for the respondent to give a follow up contact number...e-mail address.  A free e-book or the like to capture the new prospect's e-mail address.]

A good auto response system set to make followup contact and deliver additional informational material is needed. Closing the sale and signing up the Contact is the name of the "game". Scoring is the result of relationship building efforts and keeping score is the number of Contacts that are willing to join your team or buy your products.

Second mistake... NOT making every effort to understand and enlist personal contact and build a personal relationship with each new contact.

Not just, "here is the sales pitch", but a first hand account of what a contact is looking for and what and how they can build together and receive all the benefits. It is the FOLLOW UP and relationship trust and business building with contacts that make the money.

Don't always expect everyone to find what is being promoted so spectacular they are willing to spend their money at first glance. If what is being offered is truly worth the marketing efforts and the followup information to enlist the purchase will need to be advanced for each prospect many times.

That means listing the benefits of your product or service and advancing bonus offers for the prospect acting immediately.  First make the Contact, develop them into a Prospect and direct them into becoming a Customer.

E-Mailing for Success  Constant Contact for Income TEST this for Results

Now more of the BATTLE begins!
Third mistake... NOT having marketing and follow up program, a winning sales agenda must be designed to build a series winning strategies to SCORE. That's the bottomline...making money, and building the income stream. In this case NEVER waste a precious newly found prospect! Time, money and effort has been spent, don't lose the sale. Equally important follow up and continued contact is just as important and necessary as the original "sales pitch".

This means asking for the order AGAIN and expand the need for the prospect to have the product or service being offered. Timing, opportunity, closing the contact is a talent....practice and follow up assures the best sales potentials are not lost.

Here is a PERFECT opportunity to make CONTACTS, build up some POINTS and expand. You will be able to SHARE some pointers on how to market and best sell online products and services. Follow up your experience with a great opportunity to make some new contacts and share important marketing and sales ideas.

All material herein © 2007-2018 "Harvey Akeson Tucson Calling"
Reprint right by permission: harvey@harveyakeson.com

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

You know the story, the Hare and the Tortoise

DISCLOSURE:  This series of articles are a reprint from Net LEARNING ACADEMY 
rebrandable E-Book Credit to ROBERT PUDDY  {Master E-Marketer, my story meeting 
Puddy in Glasgow, Scotland several years ago.   Joint Ventures Click here

Another PUDDY Online Money Maker

Salesmanship is the Hare, Content is the Tortoise –
And We Know Who Wins in the End
There’s an old story about the tortoise and the hare who challenged each other to a foot race.
At the starting line, the hare took off quick like a bullet. He looked back to see the tortoise moving 

along slow and steady, but way behind the hare. So the hare napped. Meanwhile, the tortoise 
slowly and steadily made his way to the finish line to win the race.
You can take away a great business lesson from this fable:  Slow and steady wins the race.
And since salesmanship is the hare and content is the tortoise, you know where to focus your efforts.
I've seen a lot of slick marketers come and go in this business in my ten years as a full-timer, 

but those who were in this business then and still are here now all share one thing in common:
Great content.    Think about it…
Example #1: You can sell anything with good marketing – once. A great sales letter can sell a 

mediocre ebook, a misleading report or even a downright ghastly video. But as soon as the 
customers discover the quality of the content, they’re out the door for good.
Some will refund, some won’t, but none of them will ever buy from the marketer again.
Example #2: You’ve probably also seen people use poor content – even “scraper content”  

to pull in traffic from the search engines.  Problem is, this content is written solely for the search 
engines, without any regard whatsoever for the end user.  So while the site might pull in traffic,
it’s NOT going to garner any repeat visitors.
Both of the above points are examples of short-term thinking.  But this sort of business model 
always leaves the marketer scrambling for new customers, trying to repair his reputation and 
chasing rather than attracting customers.
It’s exhausting – no wonder people who do this tend to eventually give up!  Listen, making 

money doesn’t have to be that hard.  Instead of relying solely on great salesmanship to make 
money, why not focus on a combination of great salesmanship AND great content? That way
your marketing and sales copy bring the customer into the door – and your great content keeps
them coming back again and again. 

The Easiest Way to Grow Your Business is to Keep Customers Happy
I can’t put it any more plain than this:  If you didn’t have any customers, your business would
cease to exist.  And that means one of the keys to building and growing a successful business
is to grow your list of satisfied customers.  Indeed, when you have satisfied customers, your
business grows because of the three R’s. Let me explain…
Repeats: Satisfied customers become repeat customers – and they usually make repeat 
purchases with escalating frequency and price points.  Example: The customer who’s satisfied 
with his $10 purchase will go on to buy your $50, $100, $500 items… and so on. As long as
he’s satisfied – and as long as your products keep meeting his needs – he’ll keep buying.
Referrals: Unhappy customers tell their friends to steer clear of you and your business. 
Fortunately, happy customers also tell their friends about your products or services.
Sometimes satisfied customers become active affiliates who promote your products via traditional 

means. These are folks who are marketers as well as customers.  At other times, your satisfied
customers simply become raving fans on forums, blogs, social networks and elsewhere.
Example: Other members of a forum might ask who has the best product in your niche, and
your raving fans will always answer those threads by naming you, naming your products and
even linking to your sales pages.

ROBERT PUDDY and JOSH ABBOTT Instant Banner Creators

Residuals: Finally, happy customers don’t just buy your products – they 
trust you enough to
join your membership sites and other continuity programs. They’ll join your highest priced
programs – maybe even personal coaching – and become “followers” who’re part of your inner circle.
It all seems pretty simple, right? But here’s the thing…Satisfying your customers isn’t just about
putting out quality products and overdelivering on expectations.  They’re important, yes. But they’re
NOT the only factors.  You also need to give your customers a good buying experience. In other
words, you need to provide great customer service.
You see, you can have the best products in the world, but you may only have a handful of happy 
customers if your customer service stinks.

Example #1: Maybe a customer purchases one of your items but is unable to download it. 
And when he emails you about it, you don’t get back to him for a week or two. Probably by this time
he’s so frustrated that he’s requested a refund.
Example #2: Or maybe you offer software but no support. Maybe you don’t even provide adequate 

installation and customization instructions. Even if your software is better than the competitors’ 
software, your customers are going to drift away and find someone who’s willing and able to show 
them how to make their purchase work.

Bottom line: Provide great products and a great buying experience, and your
customers will repay you tenfold through repeats, referrals and residuals.

Monday, June 11, 2018


The Most Responsive Free Internet Safelist Advertising since 2003!

Made a contact, Now the real work begins

Is selling or building a relationship the most important?   

The Internet allows the gathering of a sale here and there, but the development of real and useful listing of clients is yet another task. The objective should be selling a product or service online. But wait, how much did that sale or contact cost?

A plan for repeat business and building a relationship for future profits is in order. Finding prospects and turning them into customers and then developing a long term client relationship will take time, but a lot less money than our original investment in the first sale.

Many times the successful marketing professional will lay out some bait, a free offer, a special discount or some type of bonus to get that first order. Why? The successful e-market professional knows it is important to complete that first sale, get a loyalty and trust underway in order to build a new business relationship. Just as a tree grows and branches out so can the success with one new client. Future orders, recommendations and most important, additional introduced contacts for future sales is at stake.

It is great to accumulate a long list of customers, but there is also the need for rewards to cultivate that list. A huge responsibility is to care for the customers needs and to follow up on the sale. Additionally recording the experiences of the customers is mandated. Success is building this customer base of clients willing to give testimony to the great service and value of the products acquired. The added benefit is the clients willing to finding new customers and referring them for more business. The objective of making any list should be to build a relationship to make future meaningful contact and sales.

Network marketing requires building relationships and loyalty that comes only with satisfaction that a fair trade has taken place. E-commerce is the art of taking a prospect turning them into a customer and building a long term trusting relationship for mutual satisfaction and benefits.

Once the sale is consummated the real work begins. Building a mailing list and maintaining the connection into a useful and loyal client is one of the things that makes the Internet such a wonderful business. Think about this fact:

Using the Internet we have the means of immediate and inexpensive return contacts with our customers.

In the world of bricks and sticks too often the customer leaves the store and slips away never to be seen again. There are of course methods of retaining that priceless connection, but is it done? Or better yet, has the clerk or sales representative done the job of building a relationship?

The avenues of maintaining and building on our precious lists are varied, but in most cases, it is cheap and fast for repeat contact and additional profits online once we have established our initial contact. E-commerce affords us the opportunity of continued contact on each and every sale.

A simple thank you, a follow up for service , or a request for referral helps build a loyalty. A simple request for grading of our product or service builds us a step closer to that next sale. This is the base for referrals, testimonies, that are used to build credibility for future marketing and to put the client into a permanent relationship on a mailing list.

The bottom line is the need to be careful with each newly acquired contact, working to enhance the trust and confidence of this never seen customer.

In doing this, the right to ask for more business is established. It is possible that a meaningful exchange can take place where a newly enlisted customer will want to do business again. Even before another order is requested.  Once the sale is complete, the real sales work begins.

Bottom line: 
It is more cost effective to retain customers than to acquire them.  Time to build plan of customer retention.
Autoresponder System The Autoresponder System will send out customized, personalized information from you directly to your customers' inboxes at pre-determined times automatically without you having to send it. All you do is create messages to send, tell the Autoresponder when you want it sent and that's it.

You need to collect your prospects and follow up with timely offers, you worked to hard to find the prospects hold on to them.
Check this out....it is all made up for you!

ADLANDPRO Auto Responder Sales Letter
You're Losing Sales Right NOW!Over 64% of your prospects will never buy from you the first time they are presented with your offer. On the web, it's even worse. Again, let's go back to those two big secrets mentioned earlier... 

First, you only have a few precious seconds to get your customer's attention and close the sale -- if not, many will leave your site at the simple click of a mouse never to return again, no matter how effective your website is! 

The underlying benefit of the web is that it can deliver information really fast. "People want it and they want it now!". But if you fail to capitalize on this intrinsic behaviour, not only are you losing potential sales but you may be working ten times harder to generate just a few simple sales to keep your business afloat!

Wouldn't you love to increase your sales 400%? Better yet, wouldn't you love to quadruple your sales for free? Adlandpro autoresponders are the key to skyrocketing your sales.

Here's how to use them to maximum advantage. 

1. Offer something free:  An Online Course; A Report; Software; Ebook Anything that would get your prospect in the "buying mood." 

2. Have them leave their email address for your "Awesome New Freebie." 

3. Set up a follow up series on auto responder of at least 7 to ten emails. 
The first letter should be set to go out immediately. The next 6 letters should be set at least 24 hour apart. Your follow up letters should stress the benefits of your offer. Features don't make sales, benefits do. 

Your first follow up letter should be a get acquainted email. Thank your prospect for requesting you software, ebook or report. This is the time to introduce yourself and let them know who you are and how to contact you. It's also important to have a bonus for prompt response. You have to create an urgent reason for them to act now. 

In your second letter it's important to keep stressing the bonus for prompt response. You should also give more details on the benefits of your program. Most sales are lost because marketers don't give the reader enough information to give their program an accurate evaluation. You're like a skilled prosecutor. You're building your case with every letter. Your list of benefits are your evidence. 

The third letter is the time to tell your story. Here's where you stress how the program has helped you. Let the reader know all the benefits you've received from the program. Also remind them of the prompt response bonus. Make sure you stress that you'll be there to help them. 

Many of your contacts will be new to marketing and need to know you're serious about helping them.If you're an experienced marketer, remember how it was when you started. Wouldn't it have saved you time and money to have someone help you smooth the ride up the hill? Ah it's day four and your fourth letter. 

Now's the time to start adding more bonuses. Now they have two bonuses for a prompt response. Each letter is like a high stakes poker game. You keep upping the ante. Uh Oh! They haven't signed up yet. Are you wondering why? Maybe now's the time to ask. Your fifth letter is where you ask them why they haven't signed up for your program. It's also a good time to add a few testimonials. 

You need feedback to help you understand why they aren't taking advantage of your offer. The feedback you receive should help you increase your conversion rate. Offer the reader an incentive to answer your questions. 72 hours and they still haven't signed up. 

The sixth letter should supply more testimonials. Ask them to contact other members of your program. Network marketers call this the tag team approach. Offline they've been using this for years. They've found through trial and error that their sign up rate increases when two members of a program sit down with a prospect. 

Well it's day seven and this is your last chance. If you don't make your case now, good-bye! Don't hold back. You must make your offer "Simply Irresistible." Pile on the benefits, add more bonuses. Make it an "Offer They Can't Refuse."

You've stated your case. You've piled on the benefits. You've kept adding to the bonuses. Wow! You're going to sell every visitor. Well not quite, but if you take the time to put some time and effort into putting your system and letters in place, you should see your sales and conversion rates start steadily increasing. 

Some marketers have reported that this simple system has increased their sales by over 400%! Spend a little time. I think you'll find yourself being rewarded handsomely. Even better yet, if you're a network marketer, you've just created an easily duplicable system to share with your downline. Imagine if you increased the results of every member of your downline 400%. 

The Most Responsive Free Internet Safelist Advertising since 2003!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Use Partners as a Resource

DISCLOSURE:  This series of articles are a reprint from Net LEARNING ACADEMY 
rebrandable E-Book Credit to ROBERT PUDDY  {Master E-Marketer, my story meeting 
Puddy in Glasgow, Scotland several years ago.   Joint Ventures Click here

You Need Only One Source of Traffic to Get All the Visitors You’ll Ever
Need – Partner Traffic
When you first start thinking about how to get targeted, high quality traffic to your site,
you’re faced with a lot of options.  These options include affiliate and joint venture (JV) 
marketing, pay per click (PPC) marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), ezine 
articles, blog posting, video distribution, placing classified ads, blogrolling, distributing 
press releases…and everything else.
However, you really only need to use one source: Partner traffic (i.e., traffic from your 
affiliates and joint venture partners).  There are two reasons for this.
1) First, if you put a good affiliate program in place, you don’t need to use any of the 
other traffic-generating tactics. That’s because your affiliates will do them for you!

Your good affiliates and JV partners will:
 Blog about your products.
 Tell their lists about your products.
 Write and submit articles to article directories.
 Purchase banner ads, ezine ads, PPC ads and classified ads.
 Market your products offline.
 Drop links to your products on forums and social media sites.
 Create short reports to sell your product.
 Mention your product on their own thank you and download pages.
And so on.
The point is, if you have a good team of affiliates, you don’t even need to touch those 
other marketing methods.  I’m talking from experience here. Since 2000 – about ten 
years online – I’ve purchased almost no advertising myself. My affiliates do it all for me. 
And your affiliates can do all your advertising, too.

2) Now, there’s a second reason why partner traffic is such valuable traffic.1) First, if 
you put a good affiliate program in place, you don’t need to use any of the other 
traffic-generating tactics. That’s because your affiliates will do them for you!

Your good affiliates and JV partners will:
 Blog about your products.
 Tell their lists about your products.
 Write and submit articles to article directories.
 Purchase banner ads, ezine ads, PPC ads and classified ads.
 Market your products offline.
 Drop links to your products on forums and social media sites.
 Create short reports to sell your product.
 Mention your product on their own thank you and download pages.
The point is, if you have a good team of affiliates, you don’t even need to
touch those other marketing methods. I’m talking from experience here. 
Since 2000 – about ten years online – I’ve purchased almost no advertising 
myself. My affiliates do it all for me. And your affiliates can do all your 
advertising, too.

2) Now, there’s a second reason why partner traffic is such valuable traffic.
Namely, because it’s just another form of word of mouth traffic – which is
extremely powerful and returns high conversion numbers.

Let me explain…
Example: Let’s suppose Paul the Prospect is thinking about buying your 
product. He doesn’t have a clue who you are. So if he merely stumbles on 
your sales page through one of your own articles or blog posts, he may not be 
wholly convinced to buy your product.  Now let’s suppose that Paul the 
Prospect is on Mark the Marketer’s list – and he has been for many months, 
maybe even a year. As such, Paul trusts Mark implicitly. When Mark recommends
something that Paul needs, Paul doesn’t even bother to read the whole sales page 
he buys it mainly on the basis of that trusted recommendation.

You can see where I’m going with this. If Mark recommends YOUR product to his 
list, you’ll get an amazingly high conversion rate – simply because a trustworthy 
source is recommending your product to a list with which he’s built a relationship 
over the years.  That’s powerful.

Bottom line: Focus on finding and recruiting affiliate and joint venture partners.
Not only can you get a great deal of traffic from these partners, it also tends to be

ROBERT PUDDY and JOSH ABBOTT Instant Banner Creator