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Friday, April 27, 2018

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

SO SWEET! E-Mail Marketing for INCOME

E-Mail Marketers,

Get ready for something completely different than anything you’ve ever seen before.  For years advertising has required you to send all of your mailings online through the use of a website. Introducing a new and never before seen advertising concept.

** Email Client Sending **

Now you can send your mailings instantly from your mail client without ever having to login to a website again!

No longer will you have to spend large amounts of time logging into other websites, getting stuck in front of multiple offers or any other type of distraction to send out your mailings.

Just simply open up your favorite email client and send a HTML message to their mail server, confirm your mailing and your mailing will instantly be sent out to our growing list of hungry buyers!

It's just that easy and that's what makes our system so simple to use immediately.  Join right now, it's free to get started and you can send out your mailings right away!

Harvey Akeson, Tucson AZ
Full Details "Kiss Mails"  

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E-MAIL is a great way to build an income and promote your affiliate marketing.  You can sell other people's products and receive a commission for each sale made.

Simply writing product reviews on a blog is a great way to educate people, add value, and make money promoting other people's products as an affiliate.  Take your blog review the important points and write into your e-mail.  The research and the needed "sales points" are already to be printed.

As you have previously build a relationship the e-mail prospect has come to know, like, and trust you and will be receptive to receiving your e-mail about the product or service recommendation.

The vital part of this strategy is that you must provide valuable free information. You can’t just send them sales offers all the time. You must also position yourself as an expert in your niche and show the reader how you are different and better than your competitors. You can let your personality come through here, which will also set you apart from other companies in the same or similar niches.

There are different approaches to marketing to your new audience by email, and all have their place in an email marketing strategy:  Email newsletters packed with useful content.  Short, quick-to-read emails. Remember, people are busy and get dozens of emails daily!  Put in your e-mails links to videos with useful content. Announcements of product launches.  Industry news and your commentary.  

The more you read and study about e-mail marketing the easier, more enjoyable and more profitable it becomes.  You will read about "up sales", "cross sales" and building lists.  One of the best articles about lists is printed right here, click and read.

Affiliate programs provide all forms of promotions so you can spread across the internet offerings.  All these programs will offer you banners to post to attract sales. Your e-mailing in the long haul prove to be more profitable and that is what you are after...cash for your bank account.  click and read  "E-Mail proven to beat banners".

NEVER waste a precious newly found prospect!
Time, money and effort has been spent don't lose the prospect and future business.  Equally important the follow up and continued contact is just as necessary as the original "sales pitch".  An Autoresponder System can perform the duty of set and continued followup.  The Autoresponder will send out customized, personalized information from you directly to your customers' mail boxes at pre-determined times specified by you.  click and read  "Make contacts and hold"

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Don't "miss the boat", OUTSOURCE

DISCLOSURE:  This series of articles are a reprint from Net LEARNING ACADEMY 
rebrandable E-Book Credit to ROBERT PUDDY  {Master E-Marketer, see my story 

meeting Puddy in Glasgow, Scotland several years ago.   Joint Ventures Click here

Anyone Who Doesn’t Outsource Doesn’t Recognize the Value of Outsourcing
One of the fastest ways to grow your business is to clone yourself. Since
that’s not possible yet, the alternative option is to hire freelancers to do some of 
your work.Indeed, I’ve come to believe that anyone who’s not outsourcing is simply 
missing the boat.

Here’s why…
1. Your time is better spent focusing on other tasks. Most of the tasks you’d ever 
consider outsourcing are “low value” tasks. That means you get a very low return 
on your investment of time. And in most cases, it makes better financial sense to 
outsource the low-value tasks so that you can focus on the high-value tasks.

ROBERT PUDDY Income Project

Let me give you an example…

Example: I can hire a freelancer to setup a blog for me for $20 – or I can spend 
an hour doing it myself. Because my time is much more valuable to me than a 
mere $20 per hour, the choice is clear – outsource!

Then my time is free to do things like build relationships with  my joint venture 
partners, brainstorm new product ideas or work on my business plan (all of which 
are high-value tasks and/or they can’t easily be outsourced).

Let me elaborate on that point…

2. The investment is returned many times over.  You have a million and one little 
tasks to do in your business, from creating products to designing your site to 
marketing your sites. If, as mentioned above, you focus on the high-value tasks 
and outsource the rest, you’ll see your investment returned many times over.

Let’s continue with the above example.

Consider this…Example #1: If I pay a guy $20 to set up my blog and then use 
that hour to write a small report that I sell over and over again for $20 – potentially 
making tens of thousands of dollars – which was the better use of my time? 
The clear answer is to use my expertise to write the report.

Here’s another example…

Example #2: Let's say you pay a ghostwriter $500 to create a really good 25 page 
manual. If you sell it for just $27, then you only need just 19 sales for it to pay for 
itself. From the 20th sale on is pure profit – and get to profit for the life of the product.
You can even repackage and reformat the content (as mentioned in NLA action 
step #30) to keep profiting for years to come! For example, if you sell just five 
$100 licenses, you get your money back almost instantly. And you still own rights 
to the product so you can profit from it as long as you’re still breathing. It's a 

Let me give you another example…

Example #3: Let’s say you outsource some of your advertising – maybe someone 
is going to set up and manage a pay per click campaign for you. If this outsourced 
traffic generation tactic costs you $1 per visitor and you make $1.25 per visitor, then 
you’re making a profit.  Even if you spend $10,000, you’ll bring in $12,500. That means 
you’ll pocket $2500 for every 10,000 visitors they send you – and that’s just on the 
front end. These customers get added to your customer list, so you can send backend 
offers to make hundreds more per customer!  Again, it’s a no brainer.

3. Outsourcing removes barriers.  If you ask the average Internet marketer 
(who is failing, by the way) what is keeping them from success, they'll usually 
know immediately what stands in their way. They might be technophobes… or they 
hate to write… or they can’t stand dealing with pre-sale questions.
When you outsource, all these barriers fall to the side of the road – that’s because
all you have to do is outsource whatever is holding you back.

 Don't know how to setup a list? Outsource it.
 Can't figure out script installations? Outsource it.
 Don't know how to write SEO articles that really work?  Outsource it.
 Don’t know how to land good affiliates? Outsource it.
 Can’t design a website to save your life? Outsource it.

You don’t have to let lack of knowledge, tedious tasks or even fear stand in your
way any longer – just outsource the tasks that you don’t want to do!
In these cases, it just makes sense to hand the job over to a professional who can
do it faster and better than you.

4. It's an investment.  Those who are most reluctant to outsource think of it as an 
expense. It’s not – it’s an investment. And if you outsource your low-value tasks, 
you’ll make your money back many times over.  You don’t have to let lack of 
knowledge, tedious tasks or even fear stand in your way any longer – just outsource 
the tasks that you don’t want to do!  In these cases, it just makes sense to hand the 
job over to a professional who can do it faster and better than you.

Plus think of this…If you opened a brick and mortar store you'd have a minimum of 
the following expenses:

 Property lease or rent.
 Utilities with deposits.
 Office supplies and other materials.
 Inventory.
 Marketing literature such as signage and business cards,  advertising, etc.
 Insurance.

These expenses would easily cost thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.
And yet you'd risk if.  So why not spend a few hundred bucks and invest in your 
Internet business?

ROBERT PUDDY and JOSH ABBOTT Instant Banner Creator

Monday, April 23, 2018

Reinvent your products for additional profits

DISCLOSURE:  This series of articles are a reprint from Net LEARNING ACADEMY 
rebrandable E-Book Credit to ROBERT PUDDY  {Master E-Marketer, see my story 

meeting Puddy in Glasgow, Scotland several years ago.   Joint Ventures Click here

Creativity in Your Marketing Can Make You a Fortune With Minimal Work
Good information, a solid reputation and a dash of creativity go a long, long way together.

Let me explain…
Plenty of marketers put out a product, sell the product to their customers and then think 
up a new product to sell to these customers. They “rinse and repeat” this process over 
and over.I tell you what – it’s exhausting to come up with new products all the time.
So here’s a tip: You don’t need to start from scratch every time you create a new product.
Instead, I suggest you consider one of my favorite strategies – repurposing content.
Let me give you an example to show you why this is such an powerful and profitable strategy…

1. I originally wrote the List Profit System as List And Traffic lessons and earned well over 
$20,000 in List And Traffic fees for it. (This is where many marketers would stop.)
2. Sometime later I sold the "product" at ListProfitSystem.com and made quite a bit of 
additional money.
3. Next, I offered resale rights to this product for $97 and sold quite a few of those licenses.
4. Finally, months later I sold 250 PLR licenses to this same product.
5. Sometime in mid to late 2010 I'm going to convert the content into a 4-week eclass that 
sells for $497 to get another stream of income from it.  Now consider this – I made tens of 
thousands of dollar selling the same information over and over.
The only difference is that I reformatted and repackaged it. Indeed, just a few hours work 
tended to result in thousands of dollars.

Plus think about this – if you have a niche product (like a golfing ebook), you can convert it 
into an autoresponder course, a membership site or even use it as the basis of personal 
coaching offer. Then you can repackage the content and sell the resell rights to marketers.
In other words, you can profit from two niches – golf and Internet marketing – with the same 

Check this ROBERT PUDDY Offering

It’s Better to Master One Thing Than to Dabble With Many Things
If I was just starting out with online marketing – and I needed to drive traffic to my sites 
– I’d focus on partner traffic (as mentioned earlier).
The truth is, however, you can be successful with most any proven traffic generation strategy 
– provided you master it and stick with it long enough to see results.

You see, a big problem I’ve noticed is that many new marketers tend to spread themselves 
too thin. They become a “Jack of All Trades” but a master of none.They put up a few blog 
posts, write a few articles to submit to EzineArticles.com, gather together a handful of 
affiliates, optimize for a couple keywords… and so on.

Because they’re attempting too many traffic tactics at the same time, they end up doing a 
mediocre to poor job of generating traffic with any single strategy.  Many times, they skip 
from one thing to the next before they even see results.  (And then they assume none of the 
strategies work.)  Point is, if you do a lot of things poorly or even "so so", you'll spend more 
time and see less results than if you do one thing very well.  So pick a business model and 
pick a traffic strategy – and then focus 100% of your efforts on mastering it and getting results.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Build a Subscription Program for Residual Income

DISCLOSURE:  This series of articles are a reprint from Net LEARNING ACADEMY 
rebrandable E-Book Credit to ROBERT PUDDY  {Master E-Marketer, my story meeting 
Puddy in Glasgow, Scotland several years ago.   Joint Ventures Click here

Robert Puddy Features The Easiest Way Ever To Manage & Deliver All Of Your Digital Products Across Your Entire Business!

There is No Better Income Generator for the Long Haul Than a Subscription Program
Over the years I’ve sold everything from $10 reports to coaching programs with price tags
starting at $497. And here’s what I’ve learned: The key to long-term profits is to start a
subscription site (AKA continuity program).

Now, I’m not talking about a hidden continuity (forced continuity) program where marketers 

trick their customers into getting rebilled month after month. Instead,  I’m talking about a 
completely transparent program. And in some cases, you use the rebilling as a benefit to 
the customer.

Example: Do you have an automatic subscription to a newspaper or magazine? It would be 

a hassle if you had to log into the provider’s site every month and renew (and pay for) that
subscription manually. That’s just one reason why it’s actually a benefit for customers to get 

rebilled automatically.  

And there are plenty of benefits and reasons why marketers like continuity programs, too. 

Here are five of those reason and benefits:

 You get an effortless, residual income stream. Because your customers are rebilled 

automatically (usually monthly, but sometimes weekly), you don’t have to spend as much 
time thinking up new backend offers to sell to your customers. And once you’ve built up 
your membership numbers, you have a fairly predictable and reliable monthly income 
coming in… effortlessly!

 You can create a “set it and forget it” membership site. You don’t have to chain yourself 
to your computer just because you’re running a membership site. If you run a fixed-term 
membership (FTM), you can create the content ahead of time, load it up … and then spend 
more times doing the things you enjoy.

 There are plenty of backend income opportunities. Every week – and certainly every month 

– you’re sending out new emails and content to your subscribers. And that means you have 
plenty of chances to sell extra products and services to your existing customers.
Think about it. If you were running a traditional business where you sold products in order to 

build customer lists, then you’d need to constantly sell backend products in order to sustain 
your income. But when you have a membership site, you’re bringing in your main income 
passively membership – and all the backend products contribute are just “gravy” as far as 
your income is concerned!

 You position yourself as an expert in your niche. When you create a membership site and 

regularly produce quality content and solutions for your customers, they’ll start to see you 
as the expert in your niche. And that means it’s even easier for you to sell additional products 
and services on the backend.

 Low barriers to entry. Starting a membership website several years ago was more tricky, 

simple because most of the payment processors didn’t have recurring billing. Plus, most 
people wanted to use automation tools such as membership scripts – and there were very 
few on the market.

Today it’s much easier. Indeed, you can be up and running in a matter of hours, simply by 

using PayPal or Clickbank plus LFM.

Bottom line: Go ahead and stock your product funnel with everything from inexpensive reports 

to high-ticket home study courses – but don’t forget about continuity programs!
Click here for information on getting your own membership site setup in 48 hours or lesson 
starting from scratch!


Saturday, April 21, 2018

PUDDY, "It's not the List, It's How You Utilize the List"

DISCLOSURE:  This series of articles are a reprint from Net LEARNING ACADEMY 
rebrandable E-Book Credit to ROBERT PUDDY  {Master E-Marketer, my story meeting 
Puddy in Glasgow, Scotland several years ago.   Joint Ventures Click here

A Robert Puddy Web Site

The Fortune is NOT in the List – The Fortune is in How You Utilize the List You’ve heard 
the marketer’s mantra a million times: “The money is in the list.”  Listen, that’s NOT entirely 
true. If it was true, then anyone could build up a big list and soon retire to a private island. 
But it doesn’t work that way.  People still believe it, however. You’ll see beginning marketers 
focusing on building up big lists quickly – a few thousand in a just a week, tens of thousands 
in a few months, 100,000 strong in a year. They start having visions of a $1 per subscriber 
per month rolling in.

When the money doesn’t materialized, they’re baffled. Worse yet, sometimes new marketers 
are shocked to discover that their conversion rate is at or near zero. You can see how 
frustrating this is to folks who believe that all you have to do is build a list and watch the 
money roll in.

Now, a list can be profitable. But in order to see those profits come in, you need to do two things…

1. Build a Targeted, Responsive List
If you’re selling dog collars, then you should be building a list of people who want to buy dog 
collars.  Building a list of cat owners, people who like rose gardening or people who want to 
learn how to cook French food aren’t good candidates for your list.
Your subscribers need to all be interested in what you’re selling. Period.Secondly, your 
subscribers must WANT to be on your list. If you offer a freebie (like an ebook) in exchange 
for an email, your subscribers better know they’re going to get a newsletter from you. If they join 
a contest, they better know their registration puts them on your list. And so on.  Point is, use 
whatever means you want to get them on your list – but make sure they’re equally as excited 
to read your newsletter as they are to get your freebie.

2. Build Relationships With Your Subscribers
As mentioned, the first step in building a responsive list is to make sure you’re only attracting 
targeted subscribers who want to join your list.  The second step is to build relationships with 
your subscribers. As they begin to know, like and trust you, they’ll start buying more and more 
from you.  

Here’s how to build those good relationships:

a) Communicate Regularly: Think about your personal relationships – how often do you 
talk to your best friends? Chances are, the people you know, like and trust the most are also 
the ones you talk to regularly.  And likewise, the best way to build up a relationship with your 
subscribers is to communicate regularly. If you’re only sending them emails once per month, 
they’re going to forget about you in between emails – and they may even forget your name 
and report your emails as spam.  But send out emails regularly – about once a week – keeps 
your name in front of subscribers and gives you a chance to share quality content and offers.

Which brings us to our next point…
b) Create Quality Content: Your subscribers signed up to your list to get solutions. And in 
many cases, that means they want information.  If you can solve their problems (by providing 
quality content), you’ll earn their trust. And that makes it much easier for you to sell your offers.

c) Choose Solid Offers: The second way to provide solutions to your prospects’ problems is 
by recommending products that solve their problems.  However, just as you need to provide 
quality content, you also need to recommend quality products – honestly. To do otherwise 
means risking your reputation as an honest marketer.

Here are a couple guidelines:
 If you wouldn’t recommend it to your best friend or your mother, don’t recommend it to 
your list.
 Review the product honestly, flaws and all. Indeed,revealing a flaw creates trust between 
you and the prospects, and this trust spurs sales.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Call it the more sales PRO Ads

A new EXCLUSIVE Advertising program has been unleashed
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All4Pro has been developed with the Professional Marketer in mind,
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The Aim of All4Pro 
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For this reason we have created and developed a program
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Thursday, April 12, 2018

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