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Friday, December 28, 2018

Home Based Income Projects

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Thursday, December 27, 2018

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

GUEST: What Are Your 2019 Business Goals??

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GUEST:  Bernadette Dockery lists links to expanding interest producing income serving a large audience of prospective travelers.  Her future shows a desire to expand into other fields of "Online" income sources.

2018 is winding down. Its the last bit of the 4th quarter. So what are you doing for your business this holiday season? Have you slowed down your business activity or is your foot slammed down on the gas and you are going to reap a full harvest?

What are your 2019 business goals? How can you improve your sales? We all decided to be entrepreneurs to make a profit and also to impact other peoples lives by our unique products and services. What aspects of your business is giving you trouble? What skills do you really need to work on or improve? Have you pushed yourself to achieve all that you can this year or were you holding back because of fear? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself at this point in time and plan to execute on all your business goals for 2019.

Lets take a step back.....

What is the definition of goal. Goal - is the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. Others words to describe goal would be an end, target, intention, intent, plan or purpose. Its imperative that us entrepreneurs to have business goals. But they can’t be just any goals. We should be using the (S.M.A.R.T) goal structure for our business goals.

So lets break down what is a S.M.A.R.T goal. SMART goals is giving criteria to guide in the setting of objectives, for example in a project, business, management or my favorite personal development. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Using this SMART goal structure will lead to better performance and of course to more profits.

Lets break each part of SMART goals down....

Specific - The goal/s should be as specific as possible and answer these questions: What is your goal? How often or how much? Where will it take place? Break your goal down into executable steps so you will not get too overwhelmed. One of the biggest challenged for us entrepreneurs is having to put on so many hats. We are the accountant, marketer, business strategist, book keeper, investment person and etc. This will keep you focused on the main objective.

Measurable - How will you measure your goal? Is it by the number of people you sponsor in a month? Is it the number of product sales you had in a week? Is it the number of clicks you have on your online advertisement? When measuring your goal is will give you specific feedback and hold your accountable. Yes, remember its your business and you are accountable for your success.

Attainable - Its time to get out of your comfort zone. Does your goals push you? But its important that they are achievable. The more you face your fears the more you will succeed. Life is all about risk taking and its obvious you like taking risk because being a business owner is one of the most riskiest ventures anyone can take. Also remember, if you do not achieve this particular goal the way you wanted. Don’t be too disappointed. You took a risk and you achieve something. Remember always celebrate your small victories.

Realistic - Is the time-frame realistic for the goal you have established? Are you one of those people who joins an opportunity and says I am going to be a millionaire in 2 weeks. This is not a realistic time frame. And when it doesn’t happened like you wanted you complain that the opportunity was a scam or sham. When it actually was your unrealistic expectation.

And lastly....

Timely - Do you have a time-frame listed in your SMART goal? Do you have your goal broken down into steps with a time-frame attached to do. This also helps you be accountable as well as motivate you. One of the most common pitfalls in business is being disciplined and motivated. We all must do the income producing activities (IPAs) everyday to get the results we desire. And some days are harder than others.

Here are some more tips to help with that discipline and consistency. Get a calendar to write your daily activities in. Get a desk calendar so when you are sitting there working you can also see your daily activities. I am a big fan of this. Get a vision board. You are not in business just to provide products and services, there are some items you want to manifest in your life. So a vision board helps keep you disciplined.

Use the calendar in your electronics for alerts/notifications to keep you on task. Find a mentor and learn from a person who is where you want to be. You MUST and I mean MUST read any personal development books. I am reading “The science of getting rich” by Wallace D. Wattles until I achieve the level of manifested income I desire.

Take time to learn your business. Be a product of the product. Learn how to build and cultivate positive and productive business relationships. Don’t treat people like a number or income treat people like people.

Right now I am working on my SMART goal. My goal is.... I AM helping 100 people live on purpose, earning income in several different ways and have a fun time doing it in 2019. That is just a start. I AM planning to help as many people live on purpose as I can. If you have a dream, goal or looking to building passive income for your household take a look at the video below and lets chat.


Please feel free to reach out to me on MLM Gateway with any comments or questions.
Have an awesome day,

Bernadette Dockery

Website: www.dreambigvoyages.com  

Monday, December 03, 2018

Marketing Boot Camp-Finding the Property

Real Estate Marketing is a two way street.   The real estate 
agent realizes the first order of business is finding a property to sell. Every 
agent learns early that you can't sell from an empty wagon.  In order to 
protect their work and outline the real estate brokers duties and the sellers 
responsibilities to pay for real estate services the agent gets an agreement 
to sell or a "listing".

The same applies to the real estate investor.  The need is to find the 
property, put it under contract to buy and get the funds together to complete 
the transaction.  Your mission then is to put your investment hat on and turn 
your newly acquired \property to work for you.

Here is a little tip:  
When talking to the owner to make an appointment to view a property to buy, 
ask the seller,  If I make you a cash offer today can you make decision and 
sign the sales agreement now?   If they have to ask another person, anything 
can happen.  You can always put, "agreement subject to attorney as to legal form".

Actually the real estate investor has a much easier job than the agent. The real 
estate agent has the two way street to travel finding the property to sell, convincing 
the seller to pay a commission, finding a buyer and negotiating a purchase.  The 
real estate investor finds the property and immediately negotiates the purchase 
on terms that a profit is possible.

A real estate investor then goes on the same road as the real estate agent.  
Moving from agents to finding an investment property to buy the investor moves 
to seeking directly to buy from an owner.  The places to look for properties to buy 
are many.  
"we buy houses, any condition, all cash"

Owner ads and for sale signs.   Real estate investors have moved to advertising to buy properties with signs also.  The investor can seek leads for property for sale by advertising in the usual venues.  Investors can drive around looking for run-down, distressed  and vacant properties to buy.  

Investors have " bird dogs", some may have business cards or flyers printed for posting in public places. This where the real estate agent has a definite advantage.  Most will be members of a Multiple Listing Service where they can keep track of properties that did not sell, expired listings and seek out a renewed sales agreement.

The real estate agent of course has another big advantage.  Those customers they have successfully served.  Periodically they will keep contact with them and request referrals.  Actually former clients may become a buyer or seller again.  It will pay big dividends for the agent to keep those contacts and turn them into Bird Dogs on the hunt for new business.

Direct mail, where real estate agents offer free comparative market analysis the investor can offer to directly buy the property offering immediate sale, quick closing, no mess with people running through your house. 

The real estate agent spends huge sums on classified advertising to sell houses but very little for the other leg, houses for sale.  Once in awhile you see open ended ads, "we can sell your house" which doesn't usually bring much response except for someone that is already acquainted with the agent and just didn't realize where to reach them.

A much better method of classified advertising for property to sell is the direct "I've got a buyer ad." ie  < 'Desperately searching for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, double garage for transferred buyer.  Prefers Wild Wood School District, sale will  be all cash to seller.' >

With type ad the real estate agent has uncovered a prospective property to sell.   The agent is not just wildly shooting for a listing but serving one of their buyers.  The buyer doesn't need to be a transferee, but could be an existing client "just sold their home looking for..."

What the real estate investor or real estate agent are looking for are sellers needing assistance "to get rid of their property".  After some actual face to face with a prospective seller closing a sale, obtaining the listing, working on the seller's motivation will lead to profits.


Saturday, December 01, 2018


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Financial Leverage -- Your road to wealth

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Using real estate to demonstrate the way to financial success and wealth using financial leverage.
It boils down to three very simple rules:
1. Find out where people are going.....people make price.
2. Get there first
3. Buy up parcels of land
Location--Location --Location  
Services, transportation--not in a swamp or environmental hazard area will provide the safest investment.

How do the RICH GUYS do it?
Financial Leverage...The Keys to Financial Freedom

To put it simple:
Take the smallest amount of money to control the largest value in a real estate investment. Take a duplex valued at $100,000. {This low figure is for demonstration purposes, of course property values tend higher.} if it is purchased with 10% down, that 10% is the financial leverage used to control not the $10,000, but 10 times as much, the whole $100,000.

****You don't have to be a tax attorney or an accountant to realize the government is subsidizing your ownership by allowing certain business expenses such as taxes, insurance, mortgage interest deductions and depreciation during property ownership. **** {Warning to understand the full federal and state government tax benefits a good tax attorney or accountant is Necessary. Better be safe and well informed now, than sorry later.}

Rental Income could well pay for the property, possibly furnish some cash flow at the same time. So What! Having renters buy a property is just the smallest benefit. Building up equity is not the end of the story.

INFLATION, APPRECIATION in property value provides the real wealth. Owning the property for only 10 years at the average inflation rate of 5% per year is not unrealistic. Purchasing in a good growth location will produce much more and at the end of a 10 year period check how much is the property worth?

Financial Leverage, the secret to wealth, using borrowed money to control the resource, in this case real estate, while the value soars. At 5% appreciation at the end of ten years your $10,000 original investment has grown five times. The investment is now worth $150,000 plus from the value of $100,000 controlled at the time of purchase.

The big secret to financial leverage is the small original investment used to control the largest amount of value. Other benefits accrue at the same time such as cash flow and equity build up, just more frosting on the cake.

No puzzle, no mystery...just using money plus time...and the correct pick of investments of course.     

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3 different ways to structure Private Money Deals
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6 Ways to Structure Private Money Deals!

The lesson is to take the smallest effort to multiply and expand your resource.



All material herein © '2007-2018 "Harvey Akeson Tucson Calling" Reprint right by permission: harveyakeson@yahoo.com

Friday, November 30, 2018

How to find a real estate sale price without a formal appraisal.

As a listing tool many real estate sales associates offer free comparative market 
analysis for homeowners.  The idea is to "get their foot in the door" and also 
disclose possible sellers and prospective listings.  Working up a "fair price/value" 
takes access to real estate records and some reasonable past experience.

Before putting a home on the market or listing with a real estate agent, savvy home 
sellers obtain a comparative market analysis, also referred to in the industry as 
a CMA. Real estate agents use direct mail letters or post cards to homeowners 
offering free CMAs. These pitches offer you a free report to tell you how much 
your home is worth. Sellers use a CMA to figure out home pricing.

A comparative market analysis (called a CMA for short) is a property analysis 
that real estate agents use to help sellers and buyers determine the market 
value of real estate. A CMA is not an appraisal, but it does contain some of 
the same types of information that you'll find in an appraisal. While banks will 
not use a CMA to verify value before approving a loan, experienced real estate 
agents can often use the report to come very close to the dollar amount a 
property will ultimately fetch.
CMAs help you put a value on property for both sellers and buyers, so it's 
important to learn how to prepare the reports as soon as you start working 
as an agent. Get started by preparing a practice CMA for your own home, 
then get more experience by compiling CMAs for any homes or land with 
which you are familiar.
Although the methods differ, nearly all Multiple Listing Services offer their 
agents the ability to perform CMAs with the same computer software that is 
used to search for current and sold listings. You'll find that the software is 
very easy to use. Instructions included with each system will take you 
step-by-step through the CMA process.
What is an appraiser?
Real estate appraisals are perfor
med by licensed appraisers — individuals who have attended school, passed an exam, and worked a certain number of hours under the supervision of an experienced appraiser to gain the skills required to offer a detailed opinion of property values. Lenders use appraisers to determine the value of homes on which they lend.
Agent CMAs are prepared by comparing the 
  • Pending Listings
    Pending sale homes are formerly active listings that are under contract. They have not yet closed, so they are not yet a comparable sale. Unless the listing agent is willing to share information about the pending sale -- and many are not -- you will not know the actual sold price until the transaction closes. However, pending sales do indicate the direction the market is moving. If your home is priced above the list price of these pending sales, you could face longer DOM.  (Days on the Market)
  • Sold Listings
    Homes that have closed within the past six months are your comparable sales. These are the sales an appraiser will use when appraising your home for the buyer, along with the pending sales (which will likely have closed by the time your home is sold). Look long and hard at the comparable sales because those are your market value.
  • Off-Market / Withdrawn / Canceled
    These are properties that were taken off the market for a variety of reasons. Usually the reason homes are removed from the market is because the prices were too high. The median prices of this group will almost always be higher than the median prices of comparable sales. However, listings cancel also for the following reasons:
  • Comparable sales are those that most closely resemble your home. It is difficult to compare a tri-level home to a single-story home. Select the homes from this list that are mostly identical to your home in size, shape and condition,

Agent CMAs are prepared by comparing the property you wish to price, called the subject property, with three or four similar properties that have sold in the recent past. You must always use the sales price of sold properties when doing a CMA. This is the data that an appraiser will use when a potential buyer is looking for a loan. Property does not sell based on the prices of sold properties alone — supply and demand is also a factor.
You will also need to compare the subject property to other properties that are currently available to see how it stacks up against the competition.
The more details you have about the subject property, the easier it is to prepare a CMA. You should know:
  • Location and year built
  • The total acreage or lot size
  • The number of and types of rooms
  • Structural details, such as insulated versus single-pane windows, type of heat and air conditioning, size and type of garage, basement, fireplace, etc.
  • Facts about components, such as the types of flooring installed Overall condition of the structure and its components
  • Style
  • Similar amenities, upgrades and condition
    Appraisers will deduct value from your home if other homes have upgrades and yours does not. A home with a swimming pool will have a different value than a home without a pool. A completely remodeled home is worth more than a fixer. Homes with one bath are worth less than homes with two or more baths. Deferred maintenance will count against you.
  • Location
    Everybody knows that real estate is valued on "location, location, location," but have you considered what that means? A home with a view of the city, for example, is worth more than a home facing a cement wall. Homes located on busy thoroughfares are worth considerably less than homes on quiet streets. Compare your home to those in similar locations. If your home sits across the street from a power plant, look for other homes with power plant exposure or those located along railroad tracks, among other undesirable locations.
Think in these terms, four things sell houses.  
Price (adjustable) Terms (low down payment, non qualifying contract/mortgage)  Condition (remodeled or "as is")  
Location (sorry, it's where it is)

Insert a statement within your CMA that confirms it is a comparative market analysis and not a certified appraisal. States that require that type of disclosure furnish agents with the specific wording to be used. But, play it safe, make a disclosure, required or not.