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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Real Estate is Roaring Back-Kick Up-Make Money

DISCLOSURE! This is not written by an attorney or certified public accountant. {Check your State and Federal Taxes}  Always seek professional advice if you have questions.

This information is to draw your attention to the advertisements, links to software and various educational materials for sale. Any items, materials, books, training courses purchased through the links in this article are pay for performance and therefore subject to compensation.  Investigate the offers at no cost or obligation, click and view.

The First lesson of Real Estate Investing  Click Here

Real Estate Investing 1 Click Here
Real Estate Investing 2 Click Here
Real Estate Experience  Click Here

Real estate as an investment is not a gamble, however there are financial risks involved. Using the correct tools you can evaluate/calculate the risks in order to maximize your return.  RE 3  Click Here

Rehabilitation "Partial or Cosmetic" - Make the property immediately usable and attractive.

Full rehab requires buying "dirt cheap" making various improvements, renovations and actions to increase the value.

The secret to increasing the value also could entail a "zone change" to allow for a higher use for the property. Changing from a single family home to a duplex.

Tearing out walls, making additions, modernizing with up dating features and functions all adding to the value are part of the rehab process bringing the value up.

Even the most experienced rehab investor can use the systems available to double check and enable them to take some of the risk factors out of the process  FREE. Software available
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Wholesaling Real Estate is where a real estate investor, you, finds a motivated seller. Then you negotiate a bargain sale price for their property. Then sign a contract with the seller. Next marketing the contract to another investor that would look to rehab or buy the property as a rental. You then assign the contract the the end investor for a wholesale or assignment fee making a profit from the two transactions. Click Here

Imagine flipping homes with no money down and getting paid in 30 days or less. There are no repairs to make, no nightmare tenants to deal with, and no entanglements with a property. Someone else does the hard work while you profit deal after deal. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not, and thousands of real estate investors complete this process every single day. As a real estate wholesaler, you can do it too! It is the ultimate business that gives you freedom. Click Here

Home Base or Rural resident for a limited time become an affiliate seller of real estate investor soft-ware.

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Real Estate success is locked into understanding and working with MONEY.  

Short-term & Long-term Funds/Loans for real estate investing.  

Another different whole world.  Conforming Loans from Commercial Banks 
and Mortgage Companies are probably not a good source of investment funds. 

These lenders are selling their loans into the national market, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC), known as Freddie Mac and Federal National 
Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), who buy mortgages, pool them and sell them 
to investors.  With the exception of a possible credit line with a commercial bank, not a source of real estate investment funds.  Another exception might be mortgages for 
buy and hold property for rental income.

Video Private Money Structuring     click here
Video Private Money Structuring 2   click here 

Questions on money for Real Estate Investing requires lots of learning and expertise. This subject is being left at this point to the two videos listed above. Real Estate has made wealth for many people. However there are risks, So learn, do, go!

OPEN LETTER To Prospective Real Estate Investors
A full-time real estate investor just recorded a 40+ minute all-content video called:

"Private Money Structuring – How to Get Lenders to Chase You".

In this video,  he shows you:
-          Breakdown of typical financing avenues for real estate deals
-          3 Ways to structure private money deals, with examples
-          A slick way to borrow money from people who don't have money to lend
-          A way to structure private money deals that will have lenders chasing you
Click here to watch the video, many people are selling this information you have right now for free.

Watch the video and leave your comments and questions at the bottom!

Harvey Akeson, Tucson, Arizona

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There is no other real estate investing software on the market that allows you to evaluate deals in the field, calculate offerscalculate wholesale or flip profits, and create persuasive marketing materials for your wholesale deals that you can then instantly send out to your buyers’ list or post on social media.
In addition, this software will allow you to instantly create deal funding proposals to send out to private money lenders, hard money lenders, and even banks.  These proposals will help you look like a seasoned real estate professional, even if you’re a newbie, and most importantly will help you secure funding for your real estate deals!
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