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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Make the Most of your work for Traffic

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Networking-Constant reaching out for 
new prospects.  
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E-Mail Marketing
It is important to Build your own List

Interacting with prospects, booths, public fairs, 
conferences, trade shows, one on one with 
prospects use paper sign-up sheets.  Business 
club or social club meetings gather business 
cards and ask for e-mail address.

Always indicate you will only use the E-Mail 
address for special communications about 
special important updates about your business.  
Bottom line, you do not share E-Mail addresses.

On all your communications ask for e-mail 
addresses, have sign-up form, in addition to 
"join my mailing list" print your policy not to 
share e-mail addresses.  Your web sites, ads,
search engine postings, build your e-mail 
list of prospects.

Don't overlook family, friends and existing 
customers.  Use smart proven tactics.
Bird Dogs, Word of Mouth talking up your
business.  Maximize your advertising use
connecting links.  Read more click here

Don't overlook social networking sites such
as Facebook, write and submit articles to
Blogs and E-Magazines, include your links.

E-Commerce is a Contact Sport, Winning is Contacts
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United States Government Small Business Administration
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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Smart Cost Effective E-Mailing is Number ONE!

At its simplest, email marketing is a powerful communication tool for building relationships with current customers. Seeking new customers, retaining and building relationships for future business.

E-Mailing puts the message in front of prospects, church members, club members with minimum expense.  No huge costs of laying out copy, printing, hiring a mailing service, buying labels and addresses.  No time restraints for preparation and waiting for the post office to deliver your mail.  Not only is e-mail cost effective, it is fast!

Need to capture some quick cash, within hours you can e-mail your list of clients with a special offer they just can't pass up and deliver immediate cash to your bank account.  It's cheap, fast and available 24 hours, 7 days a week year around!

It gives you a chance to speak to a lot of people at once and even expand your reach.  E-mail allows you to stay connected with loyal customers and on-the-fence prospects who otherwise may have never interacted with your brand again.

Email Advertising at it's Best!   
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Once you get a prospect to your web site, not making a sale, you have spend all that time, effort and MONEY for nothing.  But wait, by giving your future customer a chance to sign up to your email list will leave the door open for future interactions.  Quite possibly, a win-win scenario of a future sale for you and a satisfied customer who found your product or service at a later time with a follow up sales e-mail message.

Email becomes so much more than just another way to throw your company name before customers – it’s a way to connect with people, develop their trust, and present the value of your business and products. That is exactly what sets email marketing apart from traditional advertising. Instead of just telling consumers about your company and hoping they make a purchase, you’re making real connections with those who are truly interested in your business and building long-lasting trust.

You can operate using "safelists" or other people's list of internet customers.
At one time or another we have all heard that phase.  It's the list of e-mail addresses that is collected, filed and ready for use immediately for mass notification of customers.  That means at EVERY opportunity ask for e-mail addresses, catalog them for the next service mailing. Driving for a sale or delivering information about your business, product or service.  Keep that connection hot year around even if your product is seasonal and only purchased during the summer months or at a holiday such as Christmas.

When writing your emails, consider the value you hope to bring your subscribers. E-mail clients will read or watch your e-mail, they will constantly ask “What’s in it for me?” In your emails, the answer should be clear within the subject line and first half of your email.

It is crucial you create effective emails that people not only want to sign up for, but also open again and again.  The more loyal they become to your emails and brand, the better it is for your business.  This means to guarantee your e-mails are opened not deleted without being read.

Make your e-mails clear, clean, {plenty of white space with not all the copy crammed together} interesting, factual, and special for that individual.

Use their name in the e-mail if possible and thank them for their business.  

Equally important ask them for referrals or to forward a copy of your e-mail to their family and friends.  

Make that message work double time expanding your business with the help of that "bird-dog" for your business.
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Learning to use e-mails in your business will pay huge dividends over time.  Remember "it's in the list" start building your e-mail list today.

All the tools you need to send emails the right way.