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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Free Real Estate Software for Wholesalers, Rehabbers and Brokers!

Free Video Special Information and Invitation for "Rehab Valuator Lite" 

Rehab Valuator Lite software is a simple, FREE real estate investment analysis and property marketing software program for the wholesaler, rehabber and real estate investor – to save you time, put an end to overwhelming number-crunching, and make you a lot more money!  This is great for anyone involved in house flipping and/or property renovation!

Real Estate Wholesalers:
  • Use our “Max Offer Calculator” to figure out the right price to pay for your flip or rehab property in just seconds!
  • Quickly figure out if a property deal is right for your wholesale buyers!
  • Create a quick “Property Summary” to make a powerful property presentation to your buyers!
Property Rehabbers - Investors:

  • Evaluate any real estate deal in seconds!
  • Evaluate 2 different exit strategies for your rehab deals:
    • Flip the property for fast wholesale profit, or
    • Refinance and Hold in your Rental Portfolio.
  • Calculate your potential Flip Profit!
  • Enter your Rehab Budget, Financing Assumptions, Holding Costs, Closing Costs to determine whether the deal will work.
  • Make professional Property Presentations to lenders, partners or buyers with the click of a mouse!
  • Make better decisions and faster decisions – without the headache and hours of number-crunching.
  • More MORE offers and BETTER offers – and make more MONEY!

  • How do the RICH GUYS do it?
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    "Private Money Structuring – How to Get Lenders to Chase You". 

    Successful Investor Shares Experience and Information with You on video.
    In this video, he shows you:
    - Breakdown of typical financing avenues for real estate deals
    - 3 Ways to structure private money deals, with examples
    -A slick way to borrow money from people who don't have money to lend
    - A way to structure private money deals that will have lenders chasing you
    -And much more
    Just click on the link below to go directly to the video:

    Click here to watch the video
    This is the kind of info everyone else is trying to sell you.  You get it at
    absolutely no charge so go watch it now!
    Watch the video and leave your comments and questions at the bottom!

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