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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Don't be a "Follow up Failure"

RETENTION--"Customers are expensive!"
Bottom line: It is more cost effective to retain customers than to acquire them. Time to build plan of customer retention, don't fail to follow up!

It cost you plenty to build your customer base so don't waste the time and money by lacking a fresh and interesting series of follow up e-mails.

Out-smart your competition by Building Relationships with your client/customer/prospect list.

You need a reliable programed follow up to sell yourself and to identify your customer's interests. Successful internet marketing is being able to target your sales message and communication with your list. That follow up is necessary to build professional relationship. To effectively set up an e-mail retention campaign you need an autoresponder. Here are a few of the things an autoresponder can do for you.

Newsletters and Promotional Material
Personalized Reports
Product/Service Information and Guides
Site News and Info/Updates
Personalized messages for customers.
Follow-up messages to people who purchased products or services from you
Follow-up messages to people who were at your site but didn't buy anything

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Going back to what makes your success, builds your prospects, sells your customers, puts clients on that list, TRAFFIC! {Read More on Traffic} Your success really starts with traffic to your web sites and sales pages. Lacking traffic will generate NO Revenue-Traffic builds visitors, visitors mean sales furnishing you revenue.

There is no other way to say it, the more traffic the more money you will make. You can earn from Affiliate Marketing, in addition find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content. Build your own Web Site sales page, or publish a blog.  To earn from advertising revenue and sales information and to get help to pay for traffic and multiply your views, build your audience with ads.

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Affiliate/Performance Based Marketing
There are currently over 2,500 Merchants plugged in to the ShareASale Network. Each of these merchants has a different type of product that they are selling - and each is ready to commission you on that sale if you bring a customer to them.
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Want To Make Money On-Line?
Then You Need To Reach Your Prospects! ... Right?
Give Your Programs The Best Chance To Be Seen!

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Relationship Marketing--

yesRelationship Marketing--
Hold your best leads...you paid for them.
Just as families have "relations", relatives, so do successful e-commerce businesses. It is those marketing relationships that will explode your business and guide you to increasing your income online.
It does not matter what business or online activity you are engaged, your best marketing and most attentive audience will be with the people you have build solid relationships and satisfactory business dealings.
Every profitable business require customer and client referrals to build, and just as every sales person needs "birddogs" or people pointing to their wares, so do you need, if you are to succeed with your e-commerce business the connections of lots of effective bridges to others.
Enlisting business partners or buyers is a crucial part of running your business. In business and professions it is often called "networking", online I prefer to think of it as relationship marketing. You can only increase the effectiveness of your programs and projects by having a "built in" market for your efforts. Networking gives you connections, relationship marketing builds you ready customers and affiliates to continue your marketing enterprise.
Joint ventures for solid, detailed business operations and projects are more of a contractual relationship. Marketing relationships are built on trust with past confidence and success. Succeeding with building your data base with contacts and filling your portfolio or storage folder with solid marketing relations will translate into higher profits.
Take care of those marketing relationships, continue to build networking connections and keep your birddogs full of thanks and rewards...this will keep your bank account bursting with deposits.
Network marketing REALLY is - relationships, mentoring, target marketing. It's not just the recruiting and selling that so many people teach. Put your follow up messages on automatic...
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You're Losing Sales Right NOW! Over 64% of your prospects will never buy from you the first time they are presented with your offer. On the web, it's even worse.
You only have a few precious seconds to get your customer's attention and close the sale -- if not, many will leave your site at the simple click of a mouse never to return again, no matter how effective your website is!
Overlooked, Building Relationships through “Call Backs”
E-Commerce moves forward on Auto Responders
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