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Monday, November 05, 2018

Making a Roaring Come Back..Banner Ads

Banner Advertising can deliver for your internet 
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You can have unlimited traffic with solid income 
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It is however a matter of pick and choice, not all 

Banner Advertising sites and exchanges are equal.   
Today, let's investigate and discover more about building 
downlines for solid income and generate maximum traffic
using banners.

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Profits with solid income for You,
Harvey Akeson, Tucson, Arizona

Thursday, November 01, 2018

PROVEN Pulls Traffic Your Words by E-MAIL


Made a contact, Now the real work begins

Is selling or building a relationship the most important?   

The Internet allows the gathering of a sale here and there, but the development of real and useful listing of clients is yet another task. The objective should be selling a product or service online. But wait, how much did that sale or contact cost?

A plan for repeat business and building a relationship for future profits is in order. Finding prospects and turning them into customers and then developing a long term client relationship will take time, but a lot less money than our original investment in the first sale.

Many times the successful marketing professional will lay out some bait, a free offer, a special discount or some type of bonus to get that first order. Why? The successful e-market professional knows it is important to complete that first sale, get a loyalty and trust underway in order to build a new business relationship. Just as a tree grows and branches out so can the success with one new client. Future orders, recommendations and most important, additional introduced contacts for future sales is at stake.

It is great to accumulate a long list of customers, but there is also the need for rewards to cultivate that list. A huge responsibility is to care for the customers needs and to follow up on the sale. Additionally recording the experiences of the customers is mandated. Success is building this customer base of clients willing to give testimony to the great service and value of the products acquired. The added benefit is the clients willing to finding new customers and referring them for more business. The objective of making any list should be to build a relationship to make future meaningful contact and sales.

Network marketing requires building relationships and loyalty that comes only with satisfaction that a fair trade has taken place. E-commerce is the art of taking a prospect turning them into a customer and building a long term trusting relationship for mutual satisfaction and benefits.

Once the sale is consummated the real work begins. Building a mailing list and maintaining the connection into a useful and loyal client is one of the things that makes the Internet such a wonderful business. Think about this fact:

Using the Internet we have the means of immediate and inexpensive return contacts with our customers.

In the world of bricks and sticks too often the customer leaves the store and slips away never to be seen again. There are of course methods of retaining that priceless connection, but is it done? Or better yet, has the clerk or sales representative done the job of building a relationship?

The avenues of maintaining and building on our precious lists are varied, but in most cases, it is cheap and fast for repeat contact and additional profits online once we have established our initial contact. E-commerce affords us the opportunity of continued contact on each and every sale.

A simple thank you, a follow up for service , or a request for referral helps build a loyalty. A simple request for grading of our product or service builds us a step closer to that next sale. This is the base for referrals, testimonies, that are used to build credibility for future marketing and to put the client into a permanent relationship on a mailing list.

The bottom line is the need to be careful with each newly acquired contact, working to enhance the trust and confidence of this never seen customer.

In doing this, the right to ask for more business is established. It is possible that a meaningful exchange can take place where a newly enlisted customer will want to do business again. Even before another order is requested.  Once the sale is complete, the real sales work begins.

Bottom line: 
It is more cost effective to retain customers than to acquire them.  Time to build plan of customer retention.
Autoresponder System The Autoresponder System will send out customized, personalized information from you directly to your customers' inboxes at pre-determined times automatically without you having to send it. All you do is create messages to send, tell the Autoresponder when you want it sent and that's it.

You need to collect your prospects and follow up with timely offers, you worked to hard to find the prospects hold on to them.
Check this out....it is all made up for you!

ADLANDPRO Auto Responder Sales Letter
You're Losing Sales Right NOW!Over 64% of your prospects will never buy from you the first time they are presented with your offer. On the web, it's even worse. Again, let's go back to those two big secrets mentioned earlier... 

First, you only have a few precious seconds to get your customer's attention and close the sale -- if not, many will leave your site at the simple click of a mouse never to return again, no matter how effective your website is! 

The underlying benefit of the web is that it can deliver information really fast. "People want it and they want it now!". But if you fail to capitalize on this intrinsic behaviour, not only are you losing potential sales but you may be working ten times harder to generate just a few simple sales to keep your business afloat!

Wouldn't you love to increase your sales 400%? Better yet, wouldn't you love to quadruple your sales for free? Adlandpro autoresponders are the key to skyrocketing your sales.

Here's how to use them to maximum advantage. 

1. Offer something free:  An Online Course; A Report; Software; Ebook Anything that would get your prospect in the "buying mood." 

2. Have them leave their email address for your "Awesome New Freebie." 

3. Set up a follow up series on auto responder of at least 7 to ten emails. 
The first letter should be set to go out immediately. The next 6 letters should be set at least 24 hour apart. Your follow up letters should stress the benefits of your offer. Features don't make sales, benefits do. 

Your first follow up letter should be a get acquainted email. Thank your prospect for requesting you software, ebook or report. This is the time to introduce yourself and let them know who you are and how to contact you. It's also important to have a bonus for prompt response. You have to create an urgent reason for them to act now. 

In your second letter it's important to keep stressing the bonus for prompt response. You should also give more details on the benefits of your program. Most sales are lost because marketers don't give the reader enough information to give their program an accurate evaluation. You're like a skilled prosecutor. You're building your case with every letter. Your list of benefits are your evidence. 

The third letter is the time to tell your story. Here's where you stress how the program has helped you. Let the reader know all the benefits you've received from the program. Also remind them of the prompt response bonus. Make sure you stress that you'll be there to help them. 

Many of your contacts will be new to marketing and need to know you're serious about helping them.If you're an experienced marketer, remember how it was when you started. Wouldn't it have saved you time and money to have someone help you smooth the ride up the hill? Ah it's day four and your fourth letter. 

Now's the time to start adding more bonuses. Now they have two bonuses for a prompt response. Each letter is like a high stakes poker game. You keep upping the ante. Uh Oh! They haven't signed up yet. Are you wondering why? Maybe now's the time to ask. Your fifth letter is where you ask them why they haven't signed up for your program. It's also a good time to add a few testimonials. 

You need feedback to help you understand why they aren't taking advantage of your offer. The feedback you receive should help you increase your conversion rate. Offer the reader an incentive to answer your questions. 72 hours and they still haven't signed up. 

The sixth letter should supply more testimonials. Ask them to contact other members of your program. Network marketers call this the tag team approach. Offline they've been using this for years. They've found through trial and error that their sign up rate increases when two members of a program sit down with a prospect. 

Well it's day seven and this is your last chance. If you don't make your case now, good-bye! Don't hold back. You must make your offer "Simply Irresistible." Pile on the benefits, add more bonuses. Make it an "Offer They Can't Refuse."

You've stated your case. You've piled on the benefits. You've kept adding to the bonuses. Wow! You're going to sell every visitor. Well not quite, but if you take the time to put some time and effort into putting your system and letters in place, you should see your sales and conversion rates start steadily increasing. 

Some marketers have reported that this simple system has increased their sales by over 400%! Spend a little time. I think you'll find yourself being rewarded handsomely. Even better yet, if you're a network marketer, you've just created an easily duplicable system to share with your downline. Imagine if you increased the results of every member of your downline 400%. 

The Most Responsive Free Internet Safelist Advertising since 2003!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Beginners Guide to E-Mail Marketing

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Made a contact, Now the real work begins

Learn Building Your Business Using Safelists
Every online marketer has heard for years, "It's in the List".  
The e-mail list of clients, prospects and yes suspects.
In an earlier posting a discussion on making a contact
and the work to cultivate contacts into respected relationships 
for future business.
Review click here  {Made a contact now the real work begins.}
There is NO less expensive avenue for new sales, up sales, 
cross sales than having access to the e-mail list of contacts.
Contacts who you have built acquaintanceship over the work
put in building that bridge of trust.
Protect your investment click here {Don't Waste $$$}
Time and money are spent making contacts, the marketing
and promoting collecting contacts and hopefully e-mail
addresses.  Set out a plan to maintain responsible contact
with a new found customer/client/prospect but do not
{Hold your best leads you paid for them.}  click here  
People are spending so much time online building a solid 
relationship has become unique and demanding task.  Yet
just as important in days gone past for merchants to be 
in a location with lots of foot traffic so today traffic is of 
major importance.
The cry has gone from location, location, location to
traffic, traffic, traffic.  It really is the same cry.  Placing
your business before the public for attention and hopefully
It boils down to just as good customer service, quality
merchandise brought repeat business and a good reputation
so is the trusted relationship built with resourceful use of
e-mail follow up.
Cheap, readily available and best of all 24/7/365 even 
when you are away enjoying the fruits of all your labor.
Taking orders, answering follow up questions, E-Mail holds
an almost magic position in the success of any online
commercial endeavor.

Take the time study, test, click, learn the most complete
and comprehensive e-mailing service/system available today.
Everyone has massive choices to choose from in e-mail 
services, price, experience and a well-deserved honest
reputation puts "Adland Pro" out front.  Check Now

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Marketing   Click here

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Sign Up Forms Are Now Mobile Responsive (And What This Means For You)
Social Media Contests & Promotions: June 2014 Apps Roundup
How Split Testing Sign Up Forms Gets You More Subscribers
A Beginner's Guide To Content Audits [Infographic]
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Monday, October 29, 2018

Dramatic E-Mail Service Latest Tips from the Best! ~~~ 3-One Minute Videos

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Made a contact, Now the real work begins


Traffic is the most important element in the success of your online business.
Traffic that is steady and constant is what is needed to pick up new leads and new sales.

E-Mail is the most cost effective manner to deliver sales messages, offer the opportunity for immediate response, close the sale and put money into your bank account.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Everyone Wants Results Reach Out Grab Yours

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Made a contact, Now the real work begins

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Feel like WINNING for a CHANGE?

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Made a contact, Now the real work begins

Does your safelist guarantee readers and traffic to your website?
With +60,000 members you can't go wrong!
We do and it's FREE!

Hi, it's Harvey here.

I want to invite you to List Unlocked. It's from the owners of Fast List Mailer so you know what quality you can expect. It's a SUPER Email Advertising site. Check it out:  CLICK

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Person to Person Word of Mouth Selling  
Networking Marketing is based on Word of Mouth Advertising {Click - Most important  basic for all independent business success.}   , direct contact with customers and at very little cost until the order is filled.  Success is payment for taking and filling the orders.   

{PAY for PERFORMANCE -- Affiliate Marketing}
Paid for performance or commissions on the their activities and the efforts of the people they recruit and train are the rewards. 

As a Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing business is build the personal contacts are put together as a sales team and they spread the word about the business.  These folks which are now referred to as a downline use the tactics they are taught to bring in sales under the marketing plan they have been trained to use.  They are shown how to duplicate proven successful efforts that will earn them and their sponsors an ongoing income.

It is up to their sponsor  through consistent contact, to encourage and train their recruits as they build and help others build.  The group's income will grow, however, make certain  not to make rosy promises or overstate the potential results or things will fall flat and failure will follow.
Number One Lesson for Successful Online Marketing
TRAFFIC--Visitors, Clients, Customers to your Web Sites.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Over the Top with Cash Sales

Get your best tips for Traffic-Leading to Sales Income Tips and
Tidbits that Costs You Nothing   Click here to reveal special offer

The Number ONE lesson the money making internet professionals have learned, don't waste a prospect. The best advice any of the so called experts need to share with you is this one essential fact, to succeed you need to master the art of follow up.
If you earned a click to your web site or affiliate program, you PAID for it. Lack of follow up will destroy any chance of your being a successful marketer. If it is just an inquiry for information or a completed sale that prospect or customer is yours to convert to a regular online client.

Nothing so earthshaking about that, easy to understand and even agree. The hard part is the how. First and foremost make sure you give the prospect the opportunity to record their name and contact information for your future relationship building.

Relationship building is communicating with new prospects and customers. This can take on a number of methods. Call it publishing or broadcasting because that is the fastest and most common way of attracting people to your web site or sales offers. Publishing relates to how most of the world has communicated in recent years. News and advertising has been relayed by newspapers, radio, television and now the internet.

Today with the large percentage of people using their computers to communicate, the internet has presented yet another unique opportunity to merchandise goods and services. A totally and completely new industry of advertising and loyalty building programs has been created.

Publishing can come in many forms in each case it takes putting words together and reaching out for prospects. Internet networking is no different than ground based meetings, you bring together people individually or in groups with common interests and goals by written or published words. You inform them, create a desire or need then make it convenient for them to follow through with an order or at the very least register for more information and a follow-up message from you.

Making connections, building relationships by electronic means delivers some very unique opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge, expertise as well as "show off" your products and services. Building credibility and increasing awareness of your business is key to converting the prospects to customers and then maintaining that client base with follow-up before and after any sale with e-mailing.

Mailing from A to Z  Viral Mail Profits

Follow up--Building for Additional Business

Automated Response System 
{Old established low cost auto response service:   Click here  }

Uses for an Autoresponder include:
  • Keeping in contact with subscribers, new clients  and existing customers.
  • Promoting your own products, up sales and cross sales.
  • Promoting products as an affiliate.
  • Providing more content to your subscribers.
  • Re-introducing old content to your new subscribers.
  • Getting input from your subscribers by asking them for feedback or help. You may have experienced something like this already if you’ve purchased anything from Amazon.com and received an email a few days after receiving your package asking for a review.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Don't run up into the hills, money is right here!

Now you can!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

WOW, Puts other Mailers to shame!

Now a Direct Feedback Mailer!

The World's First-ever Direct Feedback Mailer has just been launched at Viral Mail Profits so... not only can you grab access to the world's most effective mailer management system... ... you also get a highly responsive mailer... and you can get it all for free too!

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So, as well as all the original benefits of Viral Mail Profits saving you heaps of time you also get:
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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Your Cup Runs Over A to Z Real Estate Investing



Your FREE real estate investing software. 

This is unlike anything you have seen and will totally take your investing to a whole new level!

What can this free software help you do? 

Well for starters:
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And much much more
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Monday, October 15, 2018

Home Profits with Web Site Building for Local Merchants

Build a cash business working from your home building web sites for local merchants and professionals....
Amazing New Report Reveals:

  • How to attract new clients like a magnet
  • Get paid top dollar on every job
  • Make more money than your competitors
  • ...and much much more!

Don't overlook link exchanges for all your web sites.

Resources to make your business run, reach out for top notch additions to recommend to your business accounts.
In order to set up a web site for one of your clients you will need a reliable web hosting service. Check this out and if you do not have a personal web site you may want to consider a hosting company that will allow you several web sites in one master account.
Big earnings in servicing websites for Merchants in your local area. Click Here

Packing Power around the clock...when you are out-of-town...you are not out of business. Never close...means less loss of business and more profits.

Managing web sites for business clients means "topping off your tank" with new ideas and information at all times. Conduct your business as if you are a handyman, pickup and do what needs to be done at all times.

Placing you clients business in front of every potential customer at the lowest cost is just part of the job. Leading the client to customers and servicing those customers is what will lead to bigger income figures.

The big question; "How much should I charge for my service?" The answer is best framed in how to get started and being able to display a sampling of your services. Demonstrate what can be done and seek out the approval of one or two clients at first. In fact a way to get started might be to set your prices at some middle ground with the client paying all the start up costs and crediting your hours to a barter exchange of services.

Twenty-five to fifty dollars an hour may seem high at first but when you consider all the related payroll costs that the clients don't have to carry for services of an independent contractor, it is really dirt cheap.

Offering to manage a web site and attending to an Internet presence will take a little time for the clients to see results and yet starting out to without personal profits in mind is not a fair compensation package for the labor. Setting up web sites are costing a minimum of $250 to $1000 for most professional service companies.

One method of easing the financial burden of setting up a brand new web site would be to take the work "off the clock" and at the same time bargaining out a trade goods and services. Bartering an exchange for compensation of time, getting reimbursed for costs may well be a fair way of establishing a mutual acceptable arrangement. (Check with your tax experts on barter income.)

Part of your agreement should be the client will give your services an endorsement if they are pleased with the work. A recommendation from an existing account will go a long way when it is time to negotiate a new contract with another client. Especially after the first group of klinks have be ironed out and more experience services are now being offered.

Make money from your web sites, post ads.

Do you Blog? Earn money with ads.
More items of necessities of trade and sources will be given, however, now would be a good time to do a little research on some business tools and learn more about online services.
E-mailing and data base building of e-mail address has been emphasized.
A major tool to maximize the clients e-mailing and produce results with ease will be the use of an Auto Responder.
Auto Responders can be program to send e-mails to a given list of people for announcements, purchase acknowledgments and thank you follow up messages. Beyond any doubt one of the most useful tools that can be introduced to the client and like an alarm clock, it can be set and left to run.

FULL of Power for your home business! Click here and join for free.
Autoresponders can be triggered to send email to those requesting it via a web form on a page orby sending an email to your autoresponder. Load your customer date base and send a series of messages and watch the results.

Start building points for your homebase business and collecting additional pages for your clients use will payoff as you grow. Learn the benefits of a traffic exchange.

Networking, online magazines, forums and of course BLOGS will be beneficial to your driving traffic and customers to your group of business clients. Such an intrument of discussion and exchange is ADLAND PRO Services.
You are able to set several up and they are very easy to master.

All material herein © '2006-2018' "Harvey Akeson Tucson Calling"
Reprint right by permission: harvey@harveyakeson.com
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