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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Beginners Guide to E-Mail Marketing

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Made a contact, Now the real work begins

Learn Building Your Business Using Safelists
Every online marketer has heard for years, "It's in the List".  
The e-mail list of clients, prospects and yes suspects.
In an earlier posting a discussion on making a contact
and the work to cultivate contacts into respected relationships 
for future business.
Review click here  {Made a contact now the real work begins.}
There is NO less expensive avenue for new sales, up sales, 
cross sales than having access to the e-mail list of contacts.
Contacts who you have built acquaintanceship over the work
put in building that bridge of trust.
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Time and money are spent making contacts, the marketing
and promoting collecting contacts and hopefully e-mail
addresses.  Set out a plan to maintain responsible contact
with a new found customer/client/prospect but do not
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People are spending so much time online building a solid 
relationship has become unique and demanding task.  Yet
just as important in days gone past for merchants to be 
in a location with lots of foot traffic so today traffic is of 
major importance.
The cry has gone from location, location, location to
traffic, traffic, traffic.  It really is the same cry.  Placing
your business before the public for attention and hopefully
It boils down to just as good customer service, quality
merchandise brought repeat business and a good reputation
so is the trusted relationship built with resourceful use of
e-mail follow up.
Cheap, readily available and best of all 24/7/365 even 
when you are away enjoying the fruits of all your labor.
Taking orders, answering follow up questions, E-Mail holds
an almost magic position in the success of any online
commercial endeavor.

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and comprehensive e-mailing service/system available today.
Everyone has massive choices to choose from in e-mail 
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