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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Are the "Yellow Pages" dead or just over the hill?

IMPORTANT-Today Business Doesn't Start on the Phone.

Home Profits with Web Site Building for Local Merchants
Build a cash business working from your home building web sites for local merchants and professionals....A Business you can make money from home on your time schedule.  
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Don't disconnect your phone just yet.

Move over Yellow Pages my fingers are typing. The walking is outdated by the time you go to print and at the prices you charge watch out for your profits. Commercial enterprises are fighting for recognition and top spots on the major search engines. It's a new day!

Real opportunities exist for small and medium size businesses to compete and grow with the advent of online e-commerce. In fact going online is NOT an option, it is necessary to stay profitable.

Remember the days of "Let your fingers do the walking", yes, oh yes, it was smart to call ahead and see if an item was in stock, or how much it cost. No doubt it was smart to check the store hours and even directions to the location or parking. One phone call could save hours of travel and cut down on the surprises.

E-commerce has leveled the playing field for small businesses. They can expand and broaden their prospect base, lower their cost of operations, cut payroll and tend the counter 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 24/7 is the cry. You can order online and in many cases pickup up your order a few hours later. In other cases next day delivery is usually available for in stock items.

Entertainment, food and home pizza delivery are right at your finger tips. Attracting customers is no longer owned by the media experts with their costly time consuming promotion building and production. Printing , direct mail, delivery and related costs are beaten by offerings available online.

Internet operation allows target marketing, faster with immediate changes possible. The smart business person knows they can follow up with customers, maintain retention programs, foster relationship building, have immediate cross selling, up selling, back-end sales and yes it's not a word to be used easily, conducting your business can be CHEAPER.

The opportunities abound for a person with computer knowledge working from home, low overhead, no office to rent and most important on their time schedule. Like working after the youngsters are in bed or away at school? Find a merchant or a few in your area and offer to help them build their business presence by creating a web page with sales and order options.

Build your own business using affiliate marketing opportunities. Major retailers have found massive benefits broadening their sales force with independent home-based workers. Facts are home based affiliate workers are eagerly sought and compensated by performance based pay plans. You effectively introduce the clients to the merchants and you receive commissions and payments for your efforts.

Opportunities to sell merchandise through e-bay or other online auctions have become very profitable. Building a web page with offerings using drop ship wholesalers providing the products, handling and shipping. Promote the web sales site, line up a payment program such as PayPal or ClickBank and pocket the profits.

E-commerce is a matter of building a method of contacting and presenting to an ever growing audience of buyers looking online through search engines and directories to satisfy their needs. Building a data base of e-mail addresses with contact permission privileges and creating traffic to web sites on a regular schedule is a major component of your new home based business.

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Permission e-mailing or optin safelists are the lifeline of e-commerce. Contacts are made, sales messages are communicated and sales jobs are done....harsh but true. Additional benefits...and maybe the MOST IMPORTANT, COST!   Crying out for more business?  Read Safelists for Home and Small Business click here.


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